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Application Process:


In order to purchase a puppy or foster or adopt a rescue dog through Hickory Hollow, the first thing we would ask you to do is fill out our Application so that we can get to know you a little better.


Please submit your Purchase/Adoption Application to us in one of four ways:


Once we receive your information, we will get back to you shortly, conduct a short informal interview, and then either accept or decline your application. If accepted, you will be placed on our "approved " list and will be allowed to select a puppy from any current or future litter that you desire or participate in our Setter Rescue efforts as a new adoptive family or as a temporary foster home.



NOTE: Approval or Disapproval of an application is solely at the discretion of Hickory Hollow. We are under no obligation to discuss why an application was not approved.


NOTE: The buyer(s) must be the person(s) who will own the dog. We will not sell a puppy for the purpose of a gift to an unsuspecting third party. Dog ownership is a huge responsibility, one that must be carefully considered and then committed to for the life of the dog.




Deposits:      FOR APPROVED PUPPY BUYERS ONLY: (see Application Process above)


$200 - A deposit will secure a pre-reservation for a future litter or an available puppy from a current litter.

Once you have decided you want a Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setter, we recommend putting down a deposit to secure your reservation well in advance of when you actually want a pup. Our reservation lists fill up fast, so we recommend at least 6 months to 1 year in advance as an appropriate time frame.


Placing a Deposit:

On an upcoming or current litter...


If you want a pup from a current or future litter, a deposit will secure your pre-reservation.
(see also
Puppy Selection)


On an available puppy...


On the rare occasion that we have available pups in a current litter, please notify us as soon as possible if you see one that you want because they won't last long! We don't want you to miss out on that perfect family and hunting companion that your heart is set on. Once we have your deposit in hand, we will mark the puppy as "RESERVED" on our website.

At the time of deposit, we need to know:

     - which litter you are interested in (based on a specific Litter ID, parent or bloodline), and...

     - which gender you prefer.

Specifying puppy gender preference:

  • If you want a specific gender, no exceptions, then please indicate "male only" or "female only" when placing your deposit.
  • If you really want a female, but would take a male if there was one you like when it is your turn to choose, please indicate "either-pref female" or vice versa, "either-pref male".
  • If it doesn't make a difference which gender pup you take, or if you are on the fence between male or female, then indicate "either".
Please be conscientious about choosing your gender option when placing your deposit. We take a certain number of pre-reservations per litter based on gender preferences for deposits already received.


Deposit Status:

   *When a deposit is Refundable...


Breeder Unable to Deliver: 100%

Deposits placed on future litters where you do not end up with a pup due to an infertile mating, small litter size or specific gender preference will be refunded in full or can be rolled forward to another litter without penalty.

*This does not apply for specific coloring or body markings when the preferred gender is available unless a prior arrangement has been made with us.




Buyer Backout: 50%

Deposits placed on future litters where your plans have changed will be refundable up to the point that the litter is born, however we will refund only 50%. You may also opt to roll your deposit forward to a future litter without penalty if transferred before the litter is born.


   *When a deposit is Non-Refundable...


Litter has arrived: Deposits which are placed in advance for a litter that has since been whelped, becomes non-refundable at the point the litter is born.

This is because we have turned other potential clients away due to a full reservation list.  If there is an understandable reason why the timing is bad to take a pup from your reserved litter, you may roll your deposit forward to another litter, however it is still non-refundable.

Deposits placed on a current litter or an available puppy are non-refundable.



   *Rolling a deposit forward...

  Deposits for puppy reservations can be rolled forward at any point in the process. Please take into consideration that when rolling a deposit forward for a different future litter, our pricing may increase on future litters and thus we cannot guarantee our published puppy prices will remain the same as when your deposit was submitted to us.



*NOTE: By law, we are required to collect state sales tax in the amount of 7% for all pups delivered within the state. This amount will automatically be added to all invoices and includes deposits. Sales Tax will not be added to pups which are air shipped outside of the state.





$950-1100 (male or female, any color)


Pricing may vary per litter due to the following:

  • Parentage: Sometimes a particular breeding may incorporate the use of a stud dog which is not owned by Hickory Hollow and this service comes with a price. The stud fee and any travel involved are factors in setting litter pricing. Litter pricing will be published within the litter advertisement on our "Puppies" page.
  • Medical: Cases where significant medical intervention by a veterinarian was needed may also cause the pups in that litter to go above our published price range.

*We reserve the right to change puppy pricing as needed per litter.


*NOTE: By law, we are required to collect state sales tax in the amount of 7% for all pups delivered within the state. This amount will automatically be added to all invoices. Sales Tax will not be added to pups who are air shipped outside of the state.



Payment Options:


We realize that purchasing a well bred Llewellin Setter can be an investment and so we are willing to work with you on payment options. After receiving your deposit, we will accept either of the following:

  • a lump sum of the final balance due on delivery
  • a series of installments where payments can be made at comfortable intervals up until delivery of your puppy

Prior to delivery, an itemized invoice will be sent out to all clients showing any receipts and the total balance due including state sales tax (if applicable). The deposit and any installment payments made will be subtracted from the invoice total, and therefore only the remainder will be due at the time of delivery (if any).


The entire balance due on the invoice must be paid in full before the puppy can leave Hickory Hollow. If the pup will be shipped by air, we require the balance due to be paid at least two days prior to the scheduled ship date. Adhering to these terms will avoid shipping delays.



We will gladly accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Certified Bank Check
  • Credit Card - We accept MasterCard, VISA and DISCOVER for your convenience. (~3% surcharges will apply depending on merchant)
  • Personal Check - For Deposits ONLY!
    We DO NOT accept personal checks on the day you take your puppy home.
    All checks should be made out to "Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setters".
  • PayPal - This option allows you to use your American Express card, as well as the other popular credit cards such as MasterCard, VISA and DISCOVER. (~3.5% surcharges will apply unless using Friends and Family transfers).
    If paying with cash directly from your bank account, no surcharges will be added.
    In either case, please contact us and we will send you a PayPal invoice.




Puppy Selection:



Puppy selection happens when the pups are 5 weeks old. At this age it will be easier to evaluate conformation, amount of ticking, personality, hunting instinct and overall health of the puppy.


Our goal is for all folks with reservations to end up with a pup of their first or second choice. Therefore, we will take into consideration which pup(s) your heart desires and reserve the right to select a puppy for you based on gender and temperament indicated in your Adoption Application. If the same pup is chosen by more than one family, date of deposit and HHLS input shall be used in determining with whom the puppy will be placed. The entire process should take less than one week to complete, most times puppy selection is completed within a few hours.



Clients are welcome to come to Hickory Hollow to make a puppy selection in person, however it must be before or during the planned selection week. If you are planning to visit us, please make prior arrangements well ahead of time so that we may schedule an appointment that works for both of us and to minimize delays in the process.


If you cannot make it here in person to select your pup, we are happy to discuss your needs and match you with a pup that best fits your desires. We've done this many times with pups from our past litters and each time the new parents say they are amazed at how well we matched them and they couldn't have been more pleased because they ended up with exactly the kind of pup that they were hoping for.




During selection week, all clients who have a reservation by way of deposit will get to indicate a desire for a specific puppy or puppies. With our input, all puppies will be reserved to fill our reservations.
Those puppies will then be marked as "


If there are any remaining puppies after all our deposit holders have made their choices,
those pups will become available on a first come, first served basis.  
Those puppies will then be marked as "


A status of "PENDING" will be used to mark an available pup as being on temporary hold for a client who has given us a verbal commitment saying they want the puppy and until the deposit is received. Upon receipt of the deposit, the pup's status will be changed to "RESERVED". If the promised deposit is not received within one week, the puppy's status will again become "AVAILABLE".


*NOTE: Hickory Hollow reserves the right to keep the "pick of the litter" at any time in order to perpetuate and preserve our breeding lines. As owners of the litter, Hickory Hollow may exercise this right without prior notice and even in such cases where all reservations for the particular litter have been filled.



  All pups can go to their new homes at 7 weeks of age or after. Puppies that will be air shipped cannot fly until they are 8 weeks old due to airline regulations.  


Puppies will be fully weaned and eating dry kibble by the time they go. We have found that our pups are not only strong and healthy enough to leave at 7 weeks, but are fully ready to embark on a new life, doing fun and exciting new things.



  • Pick up here - We prefer that the puppies are picked up here at Hickory Hollow in person. With most of the pups all leaving at the same time, it is important to contact us prior to the delivery date to schedule an appointment to pick-up your pup. We schedule appointments at 2-hour intervals to ensure your scheduled time slot will allow us to personally spend enough time with you going over your paperwork and answering any questions you may have. It will also allow you to see our place and meet the other pups and their parents before our next appointment arrives.
  • Personal Delivery - In the event that you cannot make it here to pick up your pup, we may be able to help get him/her to you if our schedule allows. We are willing to travel distances within reason and will be based on our availability and are subject to standard mileage charges paid at the buyer's expense.
  • Air Shipment - We would love to meet each and every client who purchases one of our pups, but we realize that it's not always possible due to distance. For this reason, we offer Air Shipment (see next section). If you are planning on using this method, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can check on which airlines will ship to your destination and provide a shipping quote.
  • Boarding - In the event that you cannot pick up your pup by 8 weeks of age, we will board your puppy for you at a rate of $12/day until your scheduled pick-up appointment.


Air Shipment:


We offer air shipment of pups to destinations across the continental United States and Canada, but please be advised of the additional costs listed below. Each of these costs will be added to the total invoice at a non-inflated rate in order to provide the best service for our clients. Most notably, we do not charge for mileage to and from the airport to put a pup on a flight.


  • Health Certificate

A veterinary visit and physical exam is required in order for issuance of the Health Certificate.

  • Air Cargo Kennel and liner


Estimate is for an airline approved Pet Carrier which will hold up to 25 pounds along with a non-skid kennel liner to provide some padding and absorb any puppy "accidents".


If the pup or combined weight of two pups is over 25 pounds or the pup is too tall for this size kennel, the next size larger kennel will be required at a slightly higher cost.


  • Air Freight

Range: $220.00 to $350.00

We usually ship via American, Delta or United Airlines from Cedar Rapids IA (CID).  American Airlines is usually the most economical, Delta Dash service is the most expensive, but they service smaller airports that AA does not.



    Snuggle Puppy


For puppies flying alone, we highly recommend purchasing a
SnugglePuppyTM for extra warmth, comfort and companionship during travel. We sell these in our Hickory Hollow Marketplace (Check it out!)



Additional Contingencies -  Airline policies state the following:

1) Pups cannot be shipped on any given day if temperatures will exceed 85 degrees fahrenheit or dip below 32 degrees fahrenheit at any destination point along the travel route. If temperatures are forecasted to deviate above or below the allowed threshholds on your scheduled delivery date, the delivery will be postponed until the following day. (Delta cannot fly on Sunday to some locations).

2) Pups must be at least 8 weeks of age to fly.



What's included:


At the time of delivery, all of the bulleted items in purple text will be included.


  • Llewellin Setter puppy - You will receive one well-bred, healthy, Llewellin Setter puppy of your choosing that will have a strong instinct to point and hunt birds.
    Your puppy will have had the front dew claws removed and will have been wormed on weeks 2, 3, 4 and 6. Basically, your puppy will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and full of playful energy! (Well, maybe not "bushy-tailed" just yet, but that will come with age!)

Lark-5 weeks
  • Purchase Contract You will receive an original copy of the purchase contract signed by both parties (Buyer and Seller).
    legally binding contract puts our Health Guarantee in writing and details our expectations of the buyer regarding the pup's follow-up health care, Breeding Rights, Field Dog Stud Book name registration, Housing Requirements and our policy on Transfer of Ownership. To view more details of this contract, click on the image of an actual document to the right or read about it below (view now).

HHLS Purchase Contract - click to view

  • FDSB Registration rights - Your puppy will be eligible for registration as a purebred Llewellin Setter with the Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB).
    It is totally up to you whether you want
    register your dog. The American Field does require a minimal charge associated with their registration process.
    Optional Services

FDSB Registration Application - click to view

  • Certificate of Pedigree - You will receive a four generation pedigree for your puppy. 
    This is Hickory Hollow's unofficial but accurate pedigree certificate showing the ancestry of your puppy going back 4 generations.
    If you would also like to have an Official Pedigree, those can be obtained through the American Field when your dog is FDSB registered.

HHLS Certificate of Pedigree - click to view

  • Certificate of Birth and Development - You will receive an official birth certificate for your puppy. 
    This birth certificate includes stats on your puppy such as birth date and time, gender, birth order in the litter, birth weight and length, coloring and body markings along with the detailed marking diagram, developmental changes, details about the sire and dam along with a genuine inked paw print!

HHLS Certificate of Birth and Development - click to view

  • Health Record You will receive a pamphlet containing your pup's health record.
    This pamphlet contains your puppy's medical history and includes information on vaccinations (date done and type given), wormings by date and medication used, your puppy's microchip number (if applicable) and any vet visits your pup may have had. The pamphlet is the size of a business envelope which you can take along with you to your veterinarian and includes a convenient pouch to hold your receipts.

HHLS Puppy Health Record - click to view

  • Information Sheets You will receive the following materials containing some valuable information for your current & future reference (now included on CD-ROM).
  • Welcome Letter / Next Steps  - This letter welcomes you to the Hickory Hollow family and outlines a list of important things that you need to know or remember to do after you get your pup home.

    House Training  - This informative sheet contains tips on the Do's and Don't's of house training your new puppy. Hopefully this information will provide you a great start in that department.

    Puppy Necessities - This sheet provides information on all kinds of recommended products for your puppy, such as grooming tools, what kind and size of kennel to buy, best types of toys for Llewellins, etc.

    Spaying or Neutering - This sheet provides information on spaying or neutering your puppy, time frame for when the procedure should be done and the health benefits of doing so.

    Home Again Microchip Information & FAQs - This sheet provides some frequently asked questions about microchipping and some Fact/Fiction details.

    Home Again Microchip Brochure - This broochure provides some information on the Home Again microchip and registry services.

  Special Bonuses:
  • Puppy Care Package - This care package includes a fleece blanket* with familiar scent, a nylon puppy collar*, rawhide chew stick and a small bag of puppy food.
    *Color choices are available for the fleece blanket/nylon collar.
Care Package items - click to enlarge
  • Puppy Photo Album - This album showcases your puppy at different developmental stages and includes photos of the parents and littermates as well as a special added BONUS; video clips taken of the litter during their time here! All photos and videos will be delivered on a personalized CD-ROM** made especially for you!
    **This website based CD can be viewed on any personal computer with a CD or DVD drive using Chrome or Internet Explorer. You will also need an internet connection to view the video clips (linked to YouTube).
Photo Album on CD-ROM - click to enlarge
  • Bath - Your pup will be soft, silky and "snugglized" with our fresh smelling shampoo.
  • Nail Trim - No puppy will leave here with sharp little claws.
  • Photo of you and your new pup - With your permission, we will post this photo to our website!




Optional Services:


 FDSB Registration:

    For those who would like for the puppy to be registered as a purebred Llewellin Setter with the American Field in the Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB), we will help to make this a hassle-free process for you. We will submit all registration applications for the litter in one batch.

    Since the Application for Registration requires our signature as well as some specific litter information, we will fill out all the necessary paperwork and submit it to the American Field on your behalf to register the puppy in your name.  The registration papers and pedigree (if desired) will be issued to, and also returned to you by the American Field.

    Registration and Official Pedigree are subject to the American Field's processing fee schedule and are to be paid by the buyer. These fees will be included in your invoice, then passed directy to the American Field.


    American Field fees are currently as follows:

    Registration Fee (FDSB)


    with 3 generation pedigree


    with 3 generation pedigree including wins


    with 4 generation pedigree


    with 4 generation pedigree including wins


    with 5 generation pedigree


    with 5 generation pedigree including wins


    * American Field fees are subject to change without notice.
    Pedigree rates are in addition to the registration fee. (Last updated June 2015).




AKC Registration:

    For those who would like for the puppy to be registered as a purebred dog with the American Kennel Club, you must first establish registration with the FDSB and obtain an official pedigree. Since FDSB is considered by the AKC as an "acceptable domestic registry", the AKC will allow you to register your pup as an English Setter using their "Open Registration" process, regardless of whether the parents were AKC registered or not.

    The steps involved in AKC "Open Registration" are the following:

    • Fill out the AKC "Open Registration Application"
    • Gather required attachments
      • Copy of FDSB registration certificate
      • Copy of official FDSB pedigree
      • Photographs (1 from front / 1 from side)
    • Enclose a check for the AKC registration fee (check the AKC Site for fee schedule)
    • Mail the application, attachments and fee to the American Kennel Club


    Since the application, requires the dog owner's signature, we cannot provide this service for you, but we would be happy to assist you with this process if needed.


    For more information on Open Registration, please check out the AKC website at the following link:


    NOTE: AKC does not recognize the Llewellin Setter as a unique breed like the FDSB, therefore your dog can only be registered with AKC as a purebred English Setter.




    If you would like to have your puppy microchipped, we can do that for you here at Hickory Hollow.

    We highly recommend this service for all dogs, but especially for field hunting dogs because of the very nature of their life style. Many times, they are taken out into the country, probably miles from home and are allowed to roam freely in search of birds. Not to mention most hunters will exchange the normal collar having attached identification tags for a fancy radio controlled collar that probably doesn't provide any identification what-so-ever. If your prized hunting dog got away from you out there, wouldn't you want the security in knowing that the microchip could identify you as the owner and help to bring your companion home? Microchipping your dog adds a little extra insurance just for this purpose.

    We use "Home Again" microchips; it's very tiny, just slightly larger than a grain of rice (12mm), and is inserted using a sterile hypodermic needle just beneath the skin along the dorsal midline between the shoulder blades. These microchips contain a unique 15-digit number that can be read by most types of microchip scanners, thus increasing the likelihood of a safe return home for your beloved companion (providing that you have filled out and sent in your registration form and your contact information has been entered into the National Home Again Database).


    With the microchip service, you will receive:

    • Home Again microchip and insertion of the chip into your pup
    • A yellow rubber collar tag pre-printed with your dog's unique microchip number and the toll-free number for the Home Again Database
    • Registration card which contains the information that you must use to register your pup's microchip number along with your contact information to the National Home Again Pet Recovery Database


    Microchip and Insertion $45.00

    Microchip Registration

    * You will pay this fee to Home Again


    (fees subject to change without notice, last updated May 2017)

    Collar Tag


    click here

    Microchip FAQs





Terms and Conditions: 

Health Guarantee / Performance / Naming Your Puppy

For a full disclosure of our terms and conditions, please read our Purchase Contract.



Health Guarantee



Our responsibility...

  • We guarantee that upon delivery, the buyer will be provided with a happy and healthy Llewellin Setter puppy.
  • The puppy will be clear of any compromising medical issues, will be completely weaned and eating dry kibble, the dew claws will have been removed, and s/he will be up to date on dewormings at delivery time. Basically the pup will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. (Well, maybe not "bushy-tailed" just yet, but that will come with age!)
  • NOTE: If the pup has any known issues at the time of sale, Hickory Hollow will disclose any pre-existing conditions to the buyer before purchase and the condition will also be noted in an Addendum to the Purchase Contract.
  • We guarantee the pup to be free from crippling hip dysplasia for the first 36 months of the pup's life.  
  • We guarantee the pup to be free from juvenile cataracts resulting in blindness for the first 36 months of the pup's life.



Hips (Canine Hip Dysplasia - CHD)


Our guarantee covers the unfortunate cases when dogs are afflicted with a debilitating or crippling case of CHD which keeps them from living a normal life and for which their owners may have additional medical bills throughout the dog’s life because of the condition. The term "crippling" can be described by the following conditions: painful hips, difficulty rising from laying down position, swaggering gait, lameness of rear limbs, lameness after heavy exercise, reluctance to stand on hind limbs, reluctance to climb stairs, pain during manipulation of hips, and decreased range of motion of hips.

While we try everything we can to ensure the parents of a litter are CHD free, since the disease cannot be completely eliminated through selective breeding, it is a mathematical certainty that a small percentage of our pups will carry the disease. Most of these dogs will have very mild cases of dysplasia and never show any outward signs of the disease. The only way one could tell they are afflicted is by having x-rays evaluated by a trained professional. Those cases are not covered by our guarantee as these dogs can still lead normal, pain-free lives.


Eyes (Juvenile Cataracts)


Cataracts are opacities of the lens or capsule around the lens of the eye which can be hereditary or can be caused by trauma or old age.  We guarantee our pups against the hereditary type of cataracts which may cause complete blindness by the young age of 2 or 3 years old.

There are some bloodlines in the Llewellin Setter that have shown a higher percentage rate of pups with juvenile cataracts, moreoften this condition has been seen mainly in Blizzard lines. Luckily, none of our Bondhu pups have ever had the condition.



Health Guarantee Terms


In the event that the pup should develop crippling hip related problems due to dysplasia or the formation of cataracts which cause blindness within the first 36 months of life, the buyer may choose one of the following options:

    • provide the buyer with another puppy of choice from an unreserved litter, or...
    • provide a partial refund of the original purchase price of the puppy which shall be determined on a case by case basis.

    In order to take advantage of the guarantee:

    • We would require a written statement from the diagnosing veterinarian as to the severity of the dog's condition and the prognosis.


    • The diagnosing veterinarian must be a licensed DVM in the state where they are practicing and cannot be a family member of the buyer, whether by blood or marriage due to conflict of interest.


    • We reserve the right to gain a second opinion on the diagnosis at our expense.
    • If there is any question regarding the identity of the dog, we may require DNA testing to substantiate that the puppy was one of ours before we will fulfill our guarantee.

In the event that the pup should develop any other genetically related illness within the first 24 months of life, Hickory Hollow may reimburse the buyer for a portion of costs incurred in reaching a diagnosis and/or treatment and will be determined on a case by case basis. Our guarantee limits our liability and shall never exceed the purchase price of the dog.



Buyer responsibility...

  • Have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 5 days of delivery. Failure to schedule a post-purchase exam within the allotted time period will void the refund or exchange policy outlined below.
  • Have the veterinarian check for internal parasites during the initial veterinary visit and continue with the puppy's worming regimen if necessary.
  • Send a copy of the examination record to us within one week following the post-purchase exam.
  • Start the puppy's vaccination series in order to provide full immunity. A series of three boosters are required at weeks 8, 12 and 16 to build the puppy's immunity to a safe level and are spaced at approximately 4 weeks apart. Vaccinate as an adult regularly thereafter.
  • Provide ongoing and regular veterinary care as well as the proper daily maintenance to sustain the dog in good health throughout his/her lifetime, including (but not limited to) feeding a premium dog food for proper diet and nutrition, an adequate amount of exercise daily, regular vaccinations, heartworm preventative and dental hygiene.
  • Spay or Neuter your puppy at around 6 months of age.


  Refund or exchange policy (due to health issue only)
  • If a critical congenital or life threatening health related medical issue arises during initial veterinary examination that is clearly attributable to us, a full refund or replacement (if one is available) may be given upon returning the puppy within 3 days of the veterinary visit, along with a written diagnosis from the attending veterinarian as to the nature of the issue.

  • If a critical congenital condition or life threatening health related medical issue does exist but you decide to keep the puppy, you will be responsible for all veterinary bills thereafter. A partial refund of the full purchase price may be given as we see fit if you are willing to keep a special-needs puppy. We understand at that point emotional bonds probably have already been established.

  • Hickory Hollow reserves the right to pay for a second veterinary opinion before refunding or replacing a puppy. Should the second veterinarian not concur with the original diagnosis, a third veterinarian will be consulted, mutually chosen by the purchaser and us to protect both parties interests.  The third consult costs will be split between parties.

  • *All dogs that will be shipped must have a veterinary exam and issued a clean bill of health BEFORE flying, thus fulfilling the initial veterinary health check portion of our agreement and also eliminating the issue of having to return the puppy via air shipment.

  • We cannot be held responsible if your puppy becomes sick after your initial veterinary visit. It is up to you to maintain the pups health and well-being.  We highly recommend keeping your puppy away from other unfamiliar dogs in community places until your pup has been fully vaccinated.

  • Our liability is limited to, and shall in no event ever exceed the purchase price of the dog involved.





We guarantee that the puppy will possess an intense pointing instinct and that s/he has been bred with that foremost in mind. This dog will have strong potential to be a wonderful family and hunting companion.

Since we cannot be there to coach and guide the dog as it grows up, that part's up to you. We can't be held responsible for inadequate training or poor ownership practices. Gunshyness is MAN-MADE, you MUST know how to properly train your dog for the field. We will do everything possible while the pup is here to noise condition the dog for the future. However, it's easy to accidentally blink a dog and almost impossible to rid the fear once instilled. Introduce young dogs to the gun slowly and with caution. The dog will only turn out to be as good as the amount of time the owner puts into the dog.

If you are not capable of field training, hire a professional gun dog trainer to do that for you. They will have the equipment and the ability to put live birds in front of your dog and provide real-life field experiences. CAUTION: All field dog trainers are NOT alike, research breeds trained and training methods used by the trainer wisely. Training a Llewellin Setter is different than training a German Shorthair Pointer. Find a trainer that has experience training Llewellins, you will come out miles ahead!

We hope that you, as the new owner will be committed to training, conditioning and bringing up this dog to be the best s/he can be; to be the kind of dog that any owner would be PROUD of.



Naming Your Puppy:



We are proud of our dogs and their pedigrees and in order to help us identify our dog's progeny in the future, we require all of our FDSB registered puppies (and any subsequent registry such as AKC) to use our registered kennel name of "Hickory's" in the pup's official registration name.


The name can be a maximum of four words or initials and up to 24 characters long, not including spaces or punctuation. The owner may add three more words and 16 characters to the full name.




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