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"Like Father, Like Daughter"

A Day Hunting with Bristol and Tuck at Faeth's Fowl Play

Tuck and Bristol on point

Tuck backs Bristol as she points a quail

Left: Bristol (orange vest) with her daddy Tuck point quail while hunting together at Faeth's Fowl Play in Fort Madison Iowa on Saturday, March 29th, 2008.

Right: Bob Bartz (on left) and Bob Whitlock walk in on the bobwhite quail that Bristol is pointing "at quail level".

FFP_At Quail Level.JPG


"Duchess of Adena"

Owned by Bob and Laura Whitlock

Pheasant Season 2005



Duchess - Getting Straight to the Point!

Duchess of Adena
getting "Straight to the Point"
on a pheasant in an Iowa corn field

Opening Day, Pheasant Season 2006

Duchess working the field Duchess on a bird

Duchess on point with Bob closing in for the shot!

She's got a scent

Duchess is all buisness when she's in the field.
She's fast and furious, but also very biddable
and responds well to Bob's commands.

Opening Day, Pheasant Season 2007

(L to R) Terry Miller, Bob, and Tim Sims Tim Sims with Duchess Duchess on a fresh scent. Duchess and Bristol working hard. Tim and Terry in the field with Duchess

Bob with fellow hunters Terry Miller and Tim Sims on Saturday, October 27, 2007.
We only saw one rooster the entire day, but the dogs sure worked hard and we enjoyed ourselves.
... but kind of a disappointment after the South Dakota experience...

"Hickory's Advie Bristol"

Owned by Bob and Laura Whitlock

First Pheasant_w-Dave Crockett.JPG

Bristol with her first pheasant,
Bob, and client Dave Crockett.

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Bob took Bristol and Dave Crockett 
(a potential client) to the
Iowa Pheasants and More
bird preserve for a day of hunting.
Bristol found and pointed many birds including both pheasant and quail.  

When Bristol was in Tennessee for professional training, she was trained using quail and up until now that was the only type of bird that had been shot over her.  Today she pointed her very first pheasant rooster!



Owned by Matt Henehan

(Roscoe (aka Bellaggio) is a Tri-color Llewellin from Litter B - Whelped January 27th, 2006.)

Roscoe, pointing a rooster at 20-25 feet.


I have attached a few pics of Roscoe working on late season, wild pheasant in North Dakota December 16, 2007.


In the first pic, he pointed the bird from about 20-25 feet. It was a running rooster and young Roscoe just didn’t know what to do. But he stayed put until I released him.


In the second pic he pinned a wild rooster at about 5 feet.


The third pic is just a great photo of my dog as he matures into a serious hunting partner.


He is smart, figuring things out for himself and loves to hunt. His poor nose and jowls were rubbed almost bloody after 5 days in the field, but he wouldn’t quit.


Really great stuff. This is a good dog, headed to being maybe a great dog.

-- Matt Henehan, December 2007


Roscoe - pinned a wild rooster at 5 feet.

Roscoe - 2 years old

January 27, 2006 - February 17, 2009
On the verge of being one of the finest bird dogs ever,

1/2 of a seamless hunting team, a loyal buddy and a true companion.

We'll never understand why you were taken so soon; your loss will be felt by all who knew you... We hope you are running wildly through fields full of blue grouse, pheasant and quail somewhere beyond the rainbow bridge.

Check out the January/February 2010 issue of The Pointing Dog Journal
to read a very powerful tribute to Roscoe by Matt Henehan


"Hickory's Dashing Jack"

Owned by Jason Russell

(Jack (aka Blaze) is a Chestnut Llewellin from Litter B - Whelped January 27th, 2006.)

Jack peeking through the grass

Jack on a stylish point!

Hickory's Dashing Jack with pheasant

On Sunday we went out and I watched [Jack] point a rooster at 30 yards in heavy cover. He moved about ten feet in the other direction and locked on again, then did this one more time before I was able to flush the bird. It was truly amazing to watch him do this and know that he knew what he was doing.

-- Jason Russell, December 2006

(Jack is approximately 11 months old in these photos)

To see more of Jack, check out Photos - Our Pups: Jack


"Hickory's Capt'n Morgan"

Owned by Jan and Charlie Gary

(Morgan (aka Adena) is a blanketed Black Tri-color Llewellin from Litter A - Whelped August 2nd, 2005.)


Morgan has shown great instinct in the field and loves any opportunity to hunt. Around the house, she is our little shadow and would gladly cover us in kisses. Affectionate doesn't begin to describe her!  She also loves our trips up to the lake, where she can run and swim freely.  In looking at your web site, we get a kick out of how much she looks like her mama, and their personalities sound alike as well!

Take care and keep up all the great work you're doing with these wonderful dogs.

Jan & Charlie Gary, September 2007

To see more of Morgan, check out Photos - Our Pups: Morgan


"Casey"  (aka Hickory's Buck)

Owned by Hollis and Barb Willeford

Casey Willeford - with his loot Casey Willeford - retrieving a chuckar Casey Willeford

Casey is 8 months old in these photos and was from Litter B - whelped January 27, 2006. Hollis with Casey in the field.
Casey is almost three in this photo.

Casey gets to go hunting at the Hunt Club and each time they release five chukar. Casey has found and retrieved them all, except the missed shots!

To see more of Casey, view these page/section of our website: Photos - Our Pups



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