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The photos on this page are divided into sections by Litter.


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Litter D - pups whelped January 18th 2008



  Owned by The Pittman Family

  (Cash (aka "Denali") is a classically marked Tri-colored Llewellin)


Greetings Bob and Laura,

"Cash" has acclimated well in our home.

His sister is a bit jealous but has protected him from the cat so she must like him some. They mainly fight over toys!

He is having fun chasing his sister in the snow and checking out his new surroundings.  He is very curious and not afraid of anything.  Everyone loves him so expect some calls soon.

I have attached some pics.  More pics soon. Hope all is well.

---The Pittmans, March 2008

Cash with Hannah and his new GSP sister.

Cash snuggling with new sister.


"Hickory's Indiana Belle"

  Owned by Aaron Atkinson

  (Indie (aka "Darby") is a White/Black Llewellin)


At 10 weeks old, Indie is a bundle of wonderful, puppy energy. She plays hard and fast (and with sharp little teeth) and when she’s tired, she crashes in my lap in an instant. One of the things that I’m proudest about is that she has been perfect in her housebreaking – not a single accident indoors!

Aaron with Indie

Indie - fully of puppy energy

What a photogenic little gal!

Indie on point at 10 weeks

Out of the house, she knows no stranger - every dog or person that we come upon gets a wagging tail and a bunch of kisses. She is already pointing her toys and the quail wing like a pro. It is incredible to see her natural instincts come out as she stalks and points and repositions to try and cut off her toy’s escape.

This early in the game, we have just been spending time with each other and seeing as many new things as we can. We certainly do enjoy each other’s company. What a puppy!

--Aaron Atkinson, March 2008

Photos owned by Aaron Atkinson and used with permission.

"Hickory's Doc Leo O'Joy"

 Owned by The Williamson Family

  (Leo (aka "Doc") is a Tri-colored Llewellin)


We have "Doc" from litter D (now known as "Leo") and he is training us very well so far! He is adjusting well to the crate, but would prefer to sleep in a lap if possible.

Our 3 year old ES, Harvey, wants to play poke and chase. Leo rolls on his back when Harvey pokes him, then when Harvey turns his back to walk away, Leo springs up and chases him, then their 'game' repeats. Fun to watch.

Harvey is a certified therapy dog. The only thing he hunts is pizza and cheese quesadillas from our table. However, on a walk, he is a hunting legend in his own mind, frequently stalking/pointing birds, leaves, pop cans......Our hope is that Leo can follow in Harvey's paw prints as a therapy dog. Puppy class starts April 7.

Leo went for his first elevator ride today...a glass one at that's in a local building here.....he wasn't phased a bit....like he'd been doing all his life! He also negotiated the revolving door very well. As you can see, his training is taking a little different track than Hope's :0) Today was Harvey's day for therapy dog at a local nursing home. The residents were excited to see him and we had a good time.

He loves to be held when snoozing. He hasn't barked -- well, maybe one time he let out a 'yip'. I think he was as surprised as we were. He loves to be with his 'big brother.' Wherever Harvey goes, Leo wants to follow. Leo seems a little more independent and capable of entertaining himself than I remember Harvey being at this age. He's a pretty laid back and mellow-fellow, in relative puppy terms.
Leo - 9 weeks
Leo with Jen and big bro Harvey (English Setter)
Sweet Dreams

--Rex Williamson, March 2008


"Hickory's Daisy Duke"

  Owned by Tim and Pat Sims

  ("Daisy" is a Tri-colored Llewellin)


I absolutely LOVE Daisy. She is smart, quick, beautiful and sweet as she can be. If she is still long enough and if I stare real hard, I can see her grow. I weighed her yesterday at 18 pounds. I think it would be fun to count her Sharpie spots everyday and chart the number on a spreadsheet. (Sorry, that last one was a lie), I do enjoy seeing her beauty develop as the ticking becomes more pronounced.

She looks less like a puppy every day, but still very much acts like one. She is very playful with our mini schnauzer and bats her around with her paws. They are quite competitive for our attention and just with each other in general. But, they both miss each other when one is away. We currently are challanged with her biting at everything, but that has also improved. We just keep placing chewable items in front of her when she gets in that mood.

Daisy is doing really well on her potty training...she rings the bell we hung at the front and back doors when she needs to go out! No "accidents" lately! She usually only gets up once per night, goes potty and gets right back in the kennel until after I get up for the day. Most nights she decides when she's ready for bed and puts herself in the kennel.

Although there is no longer any such thing as spare time, I enjoy my time with Daisy and look forward to training and ultimately.....huntin' with daisy.

--Tim Sims, March 2008

Daisy with Lucia (mini schnauzer)

Daisy at 11 weeks old


Litter C - pups whelped January 14th 2007

"Hickory's High Desert Paco"


  Owned by Allan Polenz and Marla Nelson

  (Paco (aka "Cisco") is a Chestnut Llewellin)



We stopped in Boise on the way home so my daughter could see the pup. We met near her work which is fairly close to the airport. While waiting for my daughter to arrive, an airliner came right overhead. Upon hearing the noise, Paco stopped, sat down and looked up at the plane, watching it fly overhead. We were surprised he could figure out the source of the noise and actually follow the plane's flight. No sign of it spooking him. In fact, I have been amazed that almost nothing seems to faze him. He certainly doesn't seem to be one that will spook easily. Marla and I feel he is very intelligent......on his way to being "Mr. Super Dog."


Paco is a real character, much different than our retrievers were at this age. His introduction to pigeons has gone well, and he really enjoys "working" them. Fired a cap pistol the other evening while working the other dogs and it didn't phase Paco one bit.  


We have a fair number of California Valley quail around here and he has encountered them from time to time; seemed mostly curious when he saw them fly. A few evenings ago while on a short walk...he had his first real wild bird point! He was running along and came to a stop, half bent around, tail straight back and "pointing" uphill. About 5 seconds later a pair of quail flushed about 20 feet above him. He really liked that.

---Allan Polenz, May 2007

Hickory's High Desert Paco - 1 year old

Paco is a grandson of Hank from the show

Hunting with Hank

Paco with Allan at 15 weeks

Paco at 15 weeks

Paco with Marla at 15 weeks

Marla and Skye, Paco and Allan

Hickory's High Desert Paco

Paco at 5 months

Paco at 5 months

Photos courtesy of Allan Polenz and Marla Nelson

Marla and Allan Polenz

with their two Llewellins,

Skye and Paco.

(photo taken at the Hickory Hollow Pheasant Hunt at Granite Springs Lodge in South Dakota)

"Hickory's Honey"

Honey - 7 months old

  Owned by Cassandra Steadman

  (Honey (aka "Chloe") is a Chestnut Llewellin)



Bob and Laura,

     I just thought I'd give you an update. Honey is doing great! She is such a fast learner! She went on her first hunt when I was home on leave... we didn't find any pheasants, but she did a wonderful job! I was really impressed with how amazing her raw instincts were. She was so happy to be out there as well! I look forward to taking her out again on Christmas [break] and hopefully very often next season.

Cassandra and Honey

I am also interested in getting Honey certified as a volunteer dog. When I bring her to the nursing home to visit my grandfather I am stunned at how great she is there. When we arrive, she is very happy and overly excited, but the second we step through that door and she sees the "old folks" she just relaxes. She walks right up to the patients in wheelchairs and sits next to them so they can pet her.


At home she is still treated as a lap dog, but she just knew not to try to jump on them. She is always so gentle and calm with these people and it completely makes their day. She adores the attention.


I always have people stop and ask me what kind of dog Honey is, where I got her, how much, what town you are near.... people get so excited with her behavior! I feel like a proud beaming mother. I also like telling them how lucky I was with her being your pick and you letting me have her. I just wanted you to know how great of a dog she is becoming! I look forward to many many years with her!

--Cassandra Steadman, November 2007

Honey - claiming HER couch!

Dont make me move! Honey with her Bulldog

Cuddle time with Ruby

Photos courtesy of Cassandra Steadman

"Hickory's Chile Pepper"


  Owned by Jeremy Mayrose

  (Chile (aka "Coon") is a Tri-Chestnut Llewellin)



My name is Jeremy, and my first Llew is named Chile (Coon from Litter C). I can't say enough about this dog, Chile has amazed me since I picked him up in Iowa. Chile started pointing at about 10 weeks old and has not stopped since. My wife Amy and I were expecting a baby when I decided to contact Laura about Litter C. Lets just say Amy wasn't too keen to the idea. I have two other hunting dogs already in the house and a puppy and a new daughter, ha ha I talked her into it.


Anyway, I did some basic training with Chile until he was five months, then Olive arrived. So my plan was to send Chile to a pro trainer for 2 to 3 months while I became a dad without the distractions of training the new puppy. This worked pretty good, Chile was sent to Dale Taylor of Premier Gun Dogs in Halem NE. This was simply the best thing for Chile. Dale is a dog man. I visted Chile almost every weekend, to check his progress and to learn Dale's training systems. I was completely stunned every week I went to see Chile, he was becoming the hunting dog that I dreamed of having. So fast, so strong, and best of all, ALL OF THE NATURAL INSTINCT I hoped he would have. Well 3 months later Dale cut Chile loose to me, and said "It makes it a lot easier to train a dog when owners do their research and buy a dog with proven bloodlines" -- Thank Hickory Hollow for that. So I've been guiding at Loess Hills hunt preserve with Chile since then about three days a week. The preserve hunts English Setters and Chile is the first Llewellin. It's been a great first year with him.


In late October I guided Colonel George E. "Bud" Day. Colonel Day is the most distinguished military vet. in U.S. history. Tom Brokaw came to film the Col.'s hunt, to air on TV during vetrans week. I was in awe. First point of the day went to Chile and the Col. dropped the bird. Very cool. I love hunting with this dog.


---Jeremy Mayrose, April 2008

Litter B - pups whelped January 27th 2006


Abbey and Barbra


 Owned by Al and Barbra Toenjes

 (Abbey (aka "Bugsie") is a Tri-colored Llewellin)


We are enjoying Abbey so very much; she's sweet and obedient and seems to enjoy her home here.

Al has taken her to South Dakota hunting 2 times. This last time he said she was great! She goes and goes and finds the birds, but not staunch on point yet. We are so delighted with her. She's around 37# and she loses weight during the hunting season because she doesn't eat great, just wants to hunt. Al said she slept the entire 9 1/2 hours home from SD, except for the potty breaks.

She still sleeps with her puppy blanket and at times gets it out of her crate and prances around the living room with it hanging out of her mouth. What a character!

As you can see we are so happy with her and our choice of her. She is so smart... Of course your care before and after birth helped greatly. I'm certain her brothers and sisters have done well also. Good luck with your next litter.

Al & Barbra Toenjes, September 2007


(Left)Abbey and I went to obedience class and here's our graduating picture!

(Below) At 15 months pointing a toy.

-- Barbra Toenjes, December 2006

Abbey - April 2007

Photos courtesy of the Toenjes

"Hickory's Banjo"


  Owned by The Barker Family - Brian, Karen, Meghan and Katie

  (Banjo is a Tri-colored Llewellin)



We can't believe how fast Banjo's first year has gone. He has certainly settled in and has become a huge part of the family. He has his own "spot" on the couch and sleeps right up on the bed with us! We celebrated his 1st birthday (on January 27th, 2007) and wanted to share some of the photos. As you can see, he is an extremely handsome dog!


Banjo is definitely a momma's boy. I guess I shouldn't say he's just a momma's boy, he constantly jumps up to give us a hug and looks to Brian to pick him up.  He has an amazing amount of trust - Banjo will lean outward so he can give lots of kisses, and then has no qualms about being set down on his back on the couch.  We figure most dogs would panic being upside down, but not Banjo!  He also loves to lean into you so he can get scratched on his side.  When the time is right, he flips around so he can have the other side scratched.

---The Barker Family, January 2007

Hickory's Banjo

My invisible fence was installed

(shortly after the photo was taken)

I like it though,
since I have a huge yard to run in now!  

-- Banjo, May 2006

Hickory's Banjo - Woah! That camera's pointing at me!

Hickory's Banjo - pointing something in the yard!

Banjo on his 1 year Birthday!

Banjo on his 1 year Birthday

Banjo on his 1 year Birthday - with his favorite girls!

Banjo on his 1 year Birthday - opening a gift!

Photos courtesy of The Barker family

"Bridger and Meadow"


  Owned by Richard and Kate Wilen

  (Bridger and Meadow (aka "Brisco" and "Brooke") are pups from Litter B - Whelped January 27th, 2006.     Bridger is a Chestnut Tri-color Llewellin and Meadow is a White and Black Llewellin).



They are the most wonderful dogs in the world. Everyone is impressed with how mellow they are around people, for puppies, but with each other they are romp-o-maniacs. They have so much fun together and it has worked out well having two.   

--Richard Wilen,  June 2006


They are doing great and are such good buddies. They roam around our property together, pointing and chasing birds, snuffling animal tracks and of course romping with each other! Their endurance is amazing. They run all over the pastures, up into the woods, in/out and around the green houses until we make them come in. Bridger has such a deep chest and is such a strong runner; it is a thing of beauty to watch him run flat out. This week we discovered that Meadow loves making doggie snow angels! She has been burrowing into the snow and thrashing side to side, in great glee. She is such a snuggle bunny and makes such noises when you pet her. She loves to be toweled dry, jumping and rubbing her face in the towel while Bridger sits there stoically and accepts the toweling with haughty grace. We do love them so. They are very happy dogs indeed, and we are very happy humans to have them as our companions!     

--Kate Wilen, January 2008

Bridger & Meadow

Bridger & Meadow

Meadow-2 yrs

Bridger and Meadow-2yrs


Photos courtesy of the Wilens



  Owned by Hollis and Barb Willeford

  (Casey (aka "Buck") is a Tri-colored Llewellin)


Hi Bob and Laura,

I thought you might like seeing [some] pictures of Casey. When he was six months old we sent him to a two week puppy school at Oak Ridge Kennels near Northfield, MN. Since then I've been working with him for a few minutes every morning in the back yard. I've worked with him on pigeons a couple of sessions and we've been to the hunting club twice. Each time we've had 5 Chukars put out and each time he found all of them and retrieved them all too (except when I've missed)! 

Casey has more energy than any animal I've ever seen. He's an inside dog and lot of work but I can't tell you how much joy he brings to the household. I wouldn't trade him for anything!

-- Hollis Willeford, October 2006

To see more of Casey, view this page/section of our website:

Photos - In the Field: Casey

Hollis with Casey


Casey at 8 months 

"Hickory's Blizzard - Blizzy"


  Owned by Lee Beranek

  (Blizzy is a Chestnut Tri-colored Llewellin)



Blizzy is doing quite well. She weighed 53.8 lbs. at her spring heartworm check. She shows great hunting potential by the way she goes after birds. When she saw a pair of doves by the feeder she went nuts wanting to go outside after them. They are the largest birds that she has seen so far. She also showed great interest in my shotgun the first time she saw me with it, and she seems to be the totally non gun shy, in fact when I fired a couple of shots while she was out in the yard she had to go see where the shots came from.  I didn't take her hunting this year because she needed more obedience work, I felt that she was still a little young,  and  most of the corn wasn't out until well into the season ( and after it was out they disc the field the next day).


When I took Blizzy in to the vet's for her first round of shots the data sheet that you gave me really impressed the vet, she made a copy to show the other vets in the office. I get many complements on what a beautiful looking dog she is.

Lee Beranek, April 2007


Blizzy - 1 yr old Blizzy - 1 year old

Hickory's Blizzy

Hickory's Blizzy

Hickory's Blizzy

Photos courtesy of Lee Beranek

"Hickory's Dashing Jack"

Hickory's Dashing Jack - 5 months old

Hickory's Dashing Jack - 5 months old

Hickory's Dashing Jack - 5 months old

  Owned by Jason Russell

  (Jack (aka "Blaze") is a Chestnut Llewellin)


Jack is doing great, I could not be more pleased with his progress in the field and his demeanor at home is wonderful. I spent every Wednesday night at the gun club putting him on pen raised pheasants since he was six months. I have had him out almost every weekend since opening day and he has steadily progressed with the wild birds. I pretty much just let him do his thing and learn on his own. He began by finding birds and flushing most of them, now he has settled down and began holding them on point.


On Sunday we went out and I watched him point a rooster at 30 yards in heavy cover. He moved about ten feet in the other direction and locked on again then did this one more time before I was able to flush the bird. It was truly amazing to watch him do this and know that he knew what he was doing. I now follow Jack around the field with confidence instead of directing him where I want him to go. He still fetches [only] when he wants to, but a trip to the trainer in spring for force fetch should help sort this out.


Jack is a great dog and I will continue to tell others about you in the future. I have seen one other setter in the field this year and they said the same things about their dog. I hope others will soon see the big picture about the qualities in these dogs.


--Jason Russell, December 2006

To see more of Jack, check out these pages/sections of our website:
Photos - In the Field: Jack

"Barkley and Booker"


  Owned by Drew and Marcy Marchiano

  (Barkley and Booker (aka "Barkley" and "Beau") are pups from Litter B - Whelped January 27th, 2006.     

    Both are Tri-colored Llewellins).


They are very smart and gentle and curious.  They love people -- young and old.  They live to play, racing around furniture and jumping over each other and wrestling. They trade each other's toys and then curl up together and go to sleep. 

They are learning how to retrieve and come when called.  They "point" robins in the backyard.  

--Marcy Marciano, May 2006



Barkley and Booker - 2 months

Barkley and Booker - 4 months

Barkley and Booker - pointing

Barkley - 8 months

Booker - 8 months

Booker - 8 months

Barkley and Booker - 8 months old

Photos courtesy of the Marchianos



  Owned by Matt Henehan

  (Roscoe (aka "Bellaggio") is a Tri-colored Llewellin)


Bob and Laura,

Just wanted to give you an update on Roscoe. He's 9 months old now and really a terrific dog, full of energy but also very gentle. We had some friends over with their 18 month old son and I was a little worried about how Roscoe would do with the baby. But he was great, just went over and sniffed and wanted to "share" the little guy's cracker. Wish I had gotten a picture.

I've been working on getting him staunch on point and it is something to see. He's got a really good nose and picks up the bird scent a long way off. I've been working with planted birds so I can see how far out he picks them up and how he does in zeroing in. Using a 30' lead I hold him on point and he absolutely quivers with excitement. This guy is wild for birds, smart, and really compliant, genuinely wants to learn and please. I have to say, so far, he's been everything I was hoping for, and quite the character to boot.

-- Matt Henehan, October 2006

Roscoe - 8 months

Roscoe, (aka Bellaggio)
is from
Litter B,
whelped January 27th, 2006

To see more of Roscoe, view this page/section:   Photos - In the Field: Roscoe

Litter A - pups whelped August 2nd 2005

"Hickory's Aspen"

Megan, Kelly and the Llewellins - Cliff, Aspen and Smokey

  Owned by Kelly and Megan Hastings

  (Aspen is a blanketed Chestnut Tri-colored Llewellin)



I will be taking Aspen to the Hunt club [soon] to introduce him to some birds. He is a very intense puppy when he is stalking the other dogs.    

--Kelly Hastings, January 2006


Aspen - 9 weeks old    Aspen - 4 months old   Aspen - 4 months old

Photos courtesy of the Hastings

"Hickory's Capt'n Morgan"


Hickory's Capt'n Morgan



 Owned by Charlie and Jan Gary

 (Morgan (aka "Adena") is a blanketed Black Tri-colored Llewellin)


Morgan has shown great instinct in the field and loves any opportunity to hunt. Around the house, she is our little shadow and would gladly cover us in kisses. Affectionate doesn't begin to describe her!  She also loves our trips up to the lake, where she can run and swim freely.  In looking at your web site, we get a kick out of how much she looks like her mama, and their personalities sound alike as well!

Take care and keep up all the great work you're doing with these wonderful dogs.

Charlie & Jan Gary, September 2007

To see more of Morgan, check out this page/section: 
Photos - In the Field: Morgan

Photos courtesy of the Garys

At 7 months, Morgan is such an unbelievable delight!

She's also showing a lot of interest in birds!   

--Jan Gary,

April 2006

Morgan - pointing the wing



 Owned by Alex and Amy Pagnotta

  (Aiko is a blanketed Chestnut Tri-colored Llewellin)


Aiko is doing wonderful - He fits right in with all the commotion of a large family. As I looked back at our first pictures I can't believe how he has grown! Aiko has been a lot of fun for the family!


--Amy Pagnotta, December 2005


The Pagnotta Kids - click to enlarge

The Pagnotta Kids

"Hickory's Dynamite Ike"

  Owned by Tim Tschida

  (Ike (aka "Apollo") is a Tri-colored Llewellin)


 He's already pointing! I only worked with him for a little while and then he pointed all on his own!


   --Tim Tschida, per a phone conversation in October, 2005


Hickory's Dynamite Ike - 4 months old Hickory's Dynamite Ike - 4 months old Hickory's Dynamite Ike - camouflaged by the snow



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