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Registered Name:
     Hickory's Dash O'Splash
Call Name: Splash
Hickory's Dash O'Splash Lived:

August 2nd, 2004 -
February 28, 2014

Gender: Male
Color: White, Black and ticked
Height: 24 inches at shoulder
Weight: 55 pounds
FDSB #: 1567666
AKC #: SR35540501
Bloodline: Blizzard
Deceased - Splash was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 7. Since this disease can be attributed to inheritability, we immediately removed him from our breeding program. He succumbed to the disease 02/28/14.


Photos (click to enlarge)

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For additional pictures of Splash, please see our Photo Albums




Splash has been dual registered with both of the following registries:



FDSB - Field Dog Stud Book

Registered as purebred Llewellin Setter

Registration number: 1567666



AKC - American Kennel Club

Registered as purebred English Setter

Registration number:  SR35540501





Parentage - DNA

Result = VIP


Splash has been DNA tested to prove parentage. His certification displays the Blue and Gold seal signifying "VIP" (Verifiable Identified Parentage) confirming both the sire and dam of the dog to be as stated in the pedigree and that he is 100% Llewellin Setter.


Certificate_DNA - Splash


Color - DNA


Coat Color:  Black

Nose Color: Black

Hidden Colors: Tricolor, Chestnut

Genotype: Ky/ky , E/E, B/b


Splash has been DNA tested for coat and nose color.


(certificate coming soon)


Hips - OFA

Result = GOOD

OFA #: ES-7189G24M-PI


Splash has been certified free of hip dysplasia (HD). Based upon the radiograph submitted to the OFA, the consensus was that no evidence of hip dysplasia was recognized and that hip joint conformation was GOOD.
Only dogs that are certified free of HD are given an OFA number.


Certificate_OFA - Splash


Eyes - CERF

Result = Clear

CERF #: LS-115/2006--25


Splash has been certified free from inheritable eye diseases and has been registered with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.


Certificate_CERF - Splash


Temperament and Character


Splash can best be described as a "gentleman". He is very laid back, calm, and sometimes reserved, but warms right up to anyone he meets. He is sweet and gentle and will quickly give lots of kisses. Splash is a real lover. He comes and quietly sits next to you hoping to be petted. He will stare at you with his soft, dark eyes that just draw you to him.  He likes to lay his head on your lap and have his head stroked. All who meet him love his personality and want to take him home with them.



Splash can be a real character. When he wants something, such as dinner or outside, he will come and ever so gently take your hand as if to say "C'mon, let's go!".  Then when you get up to go do what he is asking of you, he turns in circles from the excitement of it all.



Splash's favorite game in the house is to roll his favorite ball down the flight of stairs and watch it bounce higher and higher as it picks up momentum on the way down. Once it's resting quietly at the bottom of the stairs, he stares at it a while trying to decide whether or not to go and get it. Eventually he decides it's time to go down and get it so he can do it all over again. He'll go and retrieve the ball, bring it to the top of the stairs, lay there and chew on it a while, and then roll it over the edge again.



Splash is very quick and eager to learn so he's very easy to train. About 1 month after we got him, he was taught the "down" command using only a hand signal during one 15-minute session. During the last half of the session, not one word was spoken, but the hand signal was given. Patience was paying off because you could just see the wheels turning in his head and that he was thinking about what the command meant and what he was supposed to do in response. When he finally figured it out, he didn't just lay down slowly and calmly, he literally plopped! SMACK, down on the floor, right now! It was like "Ok, I got it, now gimme the treat!" It was so funny to watch him and he still does it that same way to this day. He's so eager to please.



Splash loves the hunt! He stays at close range and is methodical about scouting the area that lies ahead. Like most pups of this breed, Splash has proven to be a natural hunter at a very young age. His pointing style is focused with head held at the level of his back or lower, with curled tail, and with the typical front paw lifted. He responds well to voice and hand commands.





Splash is such a classically beautiful Llewellin. He displays all the traditional features desired of this breed's conformation. He is from Blizzard bloodlines.



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Size: average sized for a male at around 55 pounds.

Color: white and lightly ticked in black with some body patches present.

Head:  beautifully proportioned with parallel lines (top of head, top of muzzle, and bottom of lower jaw). He displays a long muzzle with masculine jowls.

Eyes: amber; nearly round and proportionally spaced; soft and kind

Ears: set back on the head and at the level lower than the eye; carried close to the head when relaxed and pulled high when alert.

Coat: soft, silky and flat (not wavy); feathering is present on ears, chest, back of all legs and long on the tail.

Movement: very streamlined; seemingly effortless and very graceful;




If it weren't for the patch on his left eye and the one spot on his back, Splash would have been considered a Belton.


However, due to these markings he is merely considered a White and Black ticked dog. He has a relatively light to medium amount of ticking which appears in large clumps.



Ancestry / Bloodlines

Julia's Mickduff

Julia's Mickduff - Splash's Sire.
Owned and bred by Loretta and Joe Noe of Shoeleather Kennels
in Blandinsville, IL.

Photo courtesy of Joe Noe of Shoeleather Kennels.

Shoeleather Diana

Shoeleather Diana - Splash's Dam.
Owned and bred by Loretta and Joe Noe of Shoeleather Kennels
in Blandinsville, IL.

Photo courtesy of Joe Noe of Shoeleather Kennels.

Kings GladstonyO Jack

King's GladstonyO Jack - Splash's paternal great-grandsire.
Owned and bred by King Llewellin Setters in Enola, Arkansas.

Photo courtesy of King Llewellin Setters.





 Breeder: Joe Noe - Shoeleather Kennels



Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

Hickory's Dash O'Splash


Hickory's Dash O'Splash

Julia's Mickduff


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Photo by Joe Noe

Blizzard's Rodney


Blizzard's Lance


King's Blizzard Sundown


King's Blizzard Judy


Blizzard's Chessie


King's Blizzard Sundown


King's Blizzard Girl


Blizzard's Guenevere


King's Gladstonyo Jack


King's Black Gladstonyo


King's Tonyo Lady


King's Blizzard Girl


King's Blizzard Sun


King's Blizzard Doll


Shoeleather Diana


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Photo by Joe Noe

Tiskilwa Blizz


Blizzard's Lance


King's Blizzard Sundown


King's Blizzard Judy


Tiskilwa Missy


King's Royacelle III


Tiskilwa Sissy


Tiskilwa Bell


Tiskilwa Flash


Spit Whistle Sam


Dashing Bondhu Skeeter


Hightone Lady Grace


King Llewellin Bear


King's Lady Hightone


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