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 Hickory's Hunting with HOPE - "H.O.P.E"

(Hank's Offspring Produces Excellence)

H.O.P.E., a grand daughter of the famous "Hank" from the show "Hunting with Hank", has shown great promise and outstanding instinct during her intro to gun dog training; she's going to be one heck of a bird dog! She joined the Hickory Hollow family in January 2008 when she was born the daughter of Duchess of Adena sired by Sillman's Hank Boy out of "Litter D". She is an outstanding addition to our breeding program and will carry on Hank's great Bondhu Bloodlines. OFA GOOD / CERF Clear

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 Hickory's HOPE For Birds - "Benelli"

Benelli, a great-granddaughter of the famous "Hank" from the TV show "Hunting with Hank", was born here at Hickory Hollow on January 21st, 2011 along with all her "Litter I" siblings and is the daughter of Hickory's Hunting With HOPE, sired by Advie Tuck. Benelli is a heavily ticked tri-belton dog with lots of birdy drive and natural hunting ability.  OFA GOOD / CERF Clear

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 Duchess of Adena - "Duchess"    Deceased

Duchess is our most experienced hunter and is an expert in the field. She was used in guided hunts and has had over 250 birds shot over her. She quarters well and has an uncanny natural instinct for working a field, along fence lines and into the wind. Even the most inexperienced hunter can't miss with Duchess along because she knows exactly what she's doing without having to be "told"! She is of Bondhu blood and her pups are not only wonderful bird hunters, but have also been used as therapy dogs working with disabled children and the elderly.  OFA / CERF Clear

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 Hickory's Advie Bristol - "Bristol" RETIRED

Bristol is our "star" hunter. She was named in the TOP 5 that have ever completed the Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennels' professional training sessions . Being the daughter of Advie Tuck and a great-granddaughter of Advie High Beam from Scotland, she exudes the traditional "Advie" look. She is extremely "birdy", enthusiastic and full of energy, fast in the field, and is a natural at honoring other dog's points. She responds well to voice, hand and whistle commands, and will retrieve the bird to hand in the field.

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 Hickory's Daisy Duke - "Daisy" RETIRED

Daisy is also a grand daughter of the famous "Hank" from the TV show "Hunting with Hank", and is a future dam. She was born here at Hickory Hollow on January 18th, 2008 along with all her "Litter D" siblings and is the daughter of Duchess of Adena sired by Sillman's Hank Boy. Like her littermate sister HOPE, Daisy shows great promise during her professional gun dog training and we feel she will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program. Look for litters from Daisy in 2010. OFA

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 Sir James of Galloway - "Jimmy Jam"

Jimmy is the nephew of our Duchess of Adena and you can see the family resemblance in their faces. Duchess' litter mate brother is Jimmy's sire. Jimmy is a beautiful tri-colored male with uncanny instincts and has the ability to throw tri-color and tri-chestnut pups in every litter. He is naturally birdy with a very stylish point. OFA EXCELLENT / CERF Clear

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 Hickory's Dash O'Splash - "Splash" Deceased

Our first stud and mascot, Splash is absolutely one of a kind! His soft and gentle personality makes everyone who meets him fall instantly in love. He's a real character (sometimes even a goofball) and has a way about him that is unmatched by many! He has had lots of obedience training and responds to hand and voice commands even better than the gals do. OFA GOOD / CERF Clear

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 Advie Tuck  - "Tuck"

Tuck is an extremely experienced field dog and has had hundreds of birds shot over him. He is very versatile and has proven himself out west in the Sage flats hunting sage grouse, on the western prairies hunting grouse and Hungarian partridge, wheat and CRP for pheasant and timberlands for ruffed grouse and woodcock. He is a natural at honoring and hunts side by side with his daughter Bristol making quite the team. He has a tendency to produce extremely birdy pups loaded with natural instincts from each and every litter. OFA GOOD

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 Sillman's Hank Boy  - "Hank" - Deceased

Hank is the son of the famous "Hank" from the TV Show "Hunting with Hank" and although he is not owned by Hickory Hollow, he has been the sire of a few of our litters (Litters "C", "D" and "G"). Hank is a Chestnut Belton, a stunning image of his famous father and performs superiorly in the field as well. Hank's hips are PennHIP certified free of hip dysplasia (rating = 0.46, equivalent to OFA EXCELLENT in Llewellins).

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