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Registered Name:    Advie Tuck Call Name: Tuck
Whelped: March 31, 2002
Gender: Male
Color: White, Orange and ticked
Height: 23 inches at shoulder
Weight: 52 pounds
FDSB #: 1536371






Photos (click to enlarge)

Advie Tuck Advie Tuck Advie Tuck Advie Tuck Advie Tuck Advie Tuck




Parentage - DNA

Tuck has been DNA tested to prove parentage. His certification displays the Blue and Gold seal signifying "VIP" (Verifiable Identified Parentage) confirming both the sire and dam of the dog to be as stated in the pedigree and that he is 100% Llewellin Setter.




Hips - OFA

Tuck has been certified free of hip dysplasia (HD). Based upon the radiograph submitted to the OFA, the consensus was that no evidence of hip dysplasia was recognized and that hip joint conformation was GOOD.
Only dogs that are certified free of HD are given an OFA number.
OFA #: ES-6555G27M-NOPI




Temperament and Character








Size: average sized for a male at around 52 pounds.

Color: white and lightly ticked in orange with some body patches present.

Head:  beautifully proportioned with parallel lines (top of head, top of muzzle, and bottom of lower jaw). He displays a shorter muzzle with triangular shaped ears.

Eyes: amber; nearly round and proportionally spaced; soft and kind

Ears: set back on the head and at the level of the eye; carried close to the head when relaxed and pulled high when alert.

Coat: soft, silky and wavy; feathering is present on ears, chest, back of all legs and is very long on the tail.

Movement: very streamlined; seemingly effortless and very graceful;




Predominantly white with orange ticking and various body patches in orange.



Ancestry / Bloodlines

Advie High Beam


Advie High Beam (aka Lady) - Tuck's paternal Granddam.
Owned by Lloyd Jones of Louisville, Kentucky. "Lady" was a direct import into the United States from Derry Argue's "Advie Kennels"  in Scotland.

Photo owned by Randy Herman of R&J's Rooster Ranch.


  Pedigree-Adam's Spur.jpg

Adam's Spur - Tuck's maternal Grandsire.
Owned by Joe K. Noe of Blandinsville, Illinois. Adam's Spur sired two of the top Llewellins competing in American Kennel Club trials, namely Blackeyed Storm and Shoeleather's Tanner, who won the first Midwest Llewellin Shooting Dog Championship.

Photo courtesy of Joe K Noe of Shoeleather Kennels.


Count Gladstone Windem DHurlain Pre.jpg

Gladstone Wind'em (aka Count) - Tuck's paternal Grandsire.
Owned by Lynnhill Llewellin Setters of Saegertown, Pennsylvania.

Photo owned by Lynnhill Llewellin Setters.






 Breeder: Gordon Hendershot



Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

   Advie Tuck

Tuck 7-09 006.jpg

Advie Lynnhill Scott


Gladstone Wind'em


L'Count Wind'em
D'Hurlain Pre


Dashing J'Tam O'Shanter Bondhu   546318
G'Carmen Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre 484756

N'Coccinelle Wind'em D'Hurlain


Dashing J'Sir Alister Bondhu   546317
F'Capucine Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre  465445

Advie High Beam


Advie Scholar


Advie Banner  
Advie Sunset Dancer

Advie Charisma


Advie Mat 1383212
Advie Button

Blue Water Dusty


Adam's Spur

King's Royacelle III


King's Royacelle II
King's Royal Alicelle 1289511

Lady Gladstonyo King


King's Black Gladstonyo 1330913
King's Gladstone Dinky 1324678

Missy's Star

Blizzard's Lance


King's Blizzard Sundown 1332033
King's Blizzard Judy 1289505

Tiskilwa Missy


King's Royacelle III 1334514
Tiskilwa Sissy

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