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Litter "O" Information:  


Benelli / Jack

 Litter ID:


 FDSB Litter #:


 Whelp Date:  May 14, 2015
 Take Home:  ~July 3, 2015
 Litter Count:  3 males / 6 females


Benelli      X        Jack

Dam: Hickory's HOPE for Birds

Call Name: Benelli

Whelped: January 21, 2011

Coloring: Tri-Belton

Bloodlines: "Hunting with Hank" Bondhu

FDSB #: 1625703


OFA #:ES-8955G30F-VPI



Owner: Hickory Hollow Llewellins

Sire: Cash's Single Barrel Jack

Call Name: Jack

Whelped: December 7, 2011

Coloring: Tri-Color

Bloodlines: Bondhu

FDSB #: 1642112


OFA #: ES-8999G24M-NOPI



Owner: Chuy Garcia Jr.

Price:  $800  male or female


We are very excited to offer a second litter out of our youngest dam, Benelli (daughter of HOPE) paired with Cash's Single Barrel Jack. Their first litter of all belton pups turned out simply amazing and so we're doing it again! Click here to see their first litter: (Litter N)

Benelli is a great-grandaughter of Hank from "Hunting with Hank" and is of Advie & Dashing Bondhu lines. Being the daughter of Advie Tuck, she is extremely birdy and loaded with natural field instincts. She is heavily ticked Tri-Belton colored setter and has the potential to produce great coloration in her litters from white/orange, to tri-colors and chestnuts. Can't wait to see what their next litter looks like. Benelli has been certified as OFA GOOD (hips) and OFA (CERF) certified Clear (eyes)!

Jack is also from Dashing Bondhu lines although not related to "Hank". He has spent a lot of time training in the fields this spring and summer and has turned into a hunting machine. He is currently working with a trainer toward his Master Hunter's Certificate. Jack has been OFA certified GOOD (hips) and OFA (CERF) certified Clear (eyes)!

Check out the PEDIGREE.


Portraits of Jack: (click any photo to view a larger image)


Cash's Single Barrel Jack Cash's Single Barrel Jack Cash's Single Barrel Jack
Cash's Single Barrel Jack Cash's Single Barrel Jack Cash's Single Barrel Jack







Male or Female




1st male Mayrose NE Oliver
2nd female Reade MO Olexa
3rd female Hancock KS Odessa
4th male O'Shaughnessy TN Ozzie
5th male Schulte IA


6th female Sill NE Olivia
7th female Floberg WA


8th female Gary WI Oakley
9th female Vonderohe NE Opal

* Status codes: D=Definite, P=Preferred, H=Hold spot

All reservations are secured with A $150 deposit.

Note about Status Codes:

D=Reservation is definitely set for this litter only.
P=Reservation is preferred on this litter, however a pick hold is also placed on another litter so one of the two reservations will be going away.
H=Reservation is holding pick position on this litter, however a different litter is preferred, so this reservation may go away.

Once reservations are finalized to "D" for definite, preferred or hold reservations for other litters will be eliminated and other reservations will move up.




The Pups: (1 - 5)


Puppy #:
(according to birth order)






Call Name:






Gender: male female male female female
Time: 2:52 pm 3:37 pm 4:16 pm 5:17 pm 6:00 pm
Birth Weight: 11.8 oz 11.4 oz 9.7 oz 12.0 oz 10.3 oz
Colors: Orange Belton Orange Belton Tri-color Tri-color Tri-chestnut
Ticking: Very Light Extremely Light Light Moderate/Heavy Moderate


(click to enlarge)

Oliver-0w_04.jpg Oakley-0w_07.jpg Orion-0w_03.jpg Odessa-0w_05.jpg Olexa-0w_10.jpg
Oliver-0w_06.jpg Oakley-0w_04.jpg Orion-0w_01.jpg Odessa-0w_03.jpg Olexa-0w_02.jpg

Week 1

(click to enlarge)

Oliver-1w_08.jpg Oakley-1w_05.jpg Orion-1w_06.jpg Odessa-1w_05.jpg Olexa-1w_06.jpg
Oliver-1w_02.jpg Oakley-1w_02.jpg Orion-1w_02.jpg Odessa-1w_04.jpg Olexa-1w_03.jpg

Week 2

(click to enlarge)

Oliver-2w_05.jpg Oakley-2w_10.jpg Orion-2w_07.jpg Odessa-2w_09.jpg Olexa-2w_06.jpg
Oliver-2w_02.jpg Oakley-2w_08.jpg Orion-2w_04.jpg Odessa-2w_08.jpg Olexa-2w_03.jpg

Week 3

(click to enlarge)

Oliver-3w_08.jpg Oakley-3w_09.jpg Orion-3w_07.jpg Odessa-3w_05.jpg Olexa-3w_11.jpg
Oliver-3w_06.jpg Oakley-3w_02.jpg Orion-3w_05.jpg Odessa-3w_03.jpg Olexa-3w_10.jpg

Week 4

(click to enlarge)

Oliver-4w_03.jpg Oakley-4w_02.jpg Orion-4w_04.jpg Odessa-4w_01.jpg Olexa-4w_01.jpg

Week 5

(click to enlarge)

Oliver-5w_42.jpg Oakley-5w_74.jpg Orion-5w_49.jpg Odessa-5w_23.jpg Olexa-5w_39.jpg
Oliver 5w_37.jpg Oakley-5w_87.jpg Orion-5w_15.jpg Odessa-5w_30.jpg Olexa-5w_19.jpg

Week 6

(click to enlarge)

Oliver-6w_32.jpg Oakley-6w_01.jpg Orion-6w_18.jpg Odessa-6w_11.jpg Olexa-6w_23.jpg
Oliver-6w_39.jpg Oakley-6w_33.jpg Orion-6w_25.jpg Odessa-6w_24.jpg Olexa-6w_28.jpg

Week 7

(click to enlarge)

Oliver-7w.jpg Oakley-7w.jpg Orion.jpg Odessa-7w.jpg Olexa-7w.jpg



The Pups: (6 - 9)


Puppy #:
(according to birth order)





Call Name:





Gender: male female female female
Time: 6:12 pm 6:54 pm 7:53 pm 9:15 pm
Birth Weight: 11.2 oz 12.0 oz 13.1 oz 12.3 oz
Colors: Tri-color Tri-color Orange Belton Orange Belton
Ticking: Moderate Moderate Light Light


(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-0w_04.jpg Olivia-0w_03.jpg Opal-0w_06.jpg Osiri-0w_01.jpg
Ozzie-0w_03.jpg Olivia-0w_01.jpg Opal-0w_03.jpg Osiri-0w_03.jpg

Week 1

(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-1w_08.jpg Olivia-1w_07.jpg Opal-1w_05.jpg Osiri-1w_06.jpg
Ozzie-1w_01.jpg Olivia-1w_06.jpg Opal-1w_02.jpg Osiri-1w_01.jpg

Week 2

(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-2w_07.jpg Olivia-2w_06.jpg Opal-2w_06.jpg Osiri-2w_05.jpg
Ozzie-2w_01.jpg Olivia-2w_05.jpg Opal-2w_02.jpg Osiri-2w_01.jpg

Week 3

(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-3w_07.jpg Olivia-3w_08.jpg Opal-3w_05.jpg Osiri-3w_05.jpg
Ozzie-3w_04.jpg Olivia-3w_07.jpg Opal-3w_03.jpg Osiri-3w_01.jpg

Week 4

(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-4w_03.jpg Olivia-4w_02.jpg Opal-4w_08.jpg Osiri-4w_04.jpg

Week 5

(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-5w_44.jpg Olivia-5w_61.jpg Opal-5w_39.jpg Osiri-5w_59.jpg
Ozzie-5w_28.jpg Olivia-5w_42.jpg Opal-5w_18.jpg Osiri-5w_45.jpg

Week 6

(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-6w_08.jpg Olivia-6w_24.jpg Opal-6w_15.jpg Osiri-6w_04.jpg
Ozzie-6w_24.jpg Olivia-6w_34.jpg Opal-6w_39.jpg Osiri-6w_28.jpg

Week 7

(click to enlarge)

Ozzie-7w.jpg Olivia-7w.jpg Opal-7w.jpg Osiri-8w.jpg



Puppy Profiles



This cute and sweet boy is the most people-oriented of the males being that he's the first to greet you and want attention. With a bold and stout conformation, he's the most assertive and explorative of the males, and super smart and you can see his wheels turning while trying to figure stuff out. Full of energy and enthusiasm, he loves to explore, check things out and get in the middle of everything, he does not appear to be afraid of much. Extremely intersted in the wing and readily followed it whereever it went.



This little beauty is one of the quieter and more docile females in the litter. With a soft personality, she is content being snuggled on her back in your arms and is mild tempered and easy to handle. She is the one that sits back and watches others play until a littermate gets her involved and then she's usually on the bottom of a tackle. She is not a high strung pup and will tend to easily go with the flow.



This little guy will capture your heart with his sweet and gentle nature, being the smallest of the males and also the most laid-back and easy going one. He is content snuggling in your arms on his back and loves the attention. When playing he's got a cute prance and picks up his feet and almost dances toward the other pups. He plays well with his litter mates and is not a bully, but can stand his ground when being picked upon. He is a little shy towards new things at first, but if given time and patience will eventually warm up and become fairly active.



Being a healthy eater, she is a stocky and chunky pup that would be great for busting through heavy brush with a personality to be cherished. She is the biggest chow hound and is usually the last to leave the dinner bowl after every bit of food has been licked from it. She definitely appears to be a go-getter, bold and assertive and not deterred by anything. She growls when tackled which means she usually does not end up on the bottom of the pounce, although she gets along well with all her littermates and does not seem to be a bully for her size. She can also be very docile and sweet and enjoys being cuddled without a fight. She is very explorative and was fascinated by the wing, this one will be a great huntress as she already displays many of the desired qualities.



She may be the smallest of all the pups, but she is packed with personality. She is such a petite little dolly baby and is the most docile, sweet and gentle pup of the group, but is very animated during play. She is somewhat reserved and is one of the quietest of the pups. She loves to be cuddled and is content being snuggled on her back, a real lover.



This adorable boy has a great middle-of-the-road personality.  He's people oriented, but balances that with aloof time and exploration. He's laid back and times and rambunctious at others. He barks to get your attention instead of howling or screaming like a few of the other pups, which has it's endearing qualities. He is not an instigator and is usually on the bottom of a pounce during play, but does not tend to like it much giving off warning growls.



This little gal is just a darling little punkin'. She is usually the first to peek over the playpen wall wanting your attention. She is a happy little tail wagger, but also one of the most vocal pups and has an ear-splitting loud and high-pitched scream that readily gets your attention if you are not paying it to her. She seems to be very middle-of-the-road in her playful tactics, spending time pouncing and being the tackled and doesn't seem to have a problem with either.



Another of the extremely vocal pups, she will wail when it's dinner time and she wants to be fed or if she wants your attention. Her favorite hang out is the laundry basket under the sink and will snuggle in with the blankets and sheets. She is best friends with Osiri and the two tangle and play frequently taking turns stalking, tackling and being pounced on. She is rather growly when she ends up on the bottom of the pounce, but she and Osiri make great playmates.



One of the most laid back of the females, this sweetheart will steal your heart with her beautiful doe eyes and soft personality. She is quite the snuggle bug on one hand and the master explorer on the other. She is best friends with Opal and the two can be seen tangling a lot during play. She does tend to be an instigator of play and stalks and tackles Opal with enthusiasm as well as any other littermate that walks by, but then will readily lay in your arms to be cuddled on her back.




Video Clips - (Click on the thumbnail to view the video clip in a pop-up window on YouTube)

Stirred Up / First Steps

First Cereal Meal

New Sleepin' Spot

The Great Beyond

First Outdoor Playtime 





Miscellaneous Photos: Birth Week - (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

LitterO-0w_004.jpg LitterO-0w_001.jpg LitterO-0w_008.jpg LitterO-0w_011.jpg LitterO-0w_010.jpg

LitterO-0w_012.jpg LitterO-0w_013.jpg LitterO-0w_015.jpg LitterO-0w_016.jpg LitterO-0w_017.jpg
LitterO-0w_018.jpg LitterO-0w_02.jpg LitterO-0w_03.jpg LitterO-0w_04.jpg LitterO-0w_08.jpg
LitterO-0w_09.jpg LitterO-0w_10.jpg LitterO-0w_11.jpg LitterO-0w_12.jpg LitterO-0w_15.jpg
LitterO-0w_17.jpg LitterO-0w_18.jpg LitterO-0w_19.jpg LitterO-0w_25.jpg LitterO-0w_26.jpg



Miscellaneous Photos: Week 1 - (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

LitterO-1w_01.jpg LitterO-1w_02.jpg LitterO-1w_03.jpg LitterO-1w_04.jpg LitterO-1w_05.jpg

LitterO-1w_06.jpg LitterO-1w_07.jpg LitterO-1w_08.jpg LitterO-1w_09.jpg LitterO-1w_10.jpg
LitterO-1w_11.jpg LitterO-1w_12.jpg LitterO-1w_13.jpg LitterO-1w_14.jpg LitterO-1w_15.jpg
LitterO-1w_16.jpg LitterO-1w_18.jpg LitterO-1w_20.jpg LitterO-1w_21.jpg LitterO-1w_22.jpg
LitterO-1w_24.jpg LitterO-1w_26.jpg      



Miscellaneous Photos: Week 2&3 - (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

LitterO-2w_01.jpg LitterO-2w_02.jpg LitterO-2w_03.jpg LitterO-2w_04.jpg LitterO-2w_05.jpg

LitterO-2w_06.jpg LitterO-3w_01.jpg LitterO-3w_02.jpg LitterO-3w_03.jpg LitterO-3w_04.jpg
LitterO-3w_05.jpg LitterO-3w_06.jpg LitterO-3w_07.jpg    



Miscellaneous Photos: Week 4 - (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

LitterO-4w_01.jpg LitterO-4w_02.jpg LitterO-4w_03.jpg LitterO-4w_04.jpg LitterO-4w_05.jpg

LitterO-4w_06.jpg LitterO-4w_07.jpg LitterO-4w_08.jpg LitterO-4w_09.jpg LitterO-4w_10.jpg
LitterO-4w_11.jpg LitterO-4w_12.jpg LitterO-4w_14.jpg LitterO-4w_15.jpg LitterO-4w_16.jpg
LitterO-4w_17.jpg LitterO-4w_20.jpg LitterO-4w_21.jpg LitterO-4w_22.jpg LitterO-4w_23.jpg
LitterO-4w_24.jpg LitterO-4w_25.jpg LitterO-4w_26.jpg LitterO-4w_27.jpg LitterO-4w_28.jpg



Miscellaneous Photos: Week 5 - (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

LitterO-5w_03.jpg LitterO-5w_06.jpg LitterO-5w_07.jpg LitterO-5w_08.jpg LitterO-5w_10.jpg

LitterO-5w_15.jpg LitterO-5w_16.jpg LitterO-5w_18.jpg LitterO-5w_24.jpg LitterO-5w_27.jpg
LitterO-5w_28.jpg LitterO-5w_32.jpg LitterO-5w_34.jpg LitterO-5w_36.jpg LitterO-5w_39.jpg
LitterO-5w_40.jpg LitterO-5w_49.jpg LitterO-5w_50.jpg LitterO-5w_65.jpg LitterO-5w_79.jpg
LitterO-5w_81.jpg LitterO-5w_85.jpg LitterO-5w_86.jpg LitterO-5w_87.jpg LitterO-5w_88.jpg


Miscellaneous Photos: "Pups In Flight" - Add'l Week 5 - (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

Orion-5w_63.jpg Orion-5w_64.jpg Orion-5w_60.jpg Orion-5w_02.jpg Oliver 5w_32.jpg

Oliver 5w_09.jpg Oliver 5w_16.jpg Oliver 5w_59.jpg Oakley-5w_28.jpg Oakley-5w_29.jpg
Oakley-5w_33.jpg Oakley-5w_36.jpg Olexa-5w_50.jpg Olexa-5w_51.jpg Olivia-5w_20.jpg
Olivia-5w_28.jpg Olivia-5w_37.jpg Opal-5w_26.jpg Opal-5w_27.jpg Opal-5w_30.jpg
Osiri-5w_18.jpg Osiri-5w_20.jpg Osiri-5w_21.jpg Osiri-5w_22.jpg Osiri-5w_34.jpg






Web Log (Litter O):

All the pups have gone to their new homes now and all is quiet again at Hickory Hollow. Now we're anxiously awaiting our next litter later this fall!
Week 8 Day 57 - 07/10/15

Ozzie and Odessa left today!

Ozzie's (now called Parker) new mom and dad flew in on a commercial flight from Nashville Tenessee to pick up their new baby and drive home. He will have an older Llew bro named Wyatt whom he can terrorize for the next few months.

Odessa's (now called Stella) new dad flew his private plane into the nearby Vinton airport where we delivered her to him.  It was a beautiful, sunny and HOT day here today, so she liked to stay in the shade under the picnic table while we were going through paperwork.  Her dad said she traveled really well in the plane and slept most of the way.  LOVE TO HEAR IT!!

Week 7

Day 54 - 07/07/15

Osiri (now called Nellie) flew to Seattle today to meet her new momma.  It was fun to get the real-time play-by-play when her new family was at the airport waiting to pick her up and see her cute little face for the first time.  Comments were posted on Facebook as the live action was happening.  That was so cool!!  Reports from later in the day indicated that she has literally "hit the ground running" and was racing around her new yard, tongue hanging out and "smiling"!  LOVE THESE REPORTS!

Day 52 - 07/05/15

Three pups went home today! Oliver, Olivia and Orion.  

Olivia (now called "Flyre") will be going to live in Nebraska with her new mom (a veterinarian) and will have some big shoes to fill as a predecessor to a beloved Llew family companion named "Jade" that recently passed.  I think she'll do fine, these pups just capture your heart!

Oliver went to live in Nebraska with his new family and will have a big Llew bro named Chili ("Coon" from Litter C). As the family left they said, "See ya in another eight years!"  LOVE IT!

Orion (now called Boomer), will stay in Iowa, and will have the opportunity hunt with his sire Jack and other dogs with his same bloodlines at Faeth's Fowl Play in Fort Madison.  They're planning to start him in field training with puppy exercises within a few weeks.

Day 50 - 07/03/15 Two more pups left HHLS today, first Opal (now called Opie for short) and then Olexa (now called Bailey).  After lavender scented baths and nail trims for both, they were spiffed and ready to meet their new parents.  They fell in love immediately and gave lots of puppy kisses and tail wags.  Both were headed west, first to Nebraska and the other to SW Missouri.
Day 49 - 07/02/15

Pups are starting to go to their new homes today, but first they got their final worming along with the weekly weigh-in. Here's how the pups are doing at 7 weeks:

1 Oliver 9 lbs, 14.0 oz 6 Ozzie 9 lbs, 6.5 oz
2 Oakley 8 lbs, 5.0 oz 7 Olivia 7 lbs, 13.0 oz
3 Orion 8 lbs, 9.0 oz 8 Opal 8 lbs, 5.0 oz
4 Odessa 9 lbs, 0.0 oz 9 Osiri 8 lbs, 1.0 oz
5 Olexa 7 lbs, 1.5 oz      

Oakley is the first to leave Hickory Hollow for her new home near the Milwaukee area, but first she'll get to spend the holiday weekend with her new family at their lake house. She will be be called "Giblet" (or Gibby for short) and will be living with a new older "sister" Llewellin named Morgan (Adena from our "A" litter). She will have lots of new adventures this weekend and beyond!  

This week's milestone: Pups go home.
This is the week that all the puppies will fly the coop and begin their exciting new lives with their new families. While we will miss them, we are so excited for them and for all the adventures they will have.

Week 6

Day 48 - 07/01/15 Sorry for the delay, but I finally got the 6-week portraits posted online. They turned out really cute again, I love having a litter of pups on the ground when the weather's nice outside! ENJOY!
Day 47 - 06/30/15

The pups are getting so big that I am now cleaning out the Puppy Playpen and completely refreshing all the pine shavings and on a daily basis.  (FYI, most of the dark clumps you see on the LIVE Puppy Cam are tufts of stuffing from their bed pillow as it is brown not white.  The pups have chewed the corners off their pillow and are pulling all the stuffing out.)  

I don't know if you have caught me on camera cleaning, but when I let the pups out to eat their meal, I block off the entrance to the playpen and rapidly scoop up all the pine shavings trying to get it all done by the time they are finished eating otherwise they will bark at me wanting back in to potty.  Most pups are very good at their potty training and want to come do their business in the shavings.  I'm happy that they are doing this, but that means I have to be quick about the clean-up and I cannot allow them to be in there at the same time I'm cleaning because I would be mauled by sharp puppy teeth and claws, LOL!  Ahhh, my lovely little monsters!

Day 45 - 06/28/14

Today my sister (the puppy photographer) came out with my nieces to help socialize the pups and took some more photos of the pups in the yard for the 6-week portraits.  When my sister takes photos she literally takes hundreds of them so it takes time to review them and pick out the good ones.  I've been super busy lately trying to get all the puppy documentation and the care packages ready to go, but I'll try to get these photos edited and posted soon. Stay tuned!  

Day 43 -06/26/15

Pups were microchipped and paw printed today!

They all did really well during their microchip implantation. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice that is inserted subcutaneously (just beneath the skin) with a sterile hypodermic needle on the back between the shoulder blades.  Obviously this is a large gauge needle because the microchip must pass through it, but all of the pups except one didn't even flinch when the chip was inserted.  What good babies, I was very impressed with how smoothly that process went today.

For the past few days I have been feverishly working on all the personalized puppy documents that will go home with each of them upon delivery. One of these documents is the Certificate of Birth and Development and there is a spot on that certifcate where I place their puppy paw print, so cute! When I ink up the pup's paw I always do a test print on a separate sheet of paper and write the pup's name under it before doing the real one on the Birth and Development Certificate. I have kept all the sheets of pawprints from each litter back to my very first and today it was fun to reminisce back through the stack of those sheets.  I should really laminate them to forever preserve them, and John suggested I take photos of them so I could keep them digitally and then share them on this site with you. I think that's a good idea and when I get some "free time" (LOL) I may do just that!

The pups have become more and more adamant about feeding time, so as soon as I enter the cottage and begin to prepare their meals, they start wailing and literally screaming in shrill voices for dinner.  So much so, that today I had to utilize my ear plugs so I could stand to be in the same room with them.

Day 42 - 06/25/15

Here's how the pups are weighing in at 6 weeks:

1 Oliver 7 lbs, 12.5 oz 6 Ozzie 7 lbs, 6.5 oz
2 Oakley 6 lbs, 10.0 oz 7 Olivia 6 lbs, 9.0 oz
3 Orion 6 lbs, 15.0 oz 8 Opal 6 lbs, 14.0 oz
4 Odessa 7 lbs, 8.0 oz 9 Osiri 6 lbs, 14.0 oz
5 Olexa 6 lbs, 2.5 oz      

Third Worming

The pups were wormed again today and once again the pups didn't fight me while dosing the medication, they were troopers and licked it right up.

This week's milestone: Eye color changes from blue to brown.

This week, the puppies eyes will start to transition from their current baby blues to their final adult color, gold (chestnuts) or brown (tri-colors).

Week 5

Day 41 - 06/24/15

The pups have now been switched to solid food, no more adding canned food to the mix. I am feeding Native 4 Puppy and they seem to like it very well, the kibble size is small enough for their little mouths that they don't choke on it. Momma Benelli is back in the house 99% of the time which is where she wants to be instead of being sequestered in the Puppy Cottage with her little ones.  She now goes out once or twice per day for a short nursing session to relieve her swollen teats, but she doesn't want to stay.  

Pups are of course turning in to my "little monsters", so they are now restricted to staying within a gated area within the Puppy Cottage while eating dinners outside the playpen area, otherwise they are into and behind EVERYTHING, and biting and chewing EVERYTHING which is very uncomfortable for their caretaker (ME!), so it's just much easier to keep them contained.

Day 39 - 06/22/15

Pups are now eating a mixture of lamb and rice canned food with dry kibble. I feed Native 4 because it's rich in calories for growing pups and the kibble size is perfect for small mouths just getting used to chewing.  They are eating ravenously as hoped and all seems to be going well with the weaning process.  I have been feeding three times per day and Benelli is nursing twice per day. When the pups are 6 weeks old, I will keep Benelli away from them and cut off nursing altogether from that point.

I finally got all the photos from yesterday sorted through and have posted the 5-week puppy portraits. ENJOY!

Day 38 - 06/21/15

Today my sister Tasha, (aka my 5-week professional puppy portrait photographer) came out for a shooting session with the pups in the yard.  These sessions are so much fun because she always captures some amazing photos of the pups, plus the weather is beautiful again and this will be the pups first time outside in the yard.

We created a huge circular playpen enclosure in the yard using 3 sets of wire fencing clipped together end-to-end.  Then we let the pups loose and watched them romp in the fresh grass for the first time.  I did capture these first few moments on video which I titled "First Outdoor Playtime".  

I hope to have photos posted within a day or so, Tasha took almost 1000 photos during the 1.5 hour shoot and I need to sort through them all and pick the best ones to post as this week's portraits.

Day 37 - 06/20/15

Puppy selection is currently underway and should be complete by the end of the day today.  Because of this event, the pups had more special visitors; Rick Reade from Missouri and Jeri Sill from Nebraska both came to visit and choose their pups in person.  

We have made the tough decision not to take a "breeder pick" puppy from this litter and wait to see what our next litter brings, therefore all our reservations have moved up one position and we now have one female puppy available. If you're interested, please fill out our online Puppy Application to get the ball rolling.

Day 36 - 06/19/15

The pups are actually in a self potty training phase right now. After the meal, some of the pups are immediately going back into the playpen to potty in the pine shavings, then coming back out to play afterwards.  How smart is that?  The pups I witnessed were Oliver first, then Olivia, Odessa and Orion.  Opal started to doo doo on the concrete floor, so I quickly picked her up and put her in the playpen, but she stopped mid-poop and walked back out to the concrete floor, on a 2nd attempt on the concrete, I picked her back up and put her in the playpen and again she walked back out.  Then I noticed for the 3rd attempt she wandered back into the playpen and did her business in the pine shavings, YAY! She figured it out, that's awesome!

I am observing and intervening when possible towards this effort in hopes that it will make potty training at home much easier.  I've even had people go as far as taking some pine shavings into the yard to a specific place to help the pups associate potty with outside in the pine shavings. That's actually a really brillliant idea! Another bit of good news is that after the pups worming yesterday, I am not seeing any dead worms in the stools today, this is a really good sign that the pups may not even have any and two more additional wormings may not be necessary.

For a whole list of potty training tips as well other helpful documentation, you can view our online Informational Sheets in preparation for bringing your puppy home.

This morning the pups had their first glimpses of the outdoors and it's such a beautiful day here today, sunny and 75 degrees.  The pups were having playtime and momma Benelli was in the outdoor run and they knew it and were curious about it.  I captured a video I titled "The Great Beyond" which is a cute film of the pups all curious about the outdoors. Notice Oliver and Odessa continue to look out the doggy door even after momma Benelli comes in and nurses the other pups, they are so curious they are not even tempted away from the door by a meal. Oliver was the first pup to escape the Puppy Cottage for the great outdoors all on his own. After this cute film, I may take the pups outside in the yard for a first play session and get that on video too, stay tuned!

Day 35 - 06/18/15

As you are probably all aware, this is puppy selection week! I am working on writing up Puppy Profiles and will post them shortly to help those of you who cannot come in person to pick out your pup. For those of you who are selecting a female, the second pick family are coming up from Missouri on Saturday to pick their pup in person, so therefore the selection process is delayed a couple days. In the meantime those who want males can start now.  What you can all do now is send me your top puppy picks via e-mail, message through Facebook or give me a call to discuss.  I will try to get everyone the pup they want. I will either call you or e-mail you back and let you know which one can be yours.

Second Worming

My new wormer finally arrived today and I was very thankful that the worming dosing went so smoothly today, just like the old days. I'm using Evict DS which is a double strength formula meaning use less medicine per pound of body weight and the active ingredient is Pyrantel Pamoate which kills both round worms and hook worms.  The pups lapped up the caramel flavored medicine and kept licking the dosing syringe wanting more after the dose was gone. Now THAT's GOOD STUFF! I apologize that I'm a little late on the 2nd worming as it should've been done back when the pups were 3 weeks instead of 5 weeks, but I was busy with wedding stuff and didn't have the right worming formula (only the bitter stuff that made the pups gag). Therefore, I will worm the pups at weeks 5, 6, and 7 to finish off the schedule.  

This week's milestones: Puppy Socialization / Puppy Selection Week - Pups will belong to a new family!

At the start of this week, the puppies belong to Hickory Hollow, but by the end of the week, they will belong to a new family! Even though they won't know it yet, they will have been spoken for by their new puppy parents and in a couple weeks will get to go to their new homes.

Now that the pups are old enough to have visitors, they will have lots of opportunities for socialization with our big dogs, adults and children. We will also concentrate on acclimating them to noises of all varieties including rapping on pans, opening and closing of doors, blenders, country music on the radio, and whatever else we can think of to condition them for life after Hickory Hollow.

Week 4

Day 34 - 06/17/15

The pups are now eating canned venison and sweet potato dog food every other meal opposite the raw meal. I never mix raw and cooked in the same meal because dogs digest them at different rates and would not want to cause any indigestion for the pups. For the raw meals, I am feeding Darwin's Natural Zoologics on a rotating schedule of chicken, turkey and duck meat and occasionally some beef, which contains bone and vegetables. They LOVE it, they just can't inhale it fast enough and I love it too because their poops are nice and formed.

(click to enlarge)

Day 32 - 06/15/15

It's time to worm the puppies again, but I'm waiting on a new brand of wormer that is supposed to be "caramel flavored and highly palatable".  I don't even want to attempt another dose with that other awful brand.  It contains the same active ingredient which kills roundworms and hookworms, plus some extra flavoring to cover up the bitter taste.  The bottles should arrive in two days thanks to Amazon Prime.

I finally got caught up on this webpage after focusing on my wedding and mini-honeymoon trip for the past week or so.  The blog is now up to date and I have posted puppy portraits and miscellaneous litter photos. ENJOY!

Day 31 - 06/14/15 Today the pups had a BUNCH of visitors! Paul Schulte and his brother Chris came to check out the male puppies since he will be taking one home in a few short weeks. My parents and mother/father-in-law, step son and girlfriend, brother-in-law (sister's husband) and his parents and my nieces who brought a friend were also out to see and play with the pups, 15 people in all, whew!  My two neices especially beg to come hold them and help me socialize them, it's always fun to have a Puppy Cottage full of puppy lovers!
Day 30 - 06/13/15

Well, so far the raw meat diet has done the trick for Benelli and her stools are back to being formed and solid, YAY! It's the small things that make a BIG difference in life, LOL!   I also noticed that almost immediately after eating a meal of raw meat, Benelli will go nurse her puppies and then regurgitate her meal for the pups to eat, I had witnessed this only on a few other occasions with both Benelli and HOPE and have read that it is somewhat uncommon in domestic dogs. Naturally this is pure instinct as that is how wild canines wean and feed their young.  The pups ate momma's offering with gusto, so I got an idea... I decided to try the youngsters on Darwin's Natural Zoologics for a meal and see how they like that.  Naturally they LOVED it and gulped it down as fast as they could.  This is a huge difference from the enthusiasm they show when eating canned food... Hmmm, I think there might be something to be said for this experiment...

Day 29 - 06/12/15

The LIVE Puppy Cam is now online in the Puppy Cottage. I apologize for periods of inactivity on the cam, the puppy playpen is so large that I cannot get the entire area in the video feed window. When not seen, the puppies are actually sleeping in a bed against the wall underneath the camera (check out the video "New Sleepin' Spot"). The area that will be most fun to watch is the middle of the playpen when the pups are awake.

Benelli has had one heck of a time with diarrhea during this litter which is typical for this timeframe in the pup's development. I have to feed her double or triple her normal meals so she has enough calories to make milk, but it just seems to go in one end and out the other pretty quickly, so I'm wondering if the high calorie food is too rich of a diet. She's currently being fed Native 4 which is a 5-star food.  But, I've just had it with frequency of the clean-up efforts so I've decided to switch her to a raw diet with meaty bones to see if that helps dry things up.  I have a German Shepherd named Dax that is on a raw diet which I prepare myself (after much research and mentoring) and also supplement with Darwin's Natural Zoologics (frozen/pre-packaged). Both Benelli and HOPE look at Dax jealously at meal time, I know they'd love to be fed a raw meal instead of dry kibble, so I'm going to give it a try and see if that helps Benelli's situation.  Keep your fingers crossed... this is the worst part of dog breeding in my opinion is cleaning up this kind of mess every few hours.

I am now adding canned food mixed with baby rice cereal and feeding it to the pups three times per day.  At first I thought they liked it okay, but they aren't eating it with as much enthusiasm as I have seen in other litters.  It seems some of the pups are more interested in playing and exploring the Puppy Cottage at mealtime than eating, and then I worry that they aren't getting enough of momma's milk to sustain them until the next meal.  A couple of the pups seemed to be a little lethargic and to me that's somewhat worrysome and a cause for action. I am pondering my next move.  

Day 28 - 06/11/15

Here is how the pups weigh-in at 4 weeks:

1 Oliver 3 lbs, 15.0 oz 6 Ozzie 3 lbs, 14.5 oz
2 Oakley 3 lbs, 8.5 oz 7 Olivia 4 lbs, 1.0 oz
3 Orion 3 lbs, 7.0 oz 8 Opal 3 lbs, 15.5 oz
4 Odessa 4 lbs, 2.5 oz 9 Osiri 4 lbs, 1.5 oz
5 Olexa 3 lbs, 8.0 oz      

Late tonight we moved Benelli and the pups out to the Puppy Cottage in order for us to get some much needed sleep. The pups are just 4 weeks old and this is the time when I normally move them anyway, but this has been an unusually vocal litter and the silent night will be a welcome change, not to mention Benelli begs to get outside at least once every couple hours, so a full night's rest has been non-existent for a couple weeks now..

I just posted a video of the pups in their new sleepin' spot, it shows John gently placing them in their new bed in the cottage and giving them a little tender lovin' in the process (so sweet).  He comments that the pillow is new knowing what the pups will eventually do to it (chew off the corners and pull out all the stuffing), but I respond by saying that each litter gets a new pillow when they move into the Puppy Cottage so they can enjoy a fluffy and fresh bed, at least for a few days anyway...  View videos

This week's milestone: Rough Play / Weaning Begins / Move to Puppy Cottage

I am no longer weighing puppies on a daily basis now, however I will still weigh them weekly.

Right now the pups are so sweet and gentle and when they come to see you they are snuggly and want to be held and get some attention. For the most part, they like to crawl into your lap and go to sleep. In a few days, this will all go away and they begin to become little monsters (lovingly referred to of course). They will bite everything they can get their little mouths on including fingers, toes and their favorites... shoelaces! As their little personalities emerge this week, we will be posting puppy personality profiles in preparation for Puppy Selection Week starting next weekend!

Week 3

Day 27 06/10/15

Today the pups had their first introduction to weaning cereal. I make a gruel of goat's milk and baby rice cereal mixing it to a consistency like slightly thickened milk. Over the next couple feedings I will increase the thickness so that it is more like a paste and then once they are eating that pretty well, I will start adding canned dog food.  I use goat's milk because it's easier for dogs to digest than cow's milk. I took a video of the pup's first cereal meal.  View videos

Day 25 - 06/08/15

I always feel bad for the pups during feeding time, since Benelli has 9 pups and only 8 faucets at the milkbar, one pup is always left out of each meal.  I will be starting the pups on weaning cereal soon so that they can all enjoy a meal at the same time.


Day 23 -

The pups had a very special visitor today! Usually I don't allow visitors until the pups are at least 4 weeks old, but I made a special exception. Richard Patterson, the owner of our stud dog Jimmy (paired with HOPE in a few prior litters) was in town from Kansas City for John and my wedding today, so we invited him to see the pups. HOPE just loves him and immediately remembered him from her visits to Kansas City to see Jimmy. How special that he was able to hold and cuddle them!

The pups canine teeth are starting to cut through the gums today.

Day 21 - 06/04/15

Here's how the pups weigh-in at three weeks:

1 Oliver 2 lbs, 14.5 oz 6 Ozzie 2 lbs, 12.5 oz
2 Oakley 2 lbs, 15.5 oz 7 Olivia 3 lbs, 1.8 oz
3 Orion 2 lbs, 11.0 oz 8 Opal 3 lbs, 4.1 oz
4 Odessa 3 lbs, 4.3 oz 9 Osiri 2 lbs, 15.4 oz
5 Olexa 2 lbs, 8.7 oz      


This week's milestones: Cutting Teeth / Play behavior

This is my absolute favorite time with the pups.  Their eyes and ears are now open and they are becoming playful and inquisitive about their surroundings. This week the pups will really start playing with each other, play bowing, yipping, pouncing and chewing on each other. Their individual personalities begin to develop and they will begin to do some of their natural doggy behavior for the first time. They will also begin to cut teeth, first the canines will poke through followed by the incisors a few days later.

Week 2

Day 19 -

The pups are starting to interact with each other more and more and today I noticed that the pups are atually playing with each other, biting and pouncing, tumbling and rolling around.  I also noticed one sitting and pawing at the other to initiate play, SO CUTE!!

Also now that the pups can see they are curious about their surroundings, so first and foremost they are curious about what's outside the box.  I had to add the door to the whelping box to keep a "Curious George" inside.

Day 18 -

FYI... for those of you who follow the blog, I am going to apologize now that these posts will be few and far between for the next week or so. I'm getting married this weekend and have been and will be working on wedding preparations as well as taking care of pups with not much time for anything else.  I need to prioritize the time I have left before the BIG DAY, and concentrate on things that MUST be done. Please rest assured that I will still take notes on developmental progress and photos that I will post later. I thank you for your understanding and I'm sorry to disappoint anyone.

 Pups ears opened today.

Day 17 -

First Worming

For those of you that have followed my litter blogs in the past, you know how much I dread worming days. The task used to be so easy before the manufacturer changed the formula and now the pups hate it.  It must taste bitter because they will protest and shake their heads violently slinging the wormer everywhere as they cough it up and spit it out as well as foam at the mouth. It's a horrible task and I feel bad for the pups.  I keep hoping they will make changes to the formula again to make it more palatable, but so far they haven't. I think it may be about time for a letter to the company...

Day 15 -

The pups nails were getting really long and snagging in the carpeting of the box, so they all got their first nail trims today.  Most pups took it like little troopers, but for the few that didn't luckily at this age they are still relatively easy to handle even though they are strong little wigglers. I noticed that their ear canals are deepening and will eventually open allowing the pups to hear more clearly.

Week 2 Puppy Portraits have just been posted! Look how cute they are with their little eyes open, now is when things start to get fun with them!

Day 14 -

Pups are steadily gaining weight and are doing well.  Here's how the pups measure up today at 2 weeks:

1 Oliver 2 lbs, 1.7 oz 6 Ozzie 2 lbs, 1.5 oz
2 Oakley 1 lb, 15.5 oz 7 Olivia 2 lbs, 6.0 oz
3 Orion 1 lb, 14.6 oz 8 Opal 2 lbs, 4.8 oz
4 Odessa 2 lbs, 6.3 oz 9 Osiri 2 lbs, 4.5 oz
5 Olexa 1 lb, 12.3 oz      


This week's milestone:  Cutting Teeth / Ears will open

Now that the puppies eyes are open, they will begin to see clearer and clearer each day. Supposedly they can only see shadows for the first few days, but pretty soon they will begin to notice me as I come into the nursery and will wander to the edge of the box for some love and attention.  

Just as significant as the eyes opening, the ear canals will deepen this week until they will become completely open and allow the pups to hear crisp noises and not just muffled sounds. Later this week, the pups will be noticeably affected by all the new sounds around them, so we must be very careful for the first few days to introduce them to noises gently and not harshly.

Week 1

Day 13 -

Here's today's eye opening update.

1 Oliver Both open 6 Ozzie Both 3/4 open
2 Oakley Both 3/4 open 7 Olivia Both open
3 Orion Both 3/4 open 8 Opal Both open
4 Odessa Both 3/4 open 9 Osiri Both open
5 Olexa Both 1/2 open      

I must say this is one of the most vocal litters I've had to date, they are "talking" up a storm with frequent yips, barks and howls.

I just posted a YouTube Video called "Stirred Up / First Steps", ENJOY!

Day 12 -

Today during the weign-in, I noticed that Olivia's eyes are completely open already! Wow!  She is the first to reach this milestone so I wanted to share a photo with you.


Day 11 -

Here's today's eye-opening update!

1 Oliver Both 1/4 open 6 Ozzie corners starting
2 Oakley corners starting 7 Olivia Both 1/2 open
3 Orion corners starting 8 Opal Both 1/2 open
4 Odessa corners starting 9 Osiri Both 1/4 open
5 Olexa corners starting      


Day 10 -

These pups are growing like little weeds, they are all strong and healthy and are already trying to get up off their bellies and walking instead of scooting across the floor.  

Also, I've noticed that this is a very vocal group of pups.  They have already found their voices and are able to howl, yip, growl and bark, which makes for peaceful nights few and far between, LOL!

Day 9 -

The pups eyes are starting to open! I can see the eyelids starting to separate at the inside corners near the nose.  It will be fun to see how much they change each day over the next few days.

The pups are fat, healhty and strong. A few of the pups are even getting up on all fours trying to take their first steps instead of scooting across the box on their bellies.

Day 7 -

At one week, here's how the pups weigh-in:

1 Oliver 1 lb, 7.4 oz 6 Ozzie 1 lb, 6.5 oz
2 Oakley 1 lb, 3.7 oz 7 Olivia 1 lb, 3.4 oz
3 Orion 1 lb, 1.9 oz 8 Opal 1 lb, 10.4 oz
4 Odessa 1 lb, 7.6 oz 9 Osiri 1 lb, 9.6 oz
5 Olexa 1 lb, 2.7 oz      


This week's developmental milestone:  Eyes will open!

I think the most exciting developmental change happens for the pups this week, their eyes will be opening about mid-week. Once they do, the pups take on a whole new appearance and personalities start to emerge.  The process starts when the crease between their eyelids starts to deepen until they separate, first at the middle corner of the eye and then working across to the outside edges.  The opening process can take a few days from the first peak of the glistening eye beneath until we are able to entirely see those beautiful baby blues.


Birth Week Day 5 -

At this young age, I am weighing the pups daily, every morning to make sure they are gaining and adequate amount of weight. It is especially important when there are more pups than milk faucets on momma Benelli because this means at every meal one pup won't get any.  

I've noticed that Benelli has been good at waking up pups to nurse when she comes back into the box, but some remain asleep for a nursing session which allows the pups to rotate through better, meaning not all pups are nursing during a particular session.  There have been a couple of the smaller pups that I thought needed a little extra attention because they hadn't gained as much overnight as expected, so I made sure they got plenty of chances at the milkbar.

Here's how the pups weigh in at 4 days old:

1 Oliver 1 lb, 2.8 oz 6 Ozzie 1 lb, 3.8 oz
2 Oakley 1 lb, 0.2 oz 7 Olivia 1 lb, 4.5 oz
3 Orion 14.9 oz 8 Opal 1 lb, 6.2 oz
4 Odessa 1 lb, 4.7 oz 9 Osiri 1 lb, 5.1 oz
5 Olexa 1 lb, 0.5 oz      

Also, I have been taking quite a few miscellaneous photos of the litter which I will add to this page soon. Stay tuned...  


Day 4 -

The spots on the pups' skin are now showing up, just like a Polaroid photo, they seemingly have come out of nowhere and have "developed" overnight.  The color is appearing in their noses, right now most pups have spots of both pink and black, but eventually the black pigment will completely fill in all over the nose.

Day 3 -

Today I started the Super Dog program with the puppies. If you don't know what this is, you can read more about it here:  Super Dog Program

I certainly believe that these methods of helping to stimulate the growth of the puppy's nervous systems do work, otherwise we wouldn't do them. Most pups don't mind being put in the weird positions, but some are uncomfortable with it and complain a little.  They are only held in these positions for around 5 seconds so it's over and done with very quickly.

The umbilical cords have dried and shriveled up and are now falling off. During the daily weigh-in, I also spend time checking them over thoroughly for anything out of the ordinary.

Day 1 -

All 9 puppies are doing great and nursing well.

The LIVE Puppy Cam is now online and the first puppy portraits have been posted. Click on any photo to enlarge it.  I also posted a bunch of photos on Facebook yesterday as the whelping was happening, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you can visit my page here:  Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setters


Thursday, May 14th, 2015

I checked on Benelli periodically throughout the night, but she seemed to be resting comfortably without distress, so I actually got some good sleep last night in preparation for today's whelping.  

The morning went pretty smoothly, but by around 2:25 pm she started getting anxious and panting heavily so I knew that was a good sign that whelping would begin soon.


2:52 pm



11.8 oz

7 1/4"

3:37 pm



11.4 oz

3rd 4:16 pm male Tri-color 9.7 oz 6 3/4"
4th 5:17 pm female Tri-color 12.0 oz 7 1/2"
5th 6:00 pm female Tri-chestnut 10.3 oz 6 3/4"
6th 6:12 pm male Tri-color 11.2 oz 7"
7th 6:54 pm female Tri-color 12.0 oz 7 1/2"
8th 7:53 pm female Belton 13.1 oz 8'
9th 9:15 pm female Belton 12.3 oz 7 3/4"

10:45 pm - Momma and pups are finally in the DuraWhelp box, all are doing well and are now resting after the tiring ordeal.

The LIVE Puppy Cam will be brought online tomorrow so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

This morning Benelli's a.m. temp was slightly lower than yesterday's morning temp at 99.5, so I will take it again in a few hours to see if it is dropping.

At around 1:30 p.m. Benelli's temp had dropped rapidly and was already reading 97.7, well below the red line of 98.4.  I think we are definitely on 24-hour puppy watch now.  

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

For the past several days I've been monitoring Benelli's condition by taking her baseline temperature every day at the same time each morning and evening.  Pre-whelping her temperature drops about one degree and hangs out around 99.5, once her temp drops below 98.4 that signifies whelping will happen usually within the next 12-24 hours.

Benelli's evening temp was way up which could indicate the spike before it starts to drop. Temp reading this p.m. was 100.1. This could be the beginning...

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Benelli' x-ray showed the probability of nine pups, due next Friday, May 15th.

Litter O_x-rayl.jpg
Monday, May 4th, 2015

Benelli has an appointment this Friday, May 8th for her x-rays to get a final pup count before delivery. I will post the x-ray photos as soon as I can on that day.

So if you're not on Facebook, now might be a fun time to get on our Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setters page because we are playing the Name Game during the last week while waiting for the pups to come.  Since this is "Litter O" I always ask my followers to send me their "O" name suggestions so that I can give each pup a temporary name while they reside here at Hickory Hollow instead of calling them Pup#1, Pup #2, etc. It's always a fun time when people start suggesting names.  So here's what our Facebook Followers have suggested thus far:

Oakley, Olaf, Olympia, Orchid, Orlando, Oasis, Octavia, Ollianna, Ollie, Oops (but I like "Ollie Oops" together as one name instead of two), Oscar, Olive, Opal (my grandma's name), Omelette, Opus, Orion, Oriole, Outlook, Oliver, O'Reilly, O-rangy, Oodles, Orangutan, Octavious, 007, Odoriferous, Outlaw, Otter, Olivia, Odie, On It, Obiwan, Oscar, Ophina, Oceanna, Otto, Ozzie, Oz, Ophelia, Oprah, Odd, Odessa, Odum, Opie, Obidia, Othello, Obie, and Oreo.

WOW, there's some really good ones in this list, no doubt some of them will have the distinction of being used for one of these pups.  Thanks everybody for your participation!

Friday, April 10th, 2015

It has been almost a month since the first breeding between Benelli and Jack, and upon palpation, I believe I can feel little puppies in Benelli's belly!  At this stage of development, they are about the size of a robin's egg.  I think she is also experiencing a little morning sickness with the hormone changes because she's not eating her dinner as well as she usually does and she's been grumpy towards her mother HOPE.  These are all good signs and are to be expected when pregnant.  Expected due date is around May 15th.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Benelli was successfully bred to Jack between March 13-18, at this point we are just waiting to confirm pregnancy at about 4 weeks, so not much in the way of news until that timeframe. An ultrasound would confirm pregnancy around day 28 but for the past few litters I have decided not to spend the $100 on that procedure since I can really start to tell at about 5 weeks whether or not she's getting a fatter belly and her behavior starts to change as well anyway. In lieu of spending money at the vet for the ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation, I opt to wait and allocate those funds to an x-ray to be done in the last few days before pups are born in order to confirm litter count. I think the allocation of funds in this area is much more beneficial, it takes some of the worry away on whelping day knowing how many pups to expect and to better judge how to handle a situation if complications should arise during whelping.

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

We've had breedings between the pair at regular intervals from Friday the 13th through today, so as far as we can tell this mating has  been successful.  Now we wait for about 4 weeks to confirm pregnancy.

Friday, March 13th, 2015

It's confirmed, we have our first breeding between Benelli and Jack today (which is day 10 of her cycle, PERFECT)!  

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Benelli started her heat cycle today and we have plans to breed her to Jack next week, March 11-15, 2015. Then it will be at least 28 days before we can determine pregnancy.  For the past few litters I have skipped the pregnancy confirming ultrasound to instead opt for x-rays during the last week of gestation (around 8 weeks) so that we can count how many pups she will be having.  Stay tuned!





  Litter "O" Pedigree - Hickory's HOPE for Birds x Cash's Single Barrel Jack


Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Cash's Single Barrel Jack



Hand's Jake Bondhu


Peterman's Levi Bondhu


Lynnhill's Jack Bondhu


Gladstone Wind'em        1475163

Lynnhill Bondhu Legacy  1467083

Ray's Blackeye Suzy


Casebier's John              1474632

Debbie's Dixie Dew         1466312

Peterman's Misty Rose


Kennedy's Bandit Bondhu


Highway Dan                 1471561

Boone Creek Kate           1504140

Kennedy's Sugar Belle


Lynnhill's Jack Bondhu    1508292

Schooner Sooner Bondhu 1519832

Hand's Ella Mae


Will's Dashing Jake


Straight Creek John


Highland Boomer Bondhu 1347803

Huntmore Bleu Spice       1479179

Straight Creek Tweedy


Dashing Iron Mike          1386582

Flying Flecker Cocoa       1348168

Wingshot Cassie


Wingshot Beau


Wingmaster Mack           1498238

Highway Beauty             1501332

Wingmaster Katie


Highway Dan                 1471561

Pounds Miss Suzy           1464474

Hickory's HOPE for Birds



Advie Tuck


Advie Tuck
Photo by Bob Bartz

Advie Lynnhill Scott


Gladstone Wind'em


L'Count Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre 0580061

N'Coccinelle Wind'em D'Hurlain 0465445

Advie High Beam


Advie Scholar              1447925

Advie Charisma             1448001

Blue Water Dusty


Adam's Spur


King's Royacelle III        1334514

Lady Gladstonyo King     1365318

Missy's Star


Blizzard's Lance             1463715

Tiskilwa Missy               1472500

Hickory's Hunting
with HOPE


Hickory's Hunting with HOPE (click to supersize)

Sillman's Hank Boy

Hank Jr on point

*** Hank ***

"Hunting with Hank"


Henry PrinceOf Pause


Irishking Bondhu Ashly  1344011

Dashing Janette Bondhu  1252137

Chris Blue Babe


King's Bomber III          1364461

King's Gladstone Moll     1400597

Duchess of Adena

Duchess of Adena

Eastfork's Count Toby


Awbonnie's Bull            1301328

Chappy's Little Ginger    1467564

Wind'em Grouse Lady


Dashing Wind'em Sam   1510633

Chappy's Little Peg        1467565



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