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Photo Journal of Bristol in Gun Dog Training

(click on any photo to enlarge it)

Pea Ridge Kennels - Trenton, TN - (click here to visit their website)

05/09/09 - On this day, we took HOPE to Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennels in Trenton Tennessee to stay for a 90-day gun dog training session with Dr. Phil Fortner and his lovely wife Jane.  

Pea Ridge Kennels - entrance Pea Ridge Kennels - dog kennel facility Pea Ridge Kennels - Dr. Phil and Jane Fortner

During our brief stay , Phil did some preliminary testing with HOPE in order to evaluate her natural instincts. First, we took a walk around the property to the live bird pens. HOPE proved to be very birdy when seeing the birds in fly around in the pens. Then he tested her birdiness in the field. She also proved to have natural backing instincts when a remote controlled pointing dog appeared in the field.

HOPE on a tethered pigeon

HOPE on a tethered pigeon HOPE on a tethered pigeon
HOPE-honoring the pointing dog

This is HOPE reacting to finding a live tethered pigeon in the grass as well as reacting to the backing dog.


Laura and Bob with HOPE

Then, after too short of a visit, it was time to say good-bye to our baby girl for three long months and head home to Iowa; then anxiously await updates on HOPE from Tennessee.




Training Begins...       (all photos are courtesy of Phil and Jane Fortner)


05/17/09 - Hope is being introduced to the chain gang which teaches the dog to give to the lead and they also get to observe the other dogs working.

Hope is learning the "whoa" command and it not allowed to step off the whoa board.

HOPE-on the chain gang
HOPE-on the whoa board.

These are photos of HOPE on the "chain gang"
and learning to "Whoa" on the whoa board.


05/24/09 - I am introducing HOPE to the "Hold" command using my gloved hand inserted into her mouth. This is the beginning of the trained retrieve.

I collar conditioned HOPE today using the Dogtra 1200 NCP. I have developed a technique in which I use the vibrating pager for reinforcement of the learned command instead of low level stimulation. This method causes absolutely no discomfort to the dog. HOPE showed an understanding of the situation and was able to turn off "vibration" by obeying the command.

HOPE-learning Hold command

HOPE-learning the hold command

These photos show HOPE learning the
"hold" command.

05/31/09 - We have now moved off the table with the trained retrieve. HOPE is learning to hold the object while on the ground. This is a difficult transition for some dogs.

HOPE-trained retrieve drill HOPE-Hold on the ground


HOPE during a trained retrieve drill.

06/04/09 - Phil is reinforcing the whoa command both on the bench and in the field on live birds.

HOPE is cooling off in the lake after a morning's workout in the bird field. It's been really hot lately, so we make sure the dogs stay cool and take frequent swims to cool off

I work the dogs no longer than 10 to 15 minutes before letting them cool off in the lake and putting them back in the shade on the chain gang.

Training is progressing on schedule.

HOPE-practicing woah in the field on a live bird

HOPE-practicing woah in the field on a live bird

HOPE-cooling off in the pond after some field work HOPE-Phil reinforcing the whoa command on the bench.

Phil reinforces the whoa command.

06/12/09 - Hope is enjoying a ride in the golf cart on her way to the Chain Gang. I have introduced her to the gun by allowing her to chase a clipped-wing quail as I fire the blank pistol. She showed no negative reaction to the sound.


HOPE-gets a ride in the golf cart with Phil HOPE-on the chain gang by the pond.

HOPE gets a ride on the golf cart down to the chain gang.

06/21/09 - We are teaching HOPE to hold point using the Whoa Board and a caged pigeon.

I am also introducing HOPE to a water retrieve using a pinecone as the floating object. The pinecone also helps keep the dog soft mouthed.

Temps have been very high the past week....mid to upper 90's with high humidity....fans are running 24 hours per day at the kennel and the dogs are in the pond a lot. Field work is done early in the am….generally beginning about 6:00am and try to finish by 9:00 am.

HOPE-on the woah board staring down a caged pigeon. 100_0271.jpg
HOPE-retrieving a pinecone HOPE-retrieving a pinecone

HOPE staying staunch on point while staring down a caged pigeon. HOPE learns to retrieve a pinecone from the water.

06/24/09 - Hope is very birdy and has a lot of natural pointing instinct and is well on her way to becoming a good retriever.  Her tail set is about 10:00… I am not styling her up when we take the pictures…..but I do stroke her tail up at other times.  She is going to make a nice hunting dog!!

HOPE-100_9861.jpg HOPE-100_98631.jpg

HOPE displays a very stylish point.

06/28/09 - Backing Dog Drill: We are reinforcing HOPE's natural instincts to honor another dog's point. This is done using the automated Backing Dog.

After Hope backs the "dog", a pigeon will be launched. This allows the dog to associate the "pointing dog" with birds. I am also working on staunchness and getting in front of the dog to flush.

HOPE-100_0334.jpg HOPE-100_0337.jpg

HOPE on a backing dog drill. She honors the other dog's point!

07/04/09 - Happy 4th of July!

HOPE is working on perfecting the "Hold" command using a paint roller, decorated with a little Holiday flair.


HOPE-Happy 4th of July!

HOPE perfects the "hold" command using a paint roller.

07/19/09 - We continue to work on staunchness on point...hunting for dead birds and retrieving to hand.

I think you will be pleased with your dog's progress!


HOPE-retrieving a quail
HOPE-bringing the bird back to hand
HOPE-staunch on point! HOPE-staunch on point!

HOPE working on her drills.

07/29/09 - Hope is waiting to be released on command. This is a reinforcement of the Whoa training. HOPE knows she cannot come out to play until she obeys the whoa command.


HOPE-100_0516.jpg HOPE-100_0518.jpg

Phil reinforces HOPE's woah training at every opporunity.

08/15/09 - Picked up HOPE at Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennels.




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