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Litter "R" Information:



HOPE / Jack

 Litter ID:


 FDSB Litter #:


 Whelp Date:

 10/30/16 thru


 Take Home:

 Dec 18th, 2016

 Litter Count:

 2 males /

 5 females


         X          Jack

Dam: Hickory's Hunting with HOPE

Call Name:   "HOPE"

Whelped: January 18, 2008

Coloring: Tri-chestnut

Bloodlines: "Hunting with Hank" Dashing Bondhu

FDSB #: 1601122

Hips: OFA Good

OFA #: ES-8162G26F-VPI

CERF:  LS-381388 (E1)

Owner:  Hickory Hollow Llewellins

Sire:  Cash's Single Barrel Jack

Call Name: Jack

Whelped: December 7, 2011

Coloring: Tri-color

Bloodlines:  Bondhu

FDSB #: 1642112

Hips: OFA Good 
OFA#: ES-8999G24M-NOPI


Owner: Jesus J Garcia Jr.


We are very excited to offer a second litter out of this pair of purebred Llewellins. See their pups from Litter P. This pair of Bondhu dogs both have similar conformation and style on point with a lovely 10:00 tail set. Both dogs are FDSB registered as LLEWELLIN SETTERS.

HOPE is a 1st generation grandaughter of Hank from "Hunting with Hank" and is of Dashing Bondhu lines. She is such a lover and will sit next to you with her head on your lap all day if you let her. She was professionally trained by Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennels' field training program and has had some local hunting experience on quail and pheasant.

HOPE has been OFA certified hips GOOD and eyes (E1).

Jack is also of Bondhu bloodlines with ancestry including Highway Dan. Jack is an ace in the field with hundreds of hours guiding at Faeth's Fowl Play and is working on his Master Hunting Certificate. He hunts hard all day and would hunt every day if you let him. He is a short or long range hunter depending on where the birds are and is a natural retriever. He has hunted pheasant, quail, chukar, turkey, ruffed grouse, sage grouse, blue grouse and woodcock.

Jack has been OFA certified hips GOOD and eyes clear!

Check out the PEDIGREE.


Protocol: These pups will be raised in our home and spoiled rotten on a daily basis with multiple doses of cuddles, hugs and kisses. These pups will be well socialized by the time they are taken to their new homes and will be accustomed to strange noises and other animals including both dogs and cats.  The pups will be wormed weekly from weeks 2 through 6 and will be ready for their new homes at 7 weeks of age.


Pricing: $950 each (male or female)








Male or Female





1st either Hertler



2nd female Muxlow



3rd either Martin



4th either Denis



5th female Flynn



6th either Swigart




* Status codes: D=Definite, P=Preferred, H=Hold spot

All reservations are secured with a $150 deposit.

Note about Status Codes:

D=Reservation is definitely set for this litter only.
P=Reservation is preferred on this litter, however a pick hold is also placed on another litter so one of the two reservations will be going away.
H=Reservation is holding pick position on this litter, however a different litter is preferred, so this reservation may go away.

Once reservations are finalized to "D" for definite, preferred or hold reservations for other litters will be eliminated and other reservations will move up.




All pups have been reserved.




Puppy #:
(according to birth order)







Call Name:







Gender: Male Male Female Female Female Female
Date/Time: 10/30 @1:01pm 10/31 @4:00am 10/31 @4:09am 10/31 @4:19am 10/31 @4:28am 10/31 @5:00am
Birth Weight: 13.2 oz 8.1 oz 11.0 oz 11.9 oz 13.6 oz 11.2 oz
Color: Tri-Color Tri-Chestnut Tri-Color Tri-Color Tri-Color Tri-Color

Click on any of the photos to super size them. Hover mouse over photo for caption.








Week 1: Renfield-1w_07.jpg Rowdy-1w_06.jpg Rascal-1w_08.jpg Raven-1w_07.jpg Rissa-1w_05.jpg Ryker-1w_06.jpg
Renfield-1w_05.jpg Rowdy-1w_04.jpg Rascal-1w_03.jpg Raven-1w_06.jpg Rissa-1w_02.jpg Ryker-1w_09.jpg
Week 2: Renfield-2w_09.jpg Rowdy-2w_03.jpg Rascal-2w_04.jpg Raven-2w_05.jpg Rissa-2w_03.jpg Ryker-2w_03.jpg
Renfield-2w_02.jpg Rowdy-2w_02.jpg Rascal-2w_06.jpg Raven-2w_01.jpg Rissa-2w_05.jpg Ryker-2w_04.jpg
Week 3: Renfield-2w_02.jpg Rowdy-2w_01.jpg Rascal-2w_02.jpg Raven-2w_01.jpg Rissa-2w_02.jpg Ryker-2w_01.jpg
Week 4: Renfield-4w_01.jpg Rowdy-4w_02.jpg Rascal-4w_02.jpg Raven-4w_01.jpg Rissa-4w_01.jpg Ryker-4w_03.jpg
Week 5: Renfield-5w_01.jpg Rowdy-5w_01.jpg Rascal-5w_02.jpg Raven-5w_02.jpg Rissa-5w_02.jpg Ryker-5w_01.jpg
Week 6: Renfield-6w_02.jpg Rowdy-6w_01.jpg Rascal-6w_04.jpg Raven-6w_02.jpg Rissa-6w_04.jpg Ryker-6w_05.jpg
Week 7: Renfield-7w_01.jpg Rowdy-7w_01.jpg Rascal-8w_01.jpg Raven-7w_01.jpg Rissa-7w_01.jpg Ryker-7w_01.jpg


Forever in Our Hearts

Puppy #:



Call Name:


Gender: Female


Birth Stats:

Born: 10/30/16      
     @ 9:55 pm

Weight: 10.0 oz

Length: 6.5"

Died: 11/01/16      
     @ 1:50 pm



Miscellaneous Photos - Birth Week

LitterR-0w_01.jpg LitterR-0w_02.jpg LitterR-0w_03.jpg LitterR-0w_04.jpg LitterR-0w_05.jpg

LitterR-0w_06.jpg LitterR-0w_07.jpg LitterR-0w_08.jpg LitterR-0w_09.jpg LitterR-0w_10.jpg
LitterR-0w_11.jpg LitterR-0w_12.jpg LitterR-0w_13.jpg LitterR-0w_14.jpg LitterR-0w_15.jpg
LitterR-0w_16.jpg LitterR-0w_19.jpg LitterR-0w_20.jpg LitterR-0w_21.jpg LitterR-0w_22.jpg
LitterR-0w_23.jpg LitterR-0w_18.jpg      

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 1

LitterR-1w_01.jpg LitterR-1w_02.jpg LitterR-1w_03.jpg LitterR-1w_04.jpg LitterR-1w_05.jpg

LitterR-1w_06.jpg LitterR-1w_07.jpg LitterR-1w_08.jpg LitterR-1w_09.jpg LitterR-1w_10.jpg
LitterR-1w_11.jpg LitterR-1w_12.jpg LitterR-1w_13.jpg LitterR-1w_14.jpg LitterR-1w_15.jpg
LitterR-1w_16.jpg LitterR-1w_17.jpg LitterR-1w_18.jpg LitterR-1w_191.jpg LitterR-1w_211.jpg
LitterR-1w_221.jpg LitterR-1w_231.jpg      

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 2

LitterR-2w_01.jpg LitterR-2w_03.jpg LitterR-2w_04.jpg LitterR-2w_07.jpg LitterR-2w_08.jpg

LitterR-2w_11.jpg LitterR-2w_13.jpg LitterR-2w_14.jpg LitterR-2w_15.jpg LitterR-2w_18.jpg
LitterR-2w_19.jpg LitterR-2w_20.jpg LitterR-2w_21.jpg LitterR-2w_22.jpg LitterR-2w_23.jpg
LitterR-2w_24.jpg LitterR-2w_26.jpg LitterR-2w_27.jpg LitterR-2w_28.jpg LitterR-2w_30.jpg
LitterR-2w_31.jpg LitterR-2w_32.jpg LitterR-2w_33.jpg LitterR-2w_34.jpg LitterR-2w_35.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 3

LitterR-3w_01.jpg LitterR-3w_02.jpg LitterR-3w_03.jpg LitterR-3w_04.jpg LitterR-3w_05.jpg

LitterR-3w_06.jpg LitterR-3w_07.jpg LitterR-3w_08.jpg LitterR-3w_09.jpg LitterR-3w_10.jpg
LitterR-3w_11.jpg LitterR-3w_12.jpg LitterR-3w_13.jpg LitterR-3w_14.jpg LitterR-3w_15.jpg
LitterR-3w_16.jpg LitterR-3w_17.jpg LitterR-3w_18.jpg LitterR-3w_19.jpg LitterR-3w_20.jpg
LitterR-3w_21.jpg LitterR-3w_22.jpg LitterR-3w_23.jpg    



Video Clips - (hosted by YouTube on the Hickory Hollow Lewellins channel)

10/30/2016 @ 11:50 am
HOPE's in Labor

11/25/2016 @ 08:33 am
Playtime in Box

11/25/2016 @ 08:40 am
Last Laydown at Milkbar

11/25/2016 @ 08:50 am
New Surroundings

11/30/2016 @ 7:03 am
First Meal Experience

12/13/2016 @ 2:12 pm
Playtime Chaos

12/18/2016 @ 12:57 pm
Rissa Meets the Cat!



Personality Profiles


Renfield - "The Mild Mannered Gentleman"

This adorable boy has a wonderful middle-of-the-road personality. He's people oriented and seeks attention and lovins, but balances that with aloof time and exploration. He is relatively laid back and does not get upset about anything and at other times is extremely rambunctious. He is not an instigator of rough play YET, seems to play well with others, and is usually on the bottom of a pounce during play. So far he does not seem to be a very vocal pup, nor is he afraid of loud or unexpected noises.


Rowdy - "The Mighty Explorer"

This little guy is adventurous and playful and does not display bully behavior when playing with siblings. He is just as much the underdog as he is the top dog during playtime. He is not afraid of loud or unexpected noises and will pause for a moment, but then go right back to playing. If you sit on the floor long enough you will eventually find him in your lap. He tends to be a more vocal pup at this age and was one the first to hear bark at me when I entered the room.


Rascal - "The Bashful Beauty"

This little gal is more on the shy and quiet side, although not in a bad way. She is not as energetic (fast) and mischievous as her sisters and also loves to cuddle. When visiting you and while you are cuddling and talking to her, she wags her tail just as fast as it can go. Not only is she a real beauty with her soft doe eyes and sweet face, but is a real softy and contented sweetheart and doesn't mind being placed on her back. She plays well with her siblings but does not tend to be the instigator. She does tend to shy away from new noises, so I am spending extra time with her during noise conditioning and desensitization exercises.


Raven - "The People Pup"

This little gal is probably the most people-oriented pup of the bunch. She is the first to seek you out during playtime sessions and keeps doing so repeatedly throughout. She will come over and jump on you and is quick to give lots of puppy kisses on your face, chin and neck. She is also very content to sit in your lap for as long as you want to cuddle her and is reactive to your voice and listens as you speak to her. She is not afraid of new or unexpected noises and readily seeks out the source of the noise with a sense of curiosity.


Rissa - "The Little Snuggler"

This little darling is also a very people-oriented pup and loves to crawl up into your lap for your attention and to snuggle. Usually it's a tie with Ryker as to which is the second pup in your lap during playtime as Raven has already beat them there. She listens intently when you talk to her as if she's absorbing everything you say. She is not afraid of new or unexpected noises and readily seeks out the source of the noise with great curiosity.


Ryker - "The Play Instigator"

This little cutie-patootie is quite the little go-getter, she's very active and is usually the most energetic and play-oriented pup at this point, instigating play with any sibling in her near vicinity. She is also a very people-oriented pup and loves to crawl up into your lap for your attention and to snuggle. Usually it's a tie with Rissa as to which is the second pup in your lap during playtime as Raven has already beat them there. She listens intently when you talk to her as if she's absorbing everything you say. She is not afraid of new or unexpected noises and readily seeks out the source of the noise with great curiosity.



BLOG pUpdates



Week 7

Day 58 - 12/28/16 The last pup is finally going home today.  Sweet little Rascal stayed with us over the Christmas holiday so her new daddy could travel to visit family. Today she is getting on a plane to fly to Colorado Springs via Denver to meet her new daddy, Jesse. She will be called Remy and has "a pile of Christmas toys to open when she arrives!"   
Day 51 - 12/21/16 Renfield, now called Tucker, left Hickory Hollow today with his new daddy Mike.  Headed to central Kansas, he will have lots of opportunities to hunt and already has training scheduled with a professional trainer.
Day 48 - 12/18/16

Another two pups flew the coop today, Raven and Rissa are now headed to Wisconsin with their new families. They will end up living only about 1/2 hour apart where their new families are excited to get to know each other and maybe form a lasting friendship.  Rissa's new name is Ginger and Raven will be called Whitney or "Whit" for short.

Week 7 Milestone: Pups Leave Hickory Hollow.

These are the final days that the puppies will be here at Hickory Hollow. Some have already left a day early to embark on their new lives, but a few still remain and will be leaving shortly. While we will miss their sweet little puppy kisses, we are happy for them to get out into the world and experience new things.

Week 6

Day 47 - 12/17/16 Despite the measureable snowfall today, both Ryker and Rowdy's new families arrived to pick them up and take them to their new homes! Ryker is now on her way to Michigan to live with her new daddy Dan, and Rowdy is headed to Des Moines to live with the Swigart family.
Day 46 - 12/16/16 I was able to re-take the video that I wanted you to see which I named "Playtime Chaos", which clearly shows the chaos during mealtime in the cottage.  The floor isn't always this covered in pine shavings, but when the pups are playing they make a complete mess of things.  The dark fluffy blobs of mess that you see in the video and on the LIVE Puppy Cam are the tufts of stuffing they've ripped out of their doggy bed.   They've chewed the corners off their brand new bed and have scattered the stuffing EVERYWHERE!
Day 42 - 12/12/16

Week 6 Puppy portraits have just been posted.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the chaotic playtime in the cottage video I took yesterday. 8'(  I thought I had copied it to my harddrive and then deleted the files off the camera's SD card and afterward realized what I did... I guess I'm trying to do too many things at once... Maybe I should get a video of the chaotic times in the house, that may provide a better picture of things going on around here, LOL!  I will try to take more videos soon.

 Here's how the pups measure up at 6 weeks:

1 Renfield 8 lbs 10.0 oz 5 Raven 9 lbs 3.0 oz
3 Rowdy 8 lbs 6.5 oz 6 Rissa 8 lbs 0.0 oz
4 Rascal 8 lbs 6.0 oz 7 Ryker 8 lbs 14.5 oz


Week 6 Developmental Milestone: Eye color changes from blue to brown.

This week, the puppies eyes will start to transition from their current baby blues to their final adult color, gold (chestnuts) or brown (tri-colors).

Week 5

Day 41 - 12/11/16

For those who requested it, puppies were microchipped today. All pups did great and without any whimpers.  I was impressed. Puppies were also given their last deworming treatment.

I took a cute video of the pups during playtime to show you how chaotic it can be after mealtime. I will post soon.

Day 38 - 12/08/16

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately,  I'm feverishly doing puppy paperwork trying to get puppy documents ready to go home in a little over a week.  

Puppies are still doing great and growing like weeds.  They are coming along nicely in the weaning process.  I am no longer adding water to the mixture of canned food, but rather adding dry kibble instead.  In a few days they will be switched over completely to dry food in preparation for going home.

Day 35 - 12/05/16 Week 5 puppy portraits have been posted, ENJOY!  I am continuing to work with the pups on noise desensitization and it is going well.  We had a great "percussion session" today where I rapped on walls with my knuckles, pinged a metal knife against a drinking glass and against a metal bowl, tapped a tin can on the concrete floor and turned the radio drastically up and down.  I try to make as many uniquely toned noises as I can.  I usually start out pretty mild with a soft continual noise just to see if I can get their attention, once I have it I increase the noise until they appeared slightly bothered by it, then go softer again so they don't become scared of it. Pretty soon I can make a fairily loud noise and even single startling noises and they don't even stop to evaluate it and continue about their business.  This is what I am striving for so eventually they won't be startled by a gun shot. :0)~
Day 34 - 12/04/16

Puppy Selection went very well today,  all pups were chosen in a matter of hours and I believe most folks ended up with their first pick pup! I love it when it works out that way.  

The pups are now gaining about 2 pounds per week at this stage.  
Here's how the pups measure up at 5 weeks:

1 Renfield 7 lbs 9.0 oz 5 Raven 7 lbs 12.5 oz
3 Rowdy 7 lbs 3.0 oz 6 Rissa 7 lbs 2.5 oz
4 Rascal 7 lbs 6.0 oz 7 Ryker 7 lbs 13.5 oz


Week 5 Developmental Milestones: Puppy Selection / Noise Desensitization / Puppy Socialization

This is one of the most anticipated weeks for many because Puppy Selection finally happens. At the start of this week, the puppies are not officially spoken for but within a few days or even mere hours, the pups will be assigned to a new family and in a couple short weeks will get to go to their new homes.

Now that the pups are old enough to have visitors, they will have lots of opportunities for socialization with our big dogs, adults and children. I will also continue to concentrate on acclimating them to noises of all varieties including rapping on pans, opening and closing of doors, blenders, christian pop music on the radio, and whatever else we can think of to condition them for life after Hickory Hollow.

Week 4

Day 33 - 12/03/16

Today the pups had a very special visitor, one of our Litter R puppy parents came for a visit to meet the pups in person and figure out which pup he wants to call his own. The pups were all on their best behavior and greeted him with enthusiastic puppy lovins. I think the visit was very beneficial for him and left here with a good sense of which pups are his top faves.

This visit also gave me the opportunity to evaluate the individual pup's personalities and document it in more detail.  Puppy Personality Profiles have now been posted above for you.  

Puppy selection starts tomorrow.  I will be calling each reservation holder in order asking for their pick and will post the puppy's reservation status above as the information comes in.

Pups were dewormed again today.

Day 32 - 12/02/16

Sorry for the late postings this week, but I just uploaded Week 4 Puppy Portraits, and all the miscellaneous litter photos from Week 3.  ENJOY!  :0)~

Pups are still in the weaning process, eating watered down canned food (Chicken Soup for the Soul - Puppy Formula) twice per day and are loving it, lapping it up as fast as they can go.  Momma HOPE continues to tend to them, keeping them cleaned up and fed between weaning meals.  She is such a good momma.

Pups were dewormed again today.

Day 30 - 11/30/16 Today was the pup's first weaning meal, made from canned puppy food and mixed with Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer. It's fun to see how they emerge from the playpen, smell out the new food source and take their first few licks. Most love it right away and eat until their bellies are plumped out! -- Video taken 11/30/2016 @7:03 am
Day 28 - 11/28/16

Puppies are enjoying playtime outside the playpen. They are eager to scope out their new surroundings in the Puppy Cottage and soon I will have to put up a playpen to contain them during mealtimes, otherwise they will find themselves stuck behind the water heater, or hiding out behind the garbage cans or taking a nap in the laundry basket on the soft towels.  I caught a few pups eating momma's kibble so I figured they were ready and able to begin the weaning process.

Here's how the pups weigh-in at four weeks:

1 Renfield 5 lbs 14.0 oz 5 Raven 5 lbs 12.0 oz
3 Rowdy 5 lbs 9.0 oz 6 Rissa 5 lbs 7.5 oz
4 Rascal 5 lbs 9.5 oz 7 Ryker 5 lbs 14.0 oz


Week 4 Developmental Milestone: Rough Play / Weaning Begins / Move to Puppy Cottage

Play behavior started last week, but this week it will turn rough and rowdy with pouncing, pinning, biting, head shaking, chewing and growling.  By the end of this week I will lovingly refer to them as "my little monsters", because they will bite and chew anything they can get their mouths on, including their siblings, show laces, toes, ankles, fingers and long hair.  A play session on the floor with the pups can be painful at times and sensitive areas of the body need to be protected!

As their little personalities emerge this week, I will be posting puppy personality profiles in preparation for Puppy Selection starting next weekend!

Week 3

Day 25 - 11/25/16

Today was a big day for the pups, which some of you probably have already noticed if you watch the LIVE Puppy Cam regularly.  The pups were moved from the whelping box where they were bedded down on a fluffy fleece mat to the 9x5 playpen where they are now bedded down on pine shavings. This usually happens when the pups are at least 4 weeks old, but these pups are so big that I moved them a few days early.  The older they get the harder it is to keep the whelping box walls and fleece mat clean, the pine shavings are the next easiest alternative to keeping them clean, dry and healthy.

I took a few videos today to share with you.  The first one is the last playtime they had in the whelping box, the next is their last laydown nursing session, and the final one is their first experience in their new playpen on pine shavings.  ENJOY! :0)~

Our Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) Litter Enrollment Certificate showed up in the mail today!  I sent off the registration forms a few days after this litter was born and we got the certificate back already. That was quick! What this means is that all the pups in Litter R (the same as all HHLS previous litters) can now be individually registered as purebred Llewellin Setters with the American Field.   If you want to have your pups registered in the FDSB as purbred Llewellin, please let me know and we can either do this for you or send you home with the registration paperwork for you to do yourself.  Just let me know!  

Day 23 - 11/23/16

The pups are getting so big and active that today I had to put the taller door on the whelping box because the pups were about to escape from it.  Everyday things change with these little guys and it can be truly amazing how much they develop in a 24-hour period.  Also, Rascal gave me sweet little puppy kisses. Their personalities are starting to emerge.

Also, I wanted to mention that puppy selection will happen at 5 weeks.  I strongly encourage all those with a reservation who are within traveling distance to call me and schedule a visit on a weekend before they turn 5 weeks.  You can sit with the pups in person, evaluate their coat color, personalities and behavior in preparation for selecting which one you want to become part of your family.  At 5 weeks you will start selecting pups in reservation order, so I would like each family to have a good idea which pups they are interested in when I call you to tell you it's your turn to choose! :0)~

Day 21 - 11/21/16

The pups personalities are starting to emerge and they are becoming inquisitive about their surroundings and playful with each other. Over the past several days I have seen glimpses of what I thought was the beginnings of play behavior with the pups mouthing each other with more than a nursing-type instinct , but today Rissa was tugging on Rykers ear and shaking her head.  That is unmistakable play behavior!

The pups continue to grow amazingly fast! Here's how they all weigh-in at 3 weeks:

1 Renfield 4 lbs 8.0 oz 5 Raven 4 lbs 9.0 oz
3 Rowdy 4 lbs 1.5 oz 6 Rissa 4 lbs 6.5 oz
4 Rascal 4 lbs 5.0 oz 7 Ryker 4 lbs 7.5 oz

Week 2 Puppy Portraits and miscellaneous litter photos are now posted above, ENJOY! :0)~

Week 3 Development Milestone: Play behavior

This is my absolute favorite time with the pups.  Their eyes and ears are now open and they are becoming playful and inquisitive about their surroundings. This week the pups will really start playing with each other, play bowing, yipping, pouncing and chewing on each other. Their individual personalities begin to develop and they will begin to do some of their natural doggy behavior for the first time.

Week 2

Day 18 - 11/18/16

I have a treat for you all this afternoon, I was able to get the miscellaneous litter photos for Birth Week and Week 1 edited and uploaded to this page just a short while ago!! ENJOY :0)~

The pups are starting to get around really well now and are walking with more stability each day. The teeth are really cutting through the gumline now and pretty soon it will be more painful for momma to nurse her babies.

Day 16 - 11/16/16

Today was the first day I heard a true bark when I entered the room! The pups are hearing better every day and today proved it.  One pup heard the door open and barked at me!! I love it, their little voices are so funny. I also noticed during weigh-in that their little pirhana teeth are now visible beneath the gums and will be cutting through any moment.

Day 14 - 11/14/16

These puppies are super plump and healthy, growing rapidly and changing daily. Today they had their first nail trim so that their claws don't catch in the carpet. They were also wormed for the first time today. Now that I have found a great dewormer the process has become easy once again.

We have some exciting milestones coming up this week again, cutting teeth and ears opening. Pups are SOOOO cute right now and fairly cuddly compared to the little terrors they will become in about 3 weeks, so I am enjoying them now while I can because it doesn't last long.

Here's how the pups weigh-in at 2 weeks of age:

1 Renfield 3 lbs 3.5 oz 5 Raven 3 lbs 0.1 oz
3 Rowdy 2 lbs 10.6 oz 6 Rissa 3 lbs 3.7 oz
4 Rascal 2 lbs 15.0 oz 7 Ryker 3 lbs 0.0 oz

Week 2 Puppy Portraits are now posted! ENJOY! Taking puppy portraits is truly a labor of love. These little wiggly bundles of joy are anything but cooperative and because their eyes have just opened recently, I am careful not to overtake flash photos that could damage their eyes. Therefore, I have a smaller number of photos to choose from for posting on this page.

First deworming / nail trim

Week 2 Development Milestone:  Cutting Teeth / Ears will open

Now that the puppies eyes are open, they will begin to see clearer and clearer each day. Supposedly they can only see shadows for the first few days, but pretty soon they will begin to notice me as I come into the nursery and will wander to the edge of the box for some love and attention.  

Just as significant as the eyes opening, the ear canals will deepen this week until they will become completely open and allow the pups to hear crisp noises and not just muffled sounds. Later this week, the pups will be noticeably affected by all the new sounds around them, so we must be very careful for the first few days to introduce them to noises gently and not harshly. They will also begin to cut teeth, first the canines will poke through followed by the incisors a few days later.

Week 1

Day 13 - 11/13/16

Pups are getting around better and better each day, taking a few steps here and there before losing balance and toppling over. They are also starting to exhibit a few glimpses of play behavior by sucking on each other and pawing at each other.  This will turn into rough play in just a few short weeks.

Here's today's eye opening update:

1 Renfield both 3/4 open 5 Raven both open!
3 Rowdy left open, right started 6 Rissa --
4 Rascal -- 7 Ryker both open!

And since I haven't posted pup growth in a few days, here's how the pups weigh-in today:

1 Renfield 3 lbs 0.5 oz 5 Raven 2 lbs 13.5 oz
3 Rowdy 2 lbs 8.0 oz 6 Rissa 3 lbs 0.5 oz
4 Rascal 2 lbs 12.0 oz 7 Ryker 2 lbs 14.5 oz


Day 12 - 11/12/16

Today I bring some great news and fun photos, both Rissa and Rascal's eyes are open!! I took a few photos so you could see the pups in progress.

LitterR-1w_19.jpg LitterR-1w_21.jpg LitterR-1w_22.jpg LitterR-1w_23.jpg
Ryker Raven Rissa Rascal

Here's today's eye opening update:

1 Renfield both 1/2 open 5 Raven both 3/4 open
3 Rowdy not started 6 Rissa both open!
4 Rascal both open! 7 Ryker both 1/2 open


Day 10 - 11/10/16

As predicted earlier in the week, the pups eyes are starting to open.  This is the most exciting milestone to me because those precious eyes add so much personality to the pups beautiful faces. Here's today's eye opening update!

1 Renfield not started 5 Raven not started
3 Rowdy not started 6 Rissa R open, L 1/4 open
4 Rascal both eyes 1/2 open 7 Ryker not started


Day 7 - 11/07/16

I took one week Puppy Portraits today during this morning's weigh-in.  Those are now posted online above under Puppy Stats.  Here's how the pups weigh-in today at one week old:

1 Renfield 1 lb 14.3 oz 5 Raven 1 lb 11.6 oz
3 Rowdy 1 lb 6.2 oz 6 Rissa 1 lb 14.7 oz
4 Rascal 1 lb 11.5 oz 7 Ryker 1 lb 11.8 oz


This week's milestone: Eyes will open
During this week, the pups will reach an exciting milestone. We are anticipating the opening of their eyes. It should start happening around Thursday or Friday (Nov 10/11) of this week and take a few days to fully open.

When the pups are born, their ears and eyes are closed to keep out the amniotic fluid and any bacteria encountered in the birthcanal. The eyelids are fused together but there is a crease that defines the upper from the lower lid. As their eyes start to open the crease starts to deepen and separate starting at the corner of the eye by the tear ducts and working it's way across the eye until they are completely separated. The opening process can take a couple days from the first peek of the glistening eyeball beneath to being able to entirely see those beautiful baby blues. Once their eyes are open, the precious little babes take on a whole new personality.

Birth Week

Day 5 - 11/05/16

The pups change so rapidly at this age, their once little pink noses and bellies are now freckled with ticking that will eventually grow colored hair. HOPE continues to be a devoted momma, not leaving her puppies but to eat and go outside for short breaks.  She meticulously licks them to keep them clean and tends to their every need.

The pups are all fat and sassy, gaining at least one if not two ounces per day because of the overabundance of momma's rich milk. Here's how they measure up today:

1 Renfield 1 lb 8.9 oz 5 Raven 1 lb 7.6 oz
3 Rowdy 1 lb 1.4 oz 6 Rissa 1 lb 9.9 oz
4 Rascal 1 lb 6.2 oz 7 Ryker 1 lb 6.1 oz

Day 3 - 11/03/16

I cannot believe how much these pups are gaining every day, it's crazy! With only 6 pups and 8 faucets at the milk bar, each pup is getting all the milk they want and more.

With this over abundance of nourishment also comes strength.  These pups are not only plump but really strong!  I saw a couple of the pups actually push up off their bellies and take a few steps today! In my, albeit short, memory, I think this is unprecedented at this stage to be taking first steps at only day 3!

Here's how the pups weigh-in today:

1 Renfield 1 lb 3.5 oz 5 Raven 1 lb 1.7 oz
3 Rowdy 12.4 oz 6 Rissa 1 lb 3.5 oz
4 Rascal 1 lb 0.4 oz 7 Ryker 1 lb 0.7 oz

The SuperDog program was started and dewclaws were removed.

Day 2 - 11/02/16

The first few days of life are so critical for little puppies.  Warmth and nourishment are the top two most important factors in survival.  

Warmth is provided by a special heat lamp mounted on a stand that my dad built for me.  The heat lamp is really a metal brooder lamp with a ceramic warming bulb that only puts out heat, no light. The nursery is kept at a balmy 80 degrees for the first few days. Poor HOPE is always panting because of the temperature, but she has the opportunity to escape the sauna to the dog run for a more desireable climate.

Right now, momma's milk is a thick creamy yellow color indicating it is rich in colostrum which is full of nutrients and antibodies giving the pups the immunity they will need to carry them through to the time when they can be vaccinated at 8 weeks of age. Eventually, once the colostrum is gone, the milk will thin out and become whiter in color.

The pups are doing great and are growing rapidly. Here's how the pups weigh-in today:

1 Renfield 1 lb 1.8 oz 5 Raven 15.7 oz
3 Rowdy 10.6 oz 6 Rissa 1 lb 1.3 oz
4 Rascal 14.4 oz 7 Ryker 14.7 oz


Day 1 -

As you can imagine, there is a lot to do with a new litter of pups. I've been working hard today trying to get the LIVE Puppy Cam online, taking and editing photos, doing body map markings, choosing "R" names, making website updates, etc.  WHEW!

Usually getting the LIVE Puppy Cam online is simply a matter of plugging in the camera to power it up and starting the web server, but unfortunately this time was not so easy.  In the meantime between Litters Q and R we got a new router for our home network. This router was supposed to be the latest and greatest not to mention bigger and better, but come to find out it's range is not as good as our old router and it did not have a good enough wireless range to allow the camera to connect to our LAN.  So to remedy this problem, John and I spent a good part of today fishing a new ethernet cable under the floor so we could relocate the router to a more suitable position in the home. WHEW, now that THATS's done, on to REAL work!

As for the pups, all are doing well except for one...  Pup #2 (RiP) has a secondary cleft palate and therefore is unable to nurse efficiently because the roof of her mouth is not fully formed and milk flows up through her nasal cavity and out her nose. This condition also makes it impossible for her to latch on and get the suction she needs to nurse effectively.  I'm sorry to say that our sweet little "RIP" died today snuggled in my hands at 1:50 pm.


As for the other pups they are all gaining steadily and nursing like crazy! Here's how they measured up this morning when I was taking their birthday portraits:

1 Renfield 1 lb 0.1 oz 5 Raven 14.2 oz
2 RIP 8.0 oz (lost 2 oz) 6 Rissa 15.8 oz
3 Rowdy 9.3 oz 7 Ryker 13.3 oz
4 Rascal 13.1 oz      

Birthday photos are now posted. I will also post frequently on our Facebook page, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you can visit using this public link:  Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setters

Monday, October 30th, 2016

As you can see, HOPE has provided us with our first dual birthdate litter where some pups were born before midnight and others after.

3rd 4:00 am male Tri-chestnut 8.1 5 3/4"
4th 4:09 am female Tri-color 11.0 7"
5th 4:19 am female Tri-color 11.9 7"
6th 4:28 am female Tri-color 13.6 oz 7 1/2"
7th 5:00 am female Tri-color 11.2 oz 7"

Wow, that was a whirlwind delivery starting at 4:00 am... pups just kept popping out left and right. I barely had time to get one dried off, breathing, weighed and charted before the next one arrived.  

By 11:00 am I'm thinking we're done with seven pups which surprises me.  I'm not sure which skull we counted on the x-ray that wasn't actually a skull, but I'm slightly disappointed in its accuracy since that's the whole purpose for taking the x-ray in the first place... Upon palpation I thought I might have felt one more pup in there, but at this point it's just another waiting game unless we take HOPE back to the vet for another x-ray.   

I have also removed our breeder pick hold for this litter... we were hoping for a tri-chestnut female which didn't happen.  Therefore all reservations have moved up one position.  

I will work on photos and pup diagrams along with the name reveal in the coming days, but after almost 28 straight hours with very little sleep I am heading off to bed for now.  

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Last night was indeed a long night.  HOPE's temperature reading at 12:30 am was right on the red line at 98.4, indicating that whelping will most likely begin within 24 hours. HOPE did not want me to go off to bed, so I slept out on the living room on the couch to keep her company. Hour by hour, I saw 2 am, then 3 am, 4 am, etc... I did not sleep well on the couch...

Heavy panting begins around 12:00 noon indicating that she's probably feeling contractions, although they are not visible to me yet. I took a video that I tried to upload to Facebook, but the 1 1/2 minute video took so long to update that things started happening before it would finish. I'll post to YouTube later...

pUpdate! Puppies are coming!!  Visible contractions started at 12:00 pm and shortly after her water bag broke. Things are rolling along now!


1:01 pm



13.2 oz

7 1/2"
2nd 9:55 pm female Tri-color 10.0 6 1/2"

Stay tuned for more real-time updates with photos and videos on our public Facebook page.

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Today @1:10 pm, HOPE's temperature reading had fallen to 98.7 degrees, just a mere 1.5 degrees above the red line.  I am not planning to go anywhere for the next 24 hours because we are officially on puppy watch.  

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Only 6 days until the due date now... We took HOPE to the vet today for her pregnancy x-ray to try and detemine how many pups she will have.  This information really helps me on whelping day to know how many to expect.  How many pups do you see in the x-ray?

Because of my animal medical background, my vet also sent me home with some injectable Oxytocin to keep HOPE from having another agonizing stretch between pups with no contractions, now I'll be able to administer a dose to help keep things moving along.  Last litter (Litter P) we had an agonizingly long stretch of seven hours between pups 6 and 7, I'm thankful to be better prepared for this whelping and we can hopefully keep the entire process well under 14 hours this time.  


Sunday, October 9th, 2016

HOPE is definitely preggers, she is starting to get plump... 3 weeks until due date is here...   

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Upon palpation of HOPE's belly, I do believe she is pregnant and is carrying a litter.  Best guesstimate on delivery date based on breeding dates is Sunday, October 30th.   

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

I picked up HOPE today from Fort Madison Iowa where she was being bred to Jack. We had several successful breedings during this time so we are hopeful they will produce a litter.  Now we just wait and see....   

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

HOPE was bred to Jack within a few hours of arriving for their romantic date.  She will be staying for a few days until her fertile period is over...  



  Litter "R" Pedigree - Hickory's Hunting with HOPE x Cash's Single Barrel Jack


Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Cash's Single Barrel Jack



Hand's Jake Bondhu


Peterman's Levi Bondhu


Lynnhill's Jack Bondhu


Gladstone Wind'em        1475163

Lynnhill Bondhu Legacy  1467083

Ray's Blackeye Suzy


Casebier's John              1474632

Debbie's Dixie Dew         1466312

Peterman's Misty Rose


Kennedy's Bandit Bondhu


Highway Dan                 1471561

Boone Creek Kate           1504140

Kennedy's Sugar Belle


Lynnhill's Jack Bondhu    1508292

Schooner Sooner Bondhu 1519832

Hand's Ella Mae


Will's Dashing Jake


Straight Creek John


Highland Boomer Bondhu 1347803

Huntmore Bleu Spice       1479179

Straight Creek Tweedy


Dashing Iron Mike          1386582

Flying Flecker Cocoa       1348168

Wingshot Cassie


Wingshot Beau


Wingmaster Mack           1498238

Highway Beauty             1501332

Wingmaster Katie


Highway Dan                 1471561

Pounds Miss Suzy           1464474

Hickory's Hunting with HOPE   1601122

Sillman's Hank Boy

* * HANK * *

Henry PrinceOf Pause

Irishking Bondhu Ashly
Machad Ambassador  1164918
Bickers Bondhu Ann  1226855
Dashing Janette Bondhu
Dashing Ringo Bondhu  1061838
Dashing Setette Bondhu 1137664
Chris Blue Babe
King's Bomber III
King's Bomber II  1326133
King's Gladstone Dinky  1324678
King's Gladstone Moll
King's Tony O  1289428
King's Royal Alicelle  1289511
Duchess of Adena
Eastfork's Count Toby
Awbonnie's Bull
Assrah Wily 1293321
Bondhu Tiny 1268306
Chappy's Little Ginger
Chappy's Buster Bondhu 1402455
Chappy's Susie Bondhu 1323599
Windem Grouse Lady
Dashing Windem Sam
Dashing Iron Ike  1456148
Wind'em Babe  1430809
Chappy's Little Peg
Dashing Iron Mike  1386582
Bob's Dashing Maggie  1363828


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