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Litter "Q" Information:



Benelli / Jack


 Litter ID:


 FDSB Litter #:


 Whelp Date:

 July 18, 2016

 Take Home:

 Sept 5, 2016

 Litter Count:

 5 males/2 females


Benelli         X          Jack

Dam: Hickory's HOPE for Birds

Call Name:   "Benelli"

Whelped: January 21, 2011

Coloring: Tri-belton

Bloodlines: "Hunting w/ Hank" Bondhu

FDSB #: 1625703

Hips: OFA Good

OFA #: ES-8955G30F-VPI

Owner:  Hickory Hollow Llewellins

Sire:  Cash's Single Barrel Jack

Call Name: Jack

Whelped: December 7, 2011

Coloring: Tri-color

Bloodlines:  Bondhu

FDSB #: 1642112

Hips: OFA Good 


Owner: Jesus J Garcia Jr.


We are very excited to offer a third litter out of our youngest dam, Benelli (daughter of HOPE) paired with Cash's Single Barrel Jack. Their first two litters contained many belton pups and they all turned out simply amazing and so we're doing it again! Click here to see their litters: (Litter N/Litter O)

Benelli is a great-grandaughter of Hank from "Hunting with Hank" and is of Advie & Dashing Bondhu lines. Being the daughter of Advie Tuck, she is extremely birdy and loaded with natural field instincts. She is heavily ticked Tri-Belton colored setter and has the potential to produce great coloration in her litters from white/orange, to tri-colors and chestnuts. Can't wait to see what their next litter looks like. Benelli has been certified as OFA GOOD (hips) and OFA certified Clear (eyes)!

Jack is also from Dashing Bondhu lines although not related to "Hank". He has spent a lot of time training in the fields this spring and summer and has turned into a hunting machine. He is currently working with a trainer toward his Master Hunter's Certificate. Jack has been OFA certified GOOD (hips) and OFA certified Clear (eyes)!

Check out the PEDIGREE.


Protocol: These pups will be raised in our home and spoiled rotten on a daily basis with multiple doses of cuddles, hugs and kisses. These pups will be well socialized by the time they are taken to their new homes and will be accustomed to strange noises and other animals including both dogs and cats.  The pups will be wormed weekly from weeks 2 through 6 and will be ready for their new homes at 7 weeks of age.


Pricing: $900 each (male or female)






Male or Female




1st female Heiniemi/Galvin MN


2nd male Stewart TN


3rd male Utzig WI


4th male Brummel IA


5th female Braverman IA Quaila
6th male Burns


7th male Defenbaugh IL Quincy

* Status codes: D=Definite, P=Preferred, H=Hold spot

All reservations are secured with A $150 deposit.

Note about Status Codes:

D=Reservation is definitely set for this litter only.
P=Reservation is preferred on this litter, however a pick hold is also placed on another litter so one of the two reservations will be going away.
H=Reservation is holding pick position on this litter, however a different litter is preferred, so this reservation may go away.

Once reservations are finalized to "D" for definite, preferred or hold reservations for other litters will be eliminated and other reservations will move up.



Litter is


The Pups: (1-4)



Puppy #:
(according to birth order)





Call Name:





Gender: Male Female Male Male
Time: 8:42 pm 9:05 pm 9:20 pm 9:32 pm
Birth Weight: 13.2 oz 14.2 oz 13.4 oz 13.0 oz
Color: Tri-Color White/Orange Tri-Belton Orange Belton

Ticking: Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate

Click on any of the photos to super size them. Hold mouse over photo for caption.

Birth: Quaid-0w_06.jpg Quaila-0w_07.jpg Quartz-0w_01.jpg Quattro-0w_01.jpg
Quaid-0w_10.jpg Quaila-0w_05.jpg Quartz-0w_04.jpg Quattro-0w_05.jpg
Week 1: Quaid-1w_09.jpg Quaila-1w_10.jpg Quartz-1w_02.jpg Quattro-1w_06.jpg
Quaid-1w_06.jpg Quaila-1w_17.jpg Quartz-1w_08.jpg Quattro-1w_01.jpg
Week 2: Quaid-2w_10.jpg Quaila-2w_17.jpg Quartz-2w_08.jpg Quattro-2w_05.jpg
Quaid-2w_08.jpg Quaila-2w_07.jpg Quartz-2w_09.jpg Quattro-2w_08.jpg
Week 3: Quaid-3w_03.jpg Quaila-3w_03.jpg Quartz-3w_01.jpg Quattro-3w_04.jpg
Week 4: Quaid-4w_03.jpg Quaila-4w_02.jpg Quartz-4w_03.jpg Quattro-4w_03.jpg
Week 5: Quaid-5w_52.jpg Quaila-5w_71.jpg Quartz-5w_55.jpg Quattro-5w_59.jpg
Quaid-5w_29.jpg Quaila-5w_31.jpg Quartz-5w_27.jpg Quattro-5w_03.jpg
Week 6: Quaid-6w_03.jpg Quaila-6w_04.jpg Quartz-6w_02.jpg Quattro-6w_01.jpg
Take Home:

Ray and Elaine

The Braverman Family
Jacob Stewart
Angel Burns



The Pups: (5-7)



Puppy #:
(according to birth order)




Call Name:




Gender: Male Female Male
Time: 10:00 pm 11:13 pm 11:40 pm
Birth Weight: 13.1 oz 12.8 oz 11.5 oz
Color: Tri-color Orange Belton Tri-Chestnut

Ticking: Heavy Light Light to Moderate

Click on any of the photos to super size them. Hold mouse over photo for caption.


Quigley-0w_18.jpg Quill-0w_12.jpg Quincy-0w_13.jpg
Quigley-0w_07.jpg Quill-0w_16.jpg Quincy-0w_04.jpg
Week 1: Quigley-1w_05.jpg Quill-1w_14.jpg Quincy-1w_12.jpg
Quigley-1w_10.jpg Quill-1w_16.jpg Quincy-1w_09.jpg
Week 2: Quigley-2w_05.jpg Quill-2w_07.jpg Quincy-2w_05.jpg
Quigley-2w_03.jpg Quill-2w_04.jpg Quincy-2w_04.jpg
Week 3: Quigley-3w_03.jpg Quill-3w_03.jpg Quincy-3w_01.jpg
Week 4: Quigley-4w_02.jpg Quill-4w_06.jpg Quincy-4w_02.jpg
Week 5: Quigley-5w_05.jpg Quill-5w_58.jpg Quincy-5w_39.jpg
Quigley-5w_28.jpg Quill-5w_04.jpg Quincy-5w_58.jpg
Week 6: Quigley-6w_03.jpg Quill-6w_01.jpg Quincy-6w_02.jpg
Take Home: Quigley-7w_01.jpg
The Brummel Family

Kim and Keith

Elise and Dillon



Video Clips (hosted by YouTube on the Hickory Hollow Lewellins channel)

07/13/2016 @ 8:10 am
Treat Time

07/26/16 @ 6:13 pm
Got Milk?

07/31/16 @ 9:05 am
Milkbar Mayhem!

08/05/16 @ 5:13 pm
Playtime Turned Dinnertime

08/08/16 @ 6:06 pm
Glimpses of Play

08/13/16 @ 9:35 am
The Big Move

08/20/16 @ 10:37 am
Begging for Breakfast

09/02/16 @ 9:41 am
Playtime Outside Playpen





Miscellaneous Photos - Birth Week

LitterQ-0w_04.jpg LitterQ-0w_08.jpg LitterQ-0w_11.jpg LitterQ-0w_13.jpg LitterQ-0w_19.jpg

LitterQ-0w_24.jpg LitterQ-0w_25.jpg LitterQ-0w_26.jpg LitterQ-0w_28.jpg LitterQ-0w_29.jpg
LitterQ-0w_30.jpg LitterQ-0w_32.jpg LitterQ-0w_35.jpg LitterQ-0w_38.jpg LitterQ-0w_39.jpg
LitterQ-0w_40.jpg LitterQ-0w_41.jpg LitterQ-0w_47.jpg LitterQ-0w_50.jpg LitterQ-0w_52.jpg
LitterQ-0w_53.jpg LitterQ-0w_54.jpg LitterQ-0w_58.jpg LitterQ-0w_62.jpg LitterQ-0w_67.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 1

LitterQ-1w_02.jpg LitterQ-1w_04.jpg LitterQ-1w_05.jpg LitterQ-1w_07.jpg LitterQ-1w_09.jpg

LitterQ-1w_11.jpg LitterQ-1w_13.jpg LitterQ-1w_14.jpg LitterQ-1w_15.jpg LitterQ-1w_16.jpg
LitterQ-1w_17.jpg LitterQ-1w_18.jpg LitterQ-1w_20.jpg LitterQ-1w_23.jpg LitterQ-1w_27.jpg
LitterQ-1w_28.jpg LitterQ-1w_30.jpg LitterQ-1w_31.jpg LitterQ-1w_32.jpg LitterQ-1w_33.jpg
LitterQ-1w_37.jpg LitterQ-1w_38.jpg LitterQ-1w_39.jpg LitterQ-1w_44.jpg LitterQ-1w_45.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 2

LitterQ-2w_01.jpg LitterQ-2w_03.jpg LitterQ-2w_05.jpg LitterQ-2w_06.jpg LitterQ-2w_07.jpg

LitterQ-2w_09.jpg LitterQ-2w_10.jpg LitterQ-2w_11.jpg LitterQ-2w_13.jpg LitterQ-2w_14.jpg
LitterQ-2w_15.jpg LitterQ-2w_17.jpg LitterQ-2w_18.jpg LitterQ-2w_19.jpg LitterQ-2w_20.jpg
LitterQ-2w_22.jpg LitterQ-2w_23.jpg LitterQ-2w_24.jpg LitterQ-2w_25.jpg LitterQ-2w_26.jpg
LitterQ-2w_27.jpg LitterQ-2w_28.jpg LitterQ-2w_29.jpg LitterQ-2w_30.jpg LitterQ-2w_31.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 3

LitterQ-3w_02.jpg LitterQ-3w_03.jpg LitterQ-3w_04.jpg LitterQ-3w_05.jpg LitterQ-3w_06.jpg

LitterQ-3w_07.jpg LitterQ-3w_08.jpg


LitterQ-3w_09b.jpg LitterQ-3w_10a.jpg
LitterQ-3w_10b.jpg LitterQ-3w_12.jpg LitterQ-3w_13.jpg LitterQ-3w_14.jpg LitterQ-3w_15.jpg
LitterQ-3w_16.jpg LitterQ-3w_11.jpg LitterQ-3w_17.jpg LitterQ-3w_18.jpg LitterQ-3w_20.jpg
LitterQ-3w_32.jpg LitterQ-3w_34.jpg LitterQ-3w_36.jpg LitterQ-3w_38.jpg LitterQ-3w_40.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 4

LitterQ-4w_03.jpg LitterQ-4w_02.jpg LitterQ-4w_04.jpg LitterQ-4w_05.jpg LitterQ-4w_06.jpg

LitterQ-4w_07.jpg LitterQ-4w_09.jpg LitterQ-4w_10.jpg LitterQ-4w_12.jpg LitterQ-4w_13.jpg
LitterQ-4w_16.jpg LitterQ-4w_17.jpg LitterQ-4w_21.jpg LitterQ-4w_24.jpg LitterQ-4w_26.jpg
LitterQ-4w_27.jpg LitterQ-4w_30.jpg LitterQ-4w_32.jpg LitterQ-4w_35.jpg LitterQ-4w_36.jpg
LitterQ-4w_38.jpg LitterQ-4w_40.jpg LitterQ-4w_41.jpg LitterQ-4w_42.jpg LitterQ-4w_43.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos - Week 5

LitterQ-5w_01.jpg LitterQ-5w_09.jpg LitterQ-5w_11.jpg LitterQ-5w_16.jpg LitterQ-5w_34.jpg

Quaid-5w_12.jpg Quaid-5w_30.jpg Quaid-5w_31.jpg Quaila-5w_05.jpg Quaila-5w_41.jpg
Quartz-5w_04.jpg Quartz-5w_13.jpg Quattro-5w_08.jpg Quattro-5w_33.jpg Quattro-5w_35.jpg
Quigley-5w_37.jpg Quigley-5w_58.jpg Quigley-5w_63.jpg Quigley-5w_61.jpg Quill-5w_33.jpg
Quill-5w_10.jpg Quill-5w_12.jpg Quincy-5w_61.jpg Quincy-5w_69.jpg Quincy-5w_65.jpg



Puppy Profiles


Dubbed the "Little Go-getter" this pup has drive and ambition any hunter would want to see in a pup of this age. He loves to seek out the laundry basket and make a bed or to pull all the contents out and drag across the room. He can be quite vocal at times telling you what he wants, but is also a wonderful snuggler and companion.

When laid on back: no struggle
Loud Noise: not bothered
Interested in wing: Yes

Vocal: Yes
Alpha: No
Bully during play: No


This darling pup is a real sweetheart. Inquisitive and explorative, this little gal is not deterred by anything including noise. She is very people-oriented, she is quick to come see you for a visit, loves to be petted and will follow you wherever you go.

When laid on back: mild struggle
Loud Noise: not bothered
Interested in wing: Yes

Vocal: No
Alpha: No
Bully during play: No


A soft and quiet male full of curiosity, he is one that will search every knook and cranny of his surroundings for something interesting which should be a great trait to take into the fields in search of birds. He plays well with siblings without being a bully, but is not one to be bullied either becaue he will stand up for himself in a tussle.

When laid on back: no struggle
Loud Noise: not bothered
Interested in wing: Yes

Vocal: No
Alpha: No
Bully during play: No


Another of the very people-oriented pups, this guy will find himself in your lap for naptime after a hard play session full of quick action and lots of bouncing. Mild mannered for the most part, but this pup can kick up his heels for a good romp with a sibling or a good game of tug with shoestrings. He can be "talkative" at times (as all pups will be), but is not the most outspoken of the bunch.

When laid on back: no struggle
Loud Noise: not bothered
Interested in wing: Yes

Vocal: Yes
Alpha: No
Bully during play: No


This gorgeous guy is the most laidback of the males with a soft and gentle demeanor. He rarely gets upset about anything and will steal your heart as he snuggles into you. Stocky and stout, this one will be well built for busting through heavy cover, not to mention he will be quite a handsome gentleman as an adult with his classic setter look.

When laid on back: no struggle
Loud Noise: not bothered
Interested in wing: Yes

Vocal: No
Alpha: No
Bully during play: No


This gal is sweet as pie, her little doe eyes will melt your heart. She is quite a snuggler and somewhat timid when it comes to new things, but easily adapts and then owns her environment. She is a playful pouncer, and an explorer who gets into anything and everything.

When laid on back: no struggle
Loud Noise: not bothered
Interested in wing: Yes

Vocal: Yes
Alpha: No
Bully during play: No


The smallest of the pups, but the one with the biggest motor who is very animated during play being fast and furious intermingled with play bows, yips and growls. This little guy is very people oriented and loves to visit for puppy kisses and sit on your lap to be snuggled.

When laid on back: no struggle
Loud Noise: mildly bothered
Interested in wing: Yes

Vocal: Somewhat
Alpha: No
Bully during play: No


  BLOG pUpdates

Week 7

Day 57 - 09/13/16 Puppies from this litter have all gone home and we now feel like "empty nesters".  We are looking forward to our next litter (Litter R) coming in a couple months! Stay tuned for a rerun in late October.
Day 56 - 09/12/16 Quartz, (now Cooper) left for Tennessee today with his new dad Jacob. He wasn't able to fly because of the hot weather down in Nashville this week, so his new dad drove 10 hours overnight to come and pick him up.  If that doesn't show the wonderful dedication of a parent then I don't know what does.
Day 53 - 09/09/16 Quattro (name TBD and weighing 11 lbs, 111.5 oz) headed out for a long trip to Florida today. Reports along the road from his new mom indicate that he's been a real trouper on the long trip! Now only one pup remains, Quartz, and he will be leaving on Monday bound for Tennessee.
Day 50 - 09/06/16

Quigley (possibly called 'LeRoy' and weighing 10 lbs, 10.0 oz) was picked up by his new family today, headed for Pella Iowa to live with his new mom and dad and two human brothers.  

Week 7 Milestone: Pups Leave Hickory Hollow.

This is the final week week that the puppies will be here at Hickory Hollow. Some have already left a couple days early to embark on their new lives, but a few still remain and will be leaving shortly. While we will miss their sweet little puppy kisses, we are happy for them to get out into the world and experience new things.

Week 6

Day 47 - 09/03/16

Today was a busy day here at the hollow with three more pups heading out on new adventures as their new families come to pick them up so they can enjoy the holday weekend with their new little family member.  

First was Quaid (now called 'Gus', weighing 8 lbs, 7.0 oz), left with his new parents Ray and Elaine, headed for his new home in Wisconsin. He will have the opportunity to hunt with an older and wiser Llewellin big brother of similar bloodlines.

Next was Quill (now called 'Dixie', weighing 9 lbs, 8.0 oz), left with her new parents Kim and Keith who have BIG plans for her.  She has a spot reserved with a profesisonal trainer who will teach her basic obedience and provide field training when she's old enough.

Finally was Quaila (now called 'Phoebe, weighing 9 lbs 8.0 oz), left with her new family Randy, Sue and Ryan headed toward Iowa City where she will have an older Llewellin sister named Maggie to bond with.

Photos of the pups with their new families are posted above.

Day 46 - 09/02/16

The weather has been so great here lately that the pups have had a lot of opportunity to enjoy many play sessions with access to the outdoor doggy run of the Puppy Cottage. They have adjusted quickly to coming and going through the doggy door and love being able to do so. When the door is closed off and access is denied, the pups scratch and whine at the door wanting out.  I took a video entitled "Playtime Outside Playpen" of the pups in the outdoor doggy run for your enjoyment.

The first pup went home today to enjoy the Labor Day holiday weekend with his new parents.  "Quincy" (weighing 8 lbs 10.0 oz) left all fluffy and smelling great after his bath with Elise and Dillon headed for his new home in IL. He will have a couple cats to terrorize and make his play toys.

Day 44 - 08/31/16

Week 6 Puppy Portraits were taken today.  Sorry for the delay in getting those online, the pups are so big now that I cannot hold them with one hand anymore and snap the photo with the other hand, I must enlist the help of my wonderful Johnny during a time when he was not at work.  Somtimes 'life' gets in the way of our best laid plans.  The photos will be posted sometime this weekend when I have the time to crop and upload them.

Day 42 - 08/29/16

The pups are doing very well with the weaning process and today is the day that momma Benelli will be withheld going forward.  The pups will be completely off momma's milk and will be eating dry kibble.  Right now they are eating Canidae for All Life Stages.  I usually feed Native 3 Puppy, but my feed supply store has stopped carrying it.  An alternative is Native 4, but again, there is only one place in town that sells the food and it's not the most convenient location, so I've opted to try Canidae for this litter.  They are doing great.

I will send a small ziploc bag of food home with the pups on delivery day, but just in case you would like to have some of this food on hand to continue feeding your pup after you take him/her home, here is a link to the formula I'm feeding:

Here's how the pups measure up at 6 weeks:

1 Quaid 7 lbs 4.5 oz 5 Quigley 8 lbs 1.0 oz
2 Quaila 7 lbs 2.5 oz 6 Quill 8 lbs 4.5 oz
3 Quartz 7 lbs 12.0 oz 7 Quincy 6 lbs 12.5 oz
4 Quattro 7 lbs 12.5 oz      


Week 6 Developmental Milestone: Eye color changes from blue to brown.

This week, the puppies eyes will start to transition from their current baby blues to their final adult color, gold (chestnuts) or brown (tri-colors).


Week 5

Day 41 - 08/28/16

The pups had another great day playing in the outdoor kennel run. They are going in and out the doggy door like pros. I have also been very impressed that they have not messed in the kennel run, they go back inside to do their duty in the pine shavings of the playpen.  Potty training at it's best appears to be mostly instinct at this point.

Miscellaneous photos of Week 4 are now onine!


Day 40 - 08/27/16

The weather has been so great and it has given the pups a wonderful opportunity to get to play in the Puppy Cottage's outdoor kennel run. The pups learned how to use the doggy door pretty quickly when following momma who was trying to escape from her little suckling monsters.  We are well into the weaning process and the pups are only getting nursed maybe twice per day, but soon they will be cut off entirely so they will be ready to go home.

Puppies were microchipped today.  The microchip is a small chip which contains a unique 15-digit number and is the size and shape of a grain of rice which is inserted with a sterile needle just under the skin on the back between the shoulder blades. You MUST make sure to register the microchip number with the Home Again database using the enrollment form I will give you on delivery day. Once your contact information is registered, should your dog get lost and then found, the chip will be scanned for the microchip # which can be cross referenced in the database to your contact info. If you fail to send in the microchip enrollment form containing your contact information, your pup's chip will be ineffective.

Out of the 6 pups which were microchipped, only two whimpered a bit when it was done, the rest were troupers.  I'm continually impressed with how well the puppies do during this process. It's usually a realtively painless procedure, well for me anyway...


Day 36 - 08/23/16

Puppies have all been selected! It's amazing how almost everyone got their first pick puppy.  I love how it always works out as God had planned.  Thanks everybody for making the process go so smoothly too.  Now I will be working on invoicing and all the puppy documents necessary to be ready for delivery day in a couple weeks!  If I don't blog for a while it's because I'm super busy working getting documents ready.  Thanks for your understanding.


Day 35 - 08/22/16

Puppy Profiles are now posted on this page and Puppy Selection is underway.  We have lots of visitors over the past few days and picks are already progressing nicely.  

This evening I've also posted the amazing 5 week portraits that my sister took during her visit here on Sunday.  They turned out so great, I hope you enjoy them!

Here's how the pups measure up at 5 weeks:

1 Quaid 6 lbs 4.5 oz 5 Quigley 6 lbs 12.0 oz
2 Quaila 6 lbs 6.0 oz 6 Quill 7 lbs 1.0 oz
3 Quartz 6 lbs 10.0 oz 7 Quincy 5 lbs 11.0 oz
4 Quattro 6 lbs 10.5 oz      


Week 5 Developmental Milestones: Puppy Selection / Noise Desensitization / Puppy Socialization

This is one of the most anticipated weeks for many because Puppy Selection finally happens. At the start of this week, the puppies are not officially spoken for but within a few days will be assigned to a new family and in a couple short weeks will get to go to their new homes.

Now that the pups are old enough to have visitors, they will have lots of opportunities for socialization with our big dogs, adults and children. We will also continue to concentrate on acclimating them to noises of all varieties including rapping on pans, opening and closing of doors, blenders, christian pop music on the radio, and whatever else we can think of to condition them for life after Hickory Hollow.


Week 4

Day 34 - 08/21/16

This morning during breakfast and playtime I noticed that the puppies are starting to learn to return to the playpen to do their potty duty.  This is a great start to house training.

Today has turned out to be a beautiful sunny day here in Iowa, perfect for taking the puppies out in the yard for their first playdate with about 10 new visitors who came to see them.  The pups loved playing in the grass and had a great time. They played for a good half hour or so before they zonked out for nap time.

My sister stopped by later in the afternoon to take Week 5 Puppy Portraits out in the yard as she ususally does for each litter and am SO excited at how they turned out.  She took over 1000 photos of which I am weeding through trying to narrow down the best of the best.  There are so many good ones to choose from that I'm having a hard time.  Hopefully I will get those posted for you sometime tomorrow.


Day 31 - 09/20/16

As I was preparing breakfast for Litter Q this morning, I took a short video so you can see what I go through each mealtime and why investing in a good pair of earplugs has been life-saver (or should I say a "hearing-saver").

Check out the video I call "Begging for Breakfast".


Day 32 - 08/19/16

I'm excited that we've got a few families coming to visit puppies this weekend, YAY! Hopefully the weather will cool down a bit and quit raining so we can take the pups outside for their first frolick and romp in the grass. It's always fun to see how they react to being outdoors. I have a couple wire playpens that I link together to make one giant ring so puppies and humans alike can enjoy the space.

I just posted some miscellaneous litter photos from Week 3 for your enjoyment.


Day 31 - 08/18/16

The pup's personalities are starting to emerge now.  Most of the pups are very mild mannered, but a couple (namely Quaid and Quill) are very vocal. I will be sitting down with them this weekend to evaluate puppy personalities in detail, meaning how they each interact with their siblings, how they react to new noises and their overall disposition and post them on this page to try and help those who can't decide which pup they want.

Puppy Selection starts at 5 weeks which is fast approaching (only 4 more days). If you have a reservation deposit down on a pup, this weekend would be a great time to come visit if you can so you can evaluate the pups yourself in person and prioritize your top picks so you'll be ready when it's time to choose. Please call ahead to set up an appointment for your puppy visit.

Also, we have two puppies available! We won't know which two they are until after reservations are filled, but stay tuned here, I'll post them as soon as we know.


Day 30 - 08/17/16

After much discussion and heartache we have decided to release our breeder pick from this litter thus making another puppy available for sale.  I'm almost positive at this point that the little female we had our eye on (Quill) is going to be an orange belton.  While this puppy is a wonderful girl with absolutely NOTHING wrong with her, this decision is based solely on preserving the future of Hickory Hollow litters. Keeping an orange pup would limit future litter color options as orange dogs can only produce two-color offspring, namely white/orange or white/black pups (no chestnut).  Therefore we would no longer be able to produce tri-colored pups and most importantly we would no longer have the ability to produce a large percentage of chestnut and tri-chestnut pups (our specialty).  We are saddened by this outcome, but this is the best decision for the future of Hickory Hollow.

With this development, everyone on the reservation list has moved up one spot, plus we were not able to provide a female pup for a reservation further down on the list, so they have withdrawn their reservation as well.  We now have two puppies available.    

My revised color predictions are:

    Quartz Tri-Belton His nose spots are black and the ticking that I can see on his skin is dark. He's got a lot of belly spots that are dark too.
    Quattro Orange Belton His nose is brown and the ticking that is coming in is tan.  He's got a tan strip developing under his right ear flap.
    Quill Orange Belton

    Her nose and belly spots are darker than the orange pups, but lighter than the tri-colored pups, so I'm praying she's chestnut!! If she is Tri-Chestnut we will be keeping her.

    Quincy Tri-Chestnut Belton His nose is still brown, but he's got some dark ticking coming in on his legs.  I guess I'm leaning towards Tri-Chestnut Belton.


Day 29 - 08/16/16

Puppies are coming along nicely with the weaning process. We've advanced from goat's milk and rice cereal to canned food mixed with goat's milk to help liquify it.  The next transition will be to canned food without mixing with liquid.

Socialization and noise desensitization has begun as well.  They are receiving visitors, both human and animal (our German Shepherd, Dax) and are experiencing all kinds of new noises and distractions (fly swatter, can opener, water running, microwave beeping, airconditioner kicking on and off, etc.).


Day 28 - 08/15/16

Puppies are enjoying playtime outside the box already. They are eager to scope out their new surroundings in the Puppy Cottage and soon I will have to put up a playpen to contain them during mealtimes, otherwise they will find themselves stuck behind the water heater, or hiding out behind the garbage cans or taking a nap in the laundry basket on the soft towels.

Here's how the pups weigh-in at four weeks:

1 Quaid 5 lbs 4.5 oz 5 Quigley 5 lbs 5.0 oz
2 Quaila 5 lbs 5.0 oz 6 Quill 5 lbs 13.5 oz
3 Quartz 5 lbs 9.0 oz 7 Quincy 4 lbs 10.5 oz
4 Quattro 5 lbs 8.5 oz      


Week 4 Developmental Milestone: Rough Play / Weaning Begins / Move to Puppy Cottage

Play behavior started last week, but this week it will turn rough and rowdy with pouncing, pinning, biting, head shaking, chewing and growling.  By the end of this week I will lovingly refer to them as "my little monsters", because they will bite and chew anything they can get their mouths on, including their siblings, show laces, toes, ankles, fingers and long hair.  A play session on the floor with the pups can be painful at times and sensitive areas of the body need to be protected!

This litter is growing up really fast and even though the need to begin weaning along with their move to the puppy cottage was a few days early, this was a big transition for them.

As their little personalities emerge this week, I will be posting puppy personality profiles in preparation for Puppy Selection starting next weekend!

Week 3

Day 26 - 08/13/16

Today was a monumental day for the pups, the BIG MOVE from the 4'x4' whelping box to the 9'x5' playpen in The Puppy Cottage! We awoke them from nap time, put them in a laundry basket "kennel" topped with another laundry basket to prevent a jumper, and ported them from the house to their new home for the next 3 weeks.  


This is a great thing for many reasons, some of which are that now the pups will have more freedom to romp and play, their yips, barks, howls and crying episodes will not disturb those who live in the house, no more interrupted sleep from Benelli asking to get outside at 2 am and 5 am because she can get outside to do her business in the kennel run at all hours and whenever she wants and most importantly the wonderful smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen will no longer have that hint of 'odeur de poo-poo'. These are ALL positives in my book!!

Check out the video entitled "The Big Move" to see how the pups reacted to their new surroundings.


Day 25 - 08/12/16 Puppies are ready for weaning! Today they were started on Goat's Milk and Baby Rice Cereal, poured into a big community bowl to share.  They lapped that up ridiculously fast.
Day 24 - 08/11/16

I just uploaded 25 miscellaneous photos from Week 2 for your enjoyment.

The pups are so fun right now! I love sitting back and watching them develop personalities and try something new for the first time. The pups are walking around well now and are actually starting to get quite zippy. I wouldn't call their extra speediness a "run" quite yet, but it won't be long. They are also a very vocal litter, I frequently hear barks and yips coming from the nursery that make me giggle.


Day 23 - 08/10/16

I just posted Week 3 Puppy Portraits! Even though I've been doing this for 11 years now, I am still amazed at how much their photos change from week to week.  It's fun to see how they progress and mature.

I'm also super excited to report that the ticking (spots) are starting to come in on the belton pups!! It won't be long now before we can tell for sure what colors they are going to be.  

My current color predictions are:

    Quartz Tri-Belton His nose spots are black and the ticking that I can see on his skin is dark. He's got a lot of belly spots that are dark too.
    Quattro Orange Belton His nose is brown and the ticking that is coming in is tan.  He's got a tan strip developing under his right ear flap.
    Quill Orange Belton or Tri-Chestnut Belton

    Her nose and belly spots are darker than the orange pups, but lighter than the tri-colored pups, so I'm praying she's chestnut!! If she is Tri-Chestnut we will be keeping her.

    Quincy Tri-Chestnut Belton or
    Orange Belton
    His nose is still brown, but he's got some dark ticking coming in on his legs.  I guess I'm leaning towards Tri-Chestnut Belton, but could possibly go Orange.


Day 21 - 08/08/16

The pups are so big they almost look like they are going on 4 weeks to me instead of only 3 weeks. It's amazing how fast they are growing. This week the developmental milestone is 'Play Behavior' and today they've already met the milestone!  

Momma Benelli had just gotten done serving the pups some dinner from the milkbar and had left the scene to get some kibble herself when the pups started making a raucous, displeased at the fact that momma had left them without dessert.  So I captured what happens next on video... Notice the beginnings of play behavior on the very day they turn 3 weeks old.  I've titled this video "Glimpses of Play".

Here's how the pups weigh-in at 3 weeks old:

1 Quaid 4 lbs 4.0 oz 5 Quigley 4 lbs 4.5 oz
2 Quaila 4 lbs 2.0 oz 6 Quill 4 lbs 6.5 oz
3 Quartz 4 lbs 4.0 oz 7 Quincy 3 lbs 11.5 oz
4 Quattro 4 lbs 2.5 oz      

Today the pups had some very special visitors too. My sister and nieces came out to snuggle with the puppies and start helping with the socialization process.  We always have a good time when they come for puppy visits.


Week 3 Development Milestone: Play behavior

This is my absolute favorite time with the pups.  Their eyes and ears are now open and they are becoming playful and inquisitive about their surroundings. This week the pups will really start playing with each other, play bowing, yipping, pouncing and chewing on each other. Their individual personalities begin to develop and they will begin to do some of their natural doggy behavior for the first time.


Week 2

Day 19 - 08/06/16

As the pups age there is a transition starting to happen now from momma Benelli caring for them 100% to my part that includes cleaning out stinky wet and poopy carpets from the whelping box and soon weaning will begin.  By the age of 6 weeks I will be caring for them 100% and Benelli will be done because that is the time when weaning is complete and the pups are on solid food.  

In light of the fact that these pups are so big, I am planning to move them out to the Puppy Cottage earlier than other litters.  Usually they don't go out there until around 4 weeks, but the pups are going to be 3 weeks in a couple days and I'm thinking they can be moved out shortly after that.  This will help me to keep them and their enclosure much cleaner.  

The move to the Puppy Cottage also means that there will be times when the puppies cannot be viewed on the LIVE Puppy Cam because the enclosure is too large for the camera's field of view. I am contemplating adding a second LIVE Puppy Cam to be mounted on the opposite wall to cover the entire playpen area, but I'm not sure our internet speed can handle two cameras on top of the already heavy internet use in our household. We'll see...  Since we are rural, we can only get internet through DSL and our speed at the moment is supposed to be 8MB, but we're lucky if we're pulling 4MB.   Boy will it be nice to have fiber optic high speed internet because that will bump us up to at least 20mbps! Shellsburg is in the process of upgrading the town and we've already had it run to the house, it's just a matter of waiting for Shellsburg to flip the switch and turn it on. They're saying maybe by late fall, but too late for this litter unfortunately.


Day 18 - 08/05/16

I have a treat for you all this evening, I was able to get the miscellaneous litter photos for Birth Week and Week 1 edited and uploaded to this page just a short while ago!! ENJOY :0)~

First dewormingwas done today. Pups teeth are also starting to cut through the gumline.

After cleaning out the whelping box I was getting ready to put the puppies back in, but decided to shoot this short video first to capture the moment of the pups playtime outside the box.  Once momma Benelli stirred them up they decided it was dinnertime.  Check out the video clip "Playtime Turned Dinnertime" which is posted on YouTube.


Day 17 - 08/04/16

Tonight as I sit here processing orders for my online upland hunting store Hickory Hollow Upland Sporting Gear, I have to giggle because one pup in the nursery has a really strong opinion about something going on in there and is chirping and barking like crazy!! It's so funny to hear them use their little voices and really explore their vocal ranges.  I hear anything from chirps, to rolling growls to high pitched yips and barks. So funny!!

Sometime this weekend I'm planning to carve out some time to add some miscellaneous litter photos to the page, so stay tuned for that!

Day 16 - 08/03/16

Today was the last day for the Super Dog program. Pups are becoming more and more active now that they can see and hear. Their skin is becoming freckled which will indicate how much ticking each will have as an adult. In another week or two, we will be able to accurately predict final coat markings.

The pups are getting around pretty well lately too. I'm seeing more and more pups taking genuine steps instead of scooting on their bellies.  I've also witnessed the beginning of play behavior.  Pups are mouthing each other which will eventually turn into play biting. 

Day 14 - 08/01/16

As we start another week, the pups have yet another major milestone coming up. Much to momma Benelli's dismay, her pups will be cutting little piranha teeth this week after which it will be even more painful to detach a suckling pup before they are ready. Poor momma encounters many cuts and battle scars during this period going forward until her pups are fully weaned which starts around 4 weeks. Pups will be fully weaned by 6 weeks and on solid food before going home. These pups are getting plenty of milk and their plump and rolly polly bellies sure show it.

Here's how the plump little puppers weigh-in at 2 weeks:

1 Quaid 2 lbs 15.5 oz 5 Quigley 2 lbs 15.5 oz
2 Quaila 3 lbs 1.0 oz 6 Quill 3 lbs 0.0 oz
3 Quartz 2 lbs 12.5 oz 7 Quincy 2 lbs 10.5 oz
4 Quattro 2 lbs 13.0 oz      

Week 2 Puppy Portraits have just been posted!  Do you guys have ANY idea how hard it is to take photos of young puppies?  While the portraits may show a sweet little docile half-sleepy puppy, however, you'd see the exact opposite if I were video taping the photo sessions instead! Most of those photos are capturing only a split second of a whiny and discontent pup in constant motion, it's surprising they aren't all blurry.  These photo sessions take me anywhere from about an hour to two hours just to take portraits of the entire litter, ensuring I get a few of each pup that are usable, then another 1.5 hours or so to select those worthy of the internet, crop and resize, then add to the web page and upload.   All of this a pure labor of love <3. ENJOY! :0)~

Week 2 Development Milestone:  Cutting Teeth / Ears will open

Now that the puppies eyes are open, they will begin to see clearer and clearer each day. Supposedly they can only see shadows for the first few days, but pretty soon they will begin to notice me as I come into the nursery and will wander to the edge of the box for some love and attention.  

Just as significant as the eyes opening, the ear canals will deepen this week until they will become completely open and allow the pups to hear crisp noises and not just muffled sounds. Later this week, the pups will be noticeably affected by all the new sounds around them, so we must be very careful for the first few days to introduce them to noises gently and not harshly. They will also begin to cut teeth, first the canines will poke through followed by the incisors a few days later.

Week 1

Day 13 - 07/31/16

ALL the pups eyes are open today!! What a fun time this morning during weigh-in to see those beautlful glistening baby blues.

I also took a new video of the pups nursing, up close and personal. My creativity is not flowing today so I thought I'd ask for your help in naming this video.  Just send me a note or respond to the post on Facebook.

UPDATE: Thanks goes out to Angela Renken for suggesting the title 'Mayhem at the Milkbar', which was shortened to 'Milkbar Mayhem'.

Day 10 - 07/28/16

Pups are getting around very well lately.  In the past couple days I've noticed them trying to get up and walk instead of scooting on their bellies.  A few of the pups are really taking their first steps before plopping back down. Each new day full of changes and amazing new accomplishments for these little ones. They've already been chirping and whining, but soon they will be barking and growling.

Day 9 - 07/27/16

During the daily Super Dog exercises I have the opportunity to really look each pup over really well and it's been fun to see their little spots come in.  These spots on their skin will eventually grow colored hair which is what we call their 'ticking'.  Quigley has a LOT of black belly spots, so my prediction is that he will be a very heavily ticked dog as a adult.  I am still checking the beltons over closely for any signs of developing color.  Even though they are now starting to develop some spots on their bellies, it's hard to determine whether they are black, chestnut or orange as at this stage they are very hard to differentiate.

Here's how the pups weigh-in this morning:

1 Quaid 1 lb 15.9 oz 5 Quigley 1 lb 15.4 oz
2 Quaila 2 lbs 1.3 oz 6 Quill 2 lbs 0.7 oz
3 Quartz 1 lb 15.0 oz 7 Quincy 1 lb 14.1 oz
4 Quattro 2 lbs 0.3 oz      

I've just uploaded Week 1 Puppy Portraits!! During the photo session I noticed that the pups eyes are starting to open, just the very corners where the tear ducts are located are starting to separate! It won't be long now before we'll be seeing those precious baby blues!


Day 8 - 07/26/16

Tonight as I was taking a few photos of the litter, the pups were being really vocal so I captured a quick video to share with you all.  Momma Benelli had just gotten up to step outside for a potty break and the pups were awakened by her departure.  As soon as pups wake they always want a meal, so they immediately started chirping in discontent because no milkbar could be found.  I've entitled the video "Got Milk?". (view video)

Day 7 - 07/25/16

At one week these puppies are doing wonderfully and are literally growing like weeds! They've been gaining about 2-3 ounces PER DAY.  

Here's how the pups weigh in at one week:

1 Quaid 1 lb 12.4 oz 5 Quigley 1 lb 11.3 oz
2 Quaila 1 lb 11.8 oz 6 Quill 1 lb 11.1 oz
3 Quartz 1 lb 11.0 oz 7 Quincy 1 lb 8.6 oz
4 Quattro 1 lb 12.3 oz      

This date is usually when I give the puppies their first nail trim, this is because their little hooked toenails get caught in the fleece padding laying in the top of the weigh scale, so I just nip off the little hooks and that keeps the paws from catching and pulling on the fleece. Today was no different than other typical litters, so all pups got a nail trim.  Some pups don't mind it and don't really notice it, but others put up a big fuss because they don't like being restrained long enough to do the clipping.

On another note,  I spent a fair amount of time this evening taking 1 week Puppy Portraits, but when I got them off the camera and on my computer to review them they were all blurry and unussable.  I bought a brand new camera last litter hoping to be able to capture some wonderful shots of the pups but these turned out completely horrible!  I don't know whether to contribute the waste of time to my actual camera or my aging eyes.  I will have to remember to wear my 'readers' while taking photos from now on, but for this reason the posting of weekly portraits has been delayed until I can get another block of time to try and retake them all.  SORRY :0(~   


Week 1 Development Milestone: Eyes will open!

I think the most exciting developmental change happens for the pups this week, their eyes will be opening in a few days. Once they do, the pups take on a whole new appearance and personalities start to emerge. The process starts when the crease between their eyelids starts to deepen until they separate, first at the middle corner of the eye and then working across to the outside edges. The opening process can take a couple days from the first peak of the glistening eye beneath until we are able to entirely see those beautiful baby blues.


Birth Week

Day 4 - 07/22/16

Pups are all doing GREAT and gaining rapidly. They have plump bellies and feel solid in the hand which is just how they should be.  In contrast, a sickly puppy feels like a limp glove and is weak showing little strength. Thankfully all these puppies are perfect!  In looking back through my records at other litters weight record  charts, I've noticed that pups in smaller litters (like this one) gain weight at a faster pace than those in larger litters.  I would attribute this to the fact that for this litter there is one extra faucet at the milkbar each meal, so there's more milk to be had.  In larger litters where at least one or two pups are shut out at each meal, the pups just don't gain as fast.  It will be interesting to see what the pups weigh at 7 weeks when they go home.  I'll be interested to note whether they are larger than average and weigh more at that time, my best guess is that they will.

Here's how the pups weigh-in today.

1 Quaid 1 lb 3.6 oz 5 Quigley 1 lb 3.2 oz
2 Quaila 1 lb 4.2 oz 6 Quill 1 lb 3.1 oz
3 Quartz 1 lb 3.2 oz 7 Quincy 1 lb 1.7 oz
4 Quattro 1 lb 4.6 oz      


Day 3 - 07/21/16 SUPER DOG program starts today!! Each morning at weigh-in I'm doing Super Dog exercises which stimulate the developing nervous systems which has proven to aid in cardiovascular performance, as well as increased tolerance to stress and disease to name a few.  
Read about the
 Super Dog Program. 
Day 2 - 07/20/16

I've been working hard for you all this evening, taking and editing photos and selecting temporary names for these pups while they are here at Hickory Hollow, so now I'm excited to reveal our puppy name choices and their first baby portraits! Proudly introducing our 'Litter Q' Llew Crew: Quaid, Quaila, Quartz, Quattro, Quigley, Quill and Quincy. Check out their stats and first portraits (click here).

Benelli is what I call a "Nervous Nellie" with her pups for about the first week while they are so small and helpless.  She whines and wimpers when her pups are fussy because it stresses her out, so she tries to gather them all up with her muzzle, rake them towards her tummy to protect and comfort them by sheilding them with her body.  It's a really neat thing to observe with her.  She doesn't even like it when I take one out to weigh it or snuggle it, so I try to keep my puppy lovins to a minimum while she's around and take my opportunities while she's outside going potty.  

Here's how the pups measure up today, they've all gained good weight since birth.

1 Quaid 15.8 oz 5 Quigley 15.9 oz
2 Quaila 1 lb 0.9 oz 6 Quill 15.4 oz
3 Quartz 1 lb 0.1 oz 7 Quincy 14.1 oz
4 Quattro 15.9 oz      

Puppy dew claws were removed today.

Day 1 -

WOW!! After a whirlwind 3.5 hours last night when puppies were popping out basically one right after another, all 7 puppies are doing great and nursing well.

The LIVE Puppy Cam is now online after spending most of the day so far getting that up and running. My troubles came from the fact that we recently upgraded our router, so the configurations set in the wireless LIVE Puppy Cam were for the old router and I had to go through the entire set up process again instead of just plugging it in and starting the web server...  WHEW! I'm glad I could get that working again for you folks.  Next I'm working on Litter Q name selection, creating their body marking mappings, and taking their first puppy portraits. Stay tuned for the Litter Q birthday portraits and names reveal.

I also posted a some of photos on Facebook yesterday as the whelping was happening, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you can visit my page here:  Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setters


Monday, July 18th, 2016

Upon taking Benelli's morning temperature reading, I was delighted to see that overnight it had fallen below the red line!!! This means that whelping should happen within the next 24 hours and my targeted whelping date of July 19 might just be spot-on!  I have canceled all my appointments for the day and am sticking to the home front.  I have set up a whelping area in the living room in case puppies decide to come in the wee hours of the night, I might be able to catch some Zzzzz's on the couch in between. My darling husband Johnny prepared the puppy nursery for me by cleaning, dusting and setting up the whelping box.  I am so thankful to have him, he is truly a wonderful partner in everything.  I am so blessed.

Benelli has been nesting and restless most of the morning, spending time between heavy panting and shaking with anxiety and then resting comfortably.  The puppies have been very active in her belly lately too, I'm really anxious to see those precious little ones.  

pUpdate! Puppies are coming!!  Visible contractions started at 8:00 pm, her water bag broke at 8:25.  Things are rolling along now!


8:42 pm



13.2 oz

7 1/2"

9:05 pm



14.2 oz

3rd 9:20 pm male Belton 13.4 oz 7 1/2"
4th 9:32 pm male Belton 13.0 oz 7 1/4"
5th 10:00 pm male Tri-color 13.1 oz 7 1/4 "
6th 11:13 pm female Belton 12.8 oz 7 1/4"
7th 11:40 pm male Belton 11.5 oz 7"

Stay tuned for the LIVE Puppy Cam, coming online tomorrow and for more real-time updates with photos and videos on our public Facebook page.

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Today's was Benelli's x-ray to help get a final pup count. Unfortunately there was stool in her colon and so we couldn't see her entire abdomen. We tried to get her to go potty outside so we could take another x-ray, but no luck, so this is what we've got. We counted 7 pups, with the possibility of maybe one more hiding behind the poop! I'm hoping for 8 which would be a more normal sized litter, not to mention the fact that she weighed 60.5 pounds which is about what she weighed when she was carrying more than 7 pups. Hopefully that doesn't mean that these pups are simply larger than normal because that makes whelping much trickier. Smaller pups slip through the birth canal easier and is less worrisome for the midwife (ha, that's me).

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Benelli's milk is now flowing in preparation for the birth of her litter very soon! The milk first comes in the largest lower teats (near her tail), then works it's way towards the smaller top teats (upper chest area).  I know she's really close when the smallest teats begin flowing milk.  Today I prepared and printed all the record keeping documents that I will use on whelping day and afterwards.  I will begin taking Benelli's baseline temperature twice daily starting on either Wednesday or Thursday.  Time is drawing near! Next up, prepare the nursery!! 

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Benelli is really showing her pregnancy now, her belly is pooched out and when she lays down she can no longer tuck her back legs in next to her body.  She likes to lay under the dining room table and get into small places, I assume that's because the nesting instinct will be kicking in soon as she nears her whelping date.

Benelli has been getting a raw "treat" every morning for the last couple weeks.  I have been feeding her an 8 oz raw Tucker's patty, "Pork / Lamb / Pumpkin" recipe and she snarfs it down so fast you would hardly know that it was even in the bowl 5 seconds earlier! She looks forward to her treat and will not let me forget when it's time to give it to her.  

Friday, July 1st, 2016

As mentioned in a prior post (Monday June 13th), in lieu of having an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, we are going to do an x-ray at 8 weeks gestation to try and get a total pup count.  The x-ray appointment has been set for the morning of Friday, July 15th.  Stay tuned for the x-ray photo and pup count news!   

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Benelli is definitely pregnant! At around 6 weeks she is beginning to show, up until recently she had a nicely tucked belly, but now it's a bit poochy.  I will start increasing her food intake gradually over the next few weeks to help her maintain her body weight and feed her growing babies. 

Monday, June 13th, 2016

It's been about 4 weeks now from our day-10 breeding and I think I can palpate little puppies in Benelli's belly. I'm going to guesstimate that she is indeed pregnant, but we will continue to wait and see.  Usually she won't start "showing" until she's between 6 and 7 weeks pregnant.  We have opted not to do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, rather wait and do an x-ray to get a puppy count around 8 weeks gestation, just before they are due to be born around 9 weeks.

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Today I am picking Benelli up from Jack's place in Fort Madison to bring her home.  We have had successful breedings each day since Monday, so we are hoping for a resulting litter.  We will now wait to see what happens.

UPDATE:  Upon arriving home, Jimmy was immediately interested in Benelli. Go figure, I believe they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in this case it's too late for Jimmy.  Now I am having to keep them apart so that we don't have a dual-sired litter which would result in having to have EVERY puppy in the litter DNA tested to prove parentage (either Jack or Jimmy).  At $65 per pup, this is not something I want to do since all the FDSB requires for litter registration is to have the parents DNA'd which we had done a long time ago. Jimmy will return to Kansas City this Saturday, so we only have a couple days to keep them separated.  

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Today is now day 10, the most optimum day in Benelli's breeding cycle because according to textbooks, this is the day that ovulation should occur.  To my dismay Jimmy is still uninterested in Benelli despite her now desperate attempts at wooing him.  Therefore, I have scheduled an appointment this morning with my vet who is a reproductive specialist for an emergency artificial insemination procedure.  I will do everything in my power to make this breeding happen.   

UPDATE: The artificial insemination didn't happen because the vet could not collect a semen sample from Jimmy. My vet indicated that he has a very low libido and therefore it's almost impossible to collect when he's not even aroused. She asked if we had a back-up plan, so I immediately got on the phone with Jack's owner Chuy and we arranged a meeting later this afternoon. Therefore I will be taking Benelli to meet with Jack this evening in hopes of getting a breeding with him.  

UPDATE:  Within one hour of meeting up with Jack, we had a breeding and a 25 minute tie between the two.  I think Litter Q is going to happen, just not as originally planned with Jimmy as the stud. We are deeply saddened by this development as we had hoped to keep a female out of this last litter with Jimmy for future breeding to Jack, but on the flipside we know that Benelli and Jack have produced some amazing pups as seen by their "N" and "O" litters.

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Today is day 8, the first targeted date of breeding and Benelli is showing signs of being ready. She is flagging and enticing Jimmy to breed her, but he seems uninterested.  We are keeping an eye on the situation and hope he will eventually pick up on her queues.

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Jimmy is now back here at Hickory Hollow getting reacquainted with his fellow Llewlians HOPE and Benelli. They have always gotten along like the best of friends and Jimmy fit right in again as if he never left.  Planned breeding target dates are May 14, 16 and 18.  Stay tuned!  

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Tonight I noticed Benelli is just starting her heat cycle, so I contacted Dick Patterson (Jimmy's owner) so we could make plans.  Funny backstory... my sister and her husband had planned to travel to KC with their teenage girls to a soccer tournament this weekend just 10 minutes away from where Jimmy lives, so earlier in the week my sister offered to transport Benelli to Jimmy's place if she came into heat so John and I wouldn't have to make the 5-6 hour trip ourselves.  I laughed and told her that with my luck Benelli won't come into heat in time for them to take her, she will probably start right after they return. Here's the funny part, visible signs happened only HOURS after they left for KC.  By the time I noticed her, they had been on the road only two short hours. TIMING IS EVERYTHING in this business! Ha Ha!

So, since Benelli missed the boat for a ride down to KC, the only other way to take advantage of the transport offer would be for Jimmy to ride back home with them, so that's what we decided.  Jimmy will be coming back to Hickory Hollow, just for a short time during breeding season.  Oh how I've missed that sweet boy!




  Litter "Q" Pedigree - Hickory's HOPE for Birds x Cash's Single Barrel Jack


Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Cash's Single Barrel Jack



Hand's Jake Bondhu


Peterman's Levi Bondhu


Lynnhill's Jack Bondhu


Gladstone Wind'em        1475163

Lynnhill Bondhu Legacy  1467083

Ray's Blackeye Suzy


Casebier's John              1474632

Debbie's Dixie Dew         1466312

Peterman's Misty Rose


Kennedy's Bandit Bondhu


Highway Dan                 1471561

Boone Creek Kate           1504140

Kennedy's Sugar Belle


Lynnhill's Jack Bondhu    1508292

Schooner Sooner Bondhu 1519832

Hand's Ella Mae


Will's Dashing Jake


Straight Creek John


Highland Boomer Bondhu 1347803

Huntmore Bleu Spice       1479179

Straight Creek Tweedy


Dashing Iron Mike          1386582

Flying Flecker Cocoa       1348168

Wingshot Cassie


Wingshot Beau


Wingmaster Mack           1498238

Highway Beauty             1501332

Wingmaster Katie


Highway Dan                 1471561

Pounds Miss Suzy           1464474

Hickory's HOPE for Birds



Advie Tuck


Advie Tuck
Photo by Bob Bartz

Advie Lynnhill Scott


Gladstone Wind'em


L'Count Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre 0580061

N'Coccinelle Wind'em D'Hurlain 0465445

Advie High Beam


Advie Scholar              1447925

Advie Charisma             1448001

Blue Water Dusty


Adam's Spur


King's Royacelle III        1334514

Lady Gladstonyo King     1365318

Missy's Star


Blizzard's Lance             1463715

Tiskilwa Missy               1472500

Hickory's Hunting
with HOPE


Hickory's Hunting with HOPE (click to supersize)

Sillman's Hank Boy

Hank Jr on point

*** Hank ***

"Hunting with Hank"


Henry PrinceOf Pause


Irishking Bondhu Ashly  1344011

Dashing Janette Bondhu  1252137

Chris Blue Babe


King's Bomber III          1364461

King's Gladstone Moll     1400597

Duchess of Adena

Duchess of Adena

Eastfork's Count Toby


Awbonnie's Bull            1301328

Chappy's Little Ginger    1467564

Wind'em Grouse Lady


Dashing Wind'em Sam   1510633

Chappy's Little Peg        1467565


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