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January 2008 Litter Information:  


Duchess / Hank

 Litter ID:


 FDSB Litter #:



 January 18th, 2008

 Litter Count:

 6 total
 (3 males / 3 females)

 Ready by:

 March 7th, 2008


Duchess of Adena          X          Hank Jr on point
                                                                                 (photo courtesy of Dave Sillman)

Dam: Duchess of Adena - "Duchess"

Whelped: March 20, 2002

Coloring: Tri-color

Bloodlines: Bondhu

FDSB #: 1537270

Hips: OFA Certified against HD

OFA #: ES-7185F52F-PI

Owner:  Hickory Hollow Llewellins

Sire:  Sillman's Hank Boy - "Hank Jr."

Whelped: June 17, 2000

Coloring: Chestnut Belton

Bloodlines:  Bondhu

FDSB #: 1519425

Hips: PennHIP Rating: 0.46 (Rating is Excellent and is within 95 percentile for Llewellin Setters)

Owner: Dave Sillman

Breeding:  This is an outstanding pairing of Bondhu dogs with bloodlines including "Dashing Iron Mike" - winner of the first ever Llewellin Setter Field Trial Competition - and the sire being the son of Hank, also known as "Henry PrinceOf Pause", from the show "Hunting with Hank" which has aired on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).

Hank Jr. looks stunningly like his famous father and performs superiorly in the field as well. Duchess of Adena is a proven hunter and a finished dog. Her pups have always had a strong natural instinct and vigor to hunt.

We are so proud to be able to offer pups from such excellent bloodlines and from such a well known hunting dog as Hank. Check out this litter's PEDIGREE.

Pricing: Starting at $750 males / $850 females
Pups will be priced higher than our normal published price due to the use of
Silman's Hank Boy as the stud ("Hank" bloodlines) and the travel / lodging involved.

Click to see more of Paco

Take a look at a 1 year old Chestnut pup from last year's litter by the same parents.

Hickory's High Desert Paco
Owned by Allan Polenz

Hank Jr - 8 weeks old Sillman's Hank Boy Sillman's Hank Boy Sillman's Hank Boy Sillman's Hank Boy

Photos of Hank are courtesy of Dave Sillman





Reservation Status:  

Dixie HHLS Breeder pick
Daisy HHLS Breeder pick
Darby Atkinson
Deuce Henson
Doc Williamson
Denali Pittman

Due to the unexpected cancellation of the reservation for 2nd pick pup and our belief in the extraordinary quality of this litter, we have decided to exercise our breeder rights and take a second pup from this litter. This decision was based purely on a future business opportunity and the ability to continue providing pups from Hank's bloodline. Consideration was also given to subsequent puppy selections to ensure that everyone ended up with a pup that they would've chosen or were very happy with.

Look for pups from "Hickory's Hunting with H.O.P.E."  

and "Hickory's Daisy Duke" in 2010!



The Pups:

M  A  L  E  S

Puppy #:
(according to birth order)




Call Name:

Hickory's "Denali"

Hickory's Dickory "Doc"
(sorry couldn't resist!)

Hickory's "Deuce"


TRI - White/Black/Tan

TRI - White/Black/Tan

White and Black


Weight: (03/01/08)

9 lbs, 3.0 oz

8 lbs, 0 oz

10 lbs, 3.0 oz

Ticking Prediction:

Moderate Light to Moderate VERY Heavy

Personality Profile:

Read about Denali Read about Doc Read about Deuce

Click on the thumbnail to supersize any photo.  Hold mouse over the photo for caption.


Denali-at birth

Doc-at birth

Deuce-at birth

Denali - at birth

Doc - at birth

Deuce - at birth

1 week







2 weeks







3 weeks







4 weeks







5 weeks

Denali-5 weeks

Doc-5 weeks

Deuce-5 weeks

Denali-5 weeks

Doc-5 weeks

Deuce-5 weeks

6 weeks

Denali-6 weeks

Doc-6 weeks

Deuce-6 weeks

Denali-6 weeks

Doc-6 weeks

Deuce-6 weeks

7 weeks

Denali with The Pittmans

Going to MN to live with
The Pittmans

Doc with The Williamsons
Going to IL to live with
The Williamsons

Deuce-7 weeks


Denali-7 weeks

Doc-7 weeks

Deuce-7 weeks

8 weeks

(no photo available)

(no photo available)

Deuce-8 weeks


F  E  M  A  L  E  S

Puppy #:
(according to birth order)




Call Name:

Hickory's "Darby"

Hickory's "Dixie"

Hickory's "Daisy"


White and Black

TRI - White/Chestnut/Tan

TRI - White/Black/Tan


Weight: (03/01/08)

9 lbs, 3.0 oz

9 lbs, 6.0 oz

9 lbs, 5.0 oz

Ticking Prediction:

Light to Moderate Moderate Light

Personality Profile:

Read about Darby Read about Dixie Read about Daisy

Click on the thumbnail to supersize any photo.  Hold mouse over the photo for caption.


Darby-at birth

Dixie-at birth

Daisy- at birth

Darby - at birth

Dixie - at birth

Daisy - at birth

1 week







2 weeks







3 weeks







4 weeks







5 weeks

Darby-5 weeks

Dixie-5 weeks

Daisy-5 weeks

Darby-5 weeks

Dixie-5 weeks

Daisy-5 weeks

6 weeks

Darby-6 weeks

Dixie-6 weeks

Daisy-6 weeks

Darby-6 weeks

Dixie-6 weeks

Daisy-6 weeks

7 weeks

Darby-7 weeks - With new daddy, Aaron.

Dixie-7 weeks

Daisy-7 weeks

Darby-7 weeks - With new daddy, Aaron.

Going to Kansas
to live with Aaron.

Dixie-7 weeks


Daisy-7 weeks


8 weeks

(no photo available)



Daisy with Tim
Daisy's staying in IA
with Tim



Personality Profiles: (These are our current observations and opinions about each pup. Updated 2/19/08)


Denali-6 weeks

This little guy is sweet and gentle, he will come to you seeking your attention. He often sits and watches you as if he's trying to figure you out. He does his share of picking on others as he is at getting picked upon. He can tend to be a little on the whiney side, but what pup isn't at some point, right?


Darby-6 weeks

This little gal is very spunky, active and lively and just as cute as a button! She tries to initiate play with any sibling she comes across and has been seen play bowing and growling a lot. She is very interactive with us during play as well, dodging and jumping at our hands and we move them across the floor. Just try to keep up with Darby and you will be surprised at how FAST she is! She could be an alpha-type personality.


Dixie-6 weeks

This gal is simply a little sweetheart. She is happy wherever she is and rarely utters a word of discontent. She gets along well with all her siblings and can take on the biggest bully of the bunch without getting all upset about being pinned. She really responds to your voice when you are talking to her and looks back at you with those big blue eyes, then comes toward you for some attention. Her happy-go-lucky personality is like a breath of fresh air.


Daisy-6 weeks

This gal is just precious. She is probably the quietest one of the bunch and the one that is most in-tune with us. She is the first one to crawl up into your lap after feeding time or play time and she will snuggle into your arms for as long as you will hold her. She tends to be the one that gets picked on rather than the one doing the picking, but she's starting to take it less and less and has a pretty ferocious growl and bark when a littermate puts her in a position she doesn't like. You go girl, it's about time you stick up for yourself!


Doc-6 weeks

This tiny guy is smaller than the rest of the pups, but is not lacking in personality.  He is bold and explorative and nothing seems to phase him. For being the little guy, he sure does his share of picking on the others as well as getting picked on himself. He will sometimes sit back and watch the others play, just waiting for the opportunity to jump in! Lately he has become a little whiney and is rapidly catching up with Denali in that department.


Deuce-6 weeks

This big guy is very explorative and doesn't mind setting out on his own or being away from the group. He does tend to be an alpha type and does a lot of picking on his siblings. He walks with an aire about him since he's bigger and stronger than the rest. Dixie is the only one that can really stand up to him and pin him on his back (probably due to her equality in size) and he doesn't like that one bit! He is very independent but lately he is becoming more and more people oriented and will come to you for attention.




Video Clips:  (Click on the thumbnail to view the video clip in a pop-up window - Please be patient while videos load)

Puppies kicking in Momma's belly

Puppies nursing

Bath Time

click here to view video

click here to view video

click here to view video

Dixie taking her first steps

Little Drunken Sailors

Quin the Pupsitter

click here to view video

click here to view video

click here to view video

First Cereal Experience

Brissy the Nanny

Fishing for Puppies

click here to view video

click here to view video

click here to view video



Miscellaneous Photos:  (Click on the thumbnail to supersize a photo, hold mouse over smaller photo for caption)
01/18/08 - Duchess with Litter D 01/18/08 - Duchess, the proud momma!

01/20/08 -(LtoR) Dixie, Deuce, Doc (under), Denali, Darby, and Daisy.

01/20/08 - (LtoR) Deuce, Darby, Dixie, Doc (under), Denali and Daisy.

01/20/08 - Doc and Denali snuggling

01/26/08 - Doc at 1 week snuggling with Momma.

01/26/08 - Pups at 1 week suckling from the milkbar. Just look at those little pink bellies!

01/26/08 at 1 week - napping in the box while their whelping pen is cleaned.

01/26/08 at 1 week - Doc and Dixie are still napping.

01/31/08 at almost 2 weeks - Darby snuggles next to Doc and Denali.

02/03/08 - Darby coming to say "Hi".

02/03/08 - Deuce says "I am leaving, these guys are not very exciting."

02/03/08 - Deuce says "Hey Dixie, wake up and play with me!"

02/03/08 - Deuce says "Since no one else will play with me, I will come visit you".

02/03/08 - Deuce says "I know you will pay attention to me".

02/02/08 - Bristol and Quincy stand by waiting to snatch up any of Duchess' leftovers.

02/03/08 - Dixie and Denali cuddling

02/04/08 - Dixie

02/04/08 - Denali (Deuce is behind)

02/04/08 - Deuce

02/04/08 - Darby, Daisy, Deuce and Denali.

02/04/08 - Darby, Daisy, Denali

02/04/08 - Daisy

02/05/08 - Dixie with Quin the Pupsitter

02/05/08 - Dixie with Quin the Pupsitter

02/09/08 - Playtime!

02/10/08 - Visiting Momma during playtime

02/12/08 - A play session

02/10/08 - Tuckered after playtime

02/10/08 - A pile of puppies!

02/12/08 - Deuce

02/11/08 - First introduction to Eukanuba weaning cereal

02/12/08 - Just hanging out!

02/14/08 - A new way to nurse.

02/15/08 - Dixie waits patiently while the whelping pen is cleaned.

02/17/08 - Doc, just checking out his new digs!

02/17/08 - Pups in their new bed in the Puppy Playpen. This is what you are unable to see on the puppy cam.

02/17/08 - Denali looks up at the camera.

02/17/08 - Denali leaning on Daisy with Darby close by and Deuce in the background.

02/23/08 - The puppies love their bed and are in it all the time! 02/23/08 - Darby and Dixie perk up when breakfast is served. 02/23/08 - Darby carries the pheasant wing away. 02/23/08 - Daisy picks her new daddy

02/23/08 - Dixie with Laura

02/23/08 - Darby with our niece, Marissa.

02/23/08 - Denali sleeps next to our niece, Macey.

02/25/08 - (LtoR) Deuce, Doc, Darby, Daisy wait for breakfast to be served. 02/25/08 - (L to R) Denali, Darby, Dixie and Deuce are peeking out and ready to romp and play. 02/25/08 - Breakfast time, Pups are now eating dry Nutri Source Puppy kibble 02/25/08 - Deuce and Dixie are interested in the wing. 02/25/08 - Dixie watches the wing intently 02/25/08 - Darby points the wing 02/25/08 - Daisy on a beautiful point! 02/25/08 - Puppies chasing the wing on a string. 03/05/08 - Daisy and Dixie went for a ride by hanging onto Quincy's tail! 03/05/08 - Denali, Daisy and Doc being naughty 03/05/08 - Puppies interested in the wing on a string.



Snapshots from the LIVE Puppy Cam:  (Click on the thumbnail to supersize, hold mouse over photo for caption)

PuppyCam - 01/23/08

PuppyCam - 01/25/08

PuppyCam - 02/02/08

PuppyCam - 2/13/08



Developmental Progress:

8 weeks

Day 61 - 03/19/08

We now have an empty nest (except for Dixie of course). Deuce flew to Tennessee today. He was supposed to go yesterday, but all the flights were cancelled out of the Cedar Rapids airport due to heavy fog...  He has safely arrived in TN and as we expected, is reported to have "hit the ground running"!


Just posted: 8 week portraits... sorry about the format.


Day 59 - 03/17/08

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Tonight Deuce will be getting another bath in preparation for his big day tomorrow as he SHOULD be flying to his new home in Tennessee. Dixie will be lonely without him since he's the last of her siblings to go. Deuce and Dixie came into the house last night and played and played and played! They ran as fast as they could from the kitchen to the living room and back and then back and forth again until they ran themselves ragged. It was quite the hoot!  Deuce has already mastered the stairs, not to my surprise as Dixie had it licked in less than a minute total.


ALSO, FDSB Registration papers were mailed to The American Field today. If you wanted your dog registered, you should expect your papers back in around 30 days.


Day 58 - 03/16/08

Daisy went to her new home today. She was so excited to meet her new daddy and planted plenty of sweet (wet) kisses on his face. She did really well with her new collar and on a leash for the very first time. She has a new big sister named Lucia (a mini-schnauzer) and they hit it off right away! Daisy's new full name will be Hickory's Daisy Duke.


Day 56 - 03/14/08

Deuce was a little trouper in his new flight kennel on the way to the airport and on the leash walking through the airport today. Everyone came over to meet him because he's just so handsome and were very curious to know what breed he was! Unfortunately, the airlines would not accept Deuce on the filght due to overbooking and weight restrictions because of spring break. Hopefully he will get to fly to his new home in Tennessee this Tuesday.


Pups are now 8 weeks old, still growing like weeds and are gaining upwards of three pounds per week now. They have also become quite destructive in nature and enjoy chewing holes in their bedding and pulling out the stuffing as well as tugging back the rubber flooring in their playpen to expose the dri-deck tiles beneath! They are now to the point where they've outgrown the play pen.


7 weeks

Day 53 - 03/11/08

Deuce and Daisy were microchipped today. They both will be going to their new homes this weekend, then poor Dixie will be left all alone. Dixie (aka H.O.P.E) has been coming into our home regularly to have play sessions with the BIG dogs! She has found the cat's bed and absolutely loves it. In fact if Penelope (the cat) is sleeping in HER bed, H.O.P.E. will roust her out of it so she can have it! It's the funniest thing! I have taken a few photos of her in Penny's bed for your enjoyment (and ours).


03/11/08 - HOPE in Penny's bed - Thinking this might be cool! 03/11/08 - HOPE in Penny's bed - Checking it out 03/11/08 - HOPE in Penny's bed - Trying it out 03/11/08 - HOPE in Penny's bed - Getting Comfortable 03/11/08 - HOPE in Penny's bed - Finally cashed out
Day 51 - 03/09/08

And then there were three... The puppy nursery has been much less chaotic lately after Darby, Doc and Denalli flew the coop this weekend. The remaining three are like little peas in a pod. They snuggle in their bed and they play together very well. Daisy and Deuce will be with us until next weekend when Deuce will fly to Tennessee and Daisy will start her new life in Des Moines, IA. Until then, we are thankful that Dixie has company in the play pen.


Day 50 - 03/08/08

Doc and Denalli went to their new homes today. Doc's new name is Leo, Denalli's new name is Cash. We are just so thrilled with the wonderful new lives these pups are embarking upon.


Just posted - new families for Doc and Denali


Day 49 - 03/07/08

Darby was the first one to leave the nest today. Bright and early her new family arrived at Hickory Hollow and got to see her for the very first time in person. It was a very touching moment for Darby to meet her new daddy, daddy's girlfriend, grandma and grandpa, and for us to see how much she will be loved and cared for. Her new name will be Hickory's Indiana Belle, "Indie" for short.  Duchess approved of Darby's new family and got to say good-bye to her daughter and see that she was leaving in a big van with a loving new family and a Brittany Spaniel for an older sister. She was at peace with that.


Just posted - 7 week portraits (view now)


The pups are now ready to fly the coop. They are increasingly more and more unimpressed by their extra large play pen and are eager to get out and explore the world. They are definitely ready to start their new lives, the one that begins on the other side of the play pen wall.


6 weeks

Day 48 - 03/06/08

Boy, are these pups ready to go home! You can tell they are getting really bored with their play pen and are just busting at the seams to get out for a new area to explore. Today we had our first "No Jump" lesson... by the end of the lesson, the pups were catching on and stayed off the playpen door very well. Not that they will remember the next time, but they are almost to the point where training will start to stick. I'm sure their first lessons after they go home will be potty training! These dogs are so smart, I'm sure they will catch on to that lickety-split.


Just posted: More miscellaneous photos! (view now)


Day 46 - 03/04/08

Microchips were implanted today for the pups that are going home this weekend (Doc, Darby and Denali). They were great little troupers and didn't even flinch a bit. I was so proud of them! Hopefully the others will do just as well next week.


Duchess is no longer nursing the pups and her milkbar is already showing a significant reduction in size. I'm sure she appreciates that!


Day 43 - 03/01/08

First I must apologize for the lag time in between the blog posts. I've had a very hectic schedule lately with late nights and early mornings and puppy duties with not much time in between for blogging.


Today was a big day for the puppies, they had their fourth worming and also their first vaccinations as well as having their 6 week portraits taken. They also had some visitors (my nieces) who thoroughly enjoy getting down on the floor and playing with them. They played hard and finally crashed after about 40 minutes of chasing the wing on a string, chewing shoestrings, dragging my boots around, tugging on blankets and pony tails, and biting toes and ear lobes. I was really surprised at how long they played just because the vaccinations tend to make them tired for the day.


Just posted:  6 week portraits and weight measurements.


WOW, these pups are growing like WEEDS! Most pups are already 9 pounds with Deuce topping out at 10 pounds (a stocky little chunk) and little Doc still at only 8 pounds (a petite little guy). The pups are sleeping less and less and are able to now play for about 30 minutes before they are all tuckered out. They are eating dry kibble consistently now, even though they still try to nurse on momma when she's around, but she will growl at them and warn them not to. We also removed the platform for the water dish as they are now big enough to reach it on their own without the extra step up. They like to put their front paws on the little round bricks to give them a little boost, but for the most part they don't have trouble reaching the water dish. Half of the pups will be going home next weekend already and boy has the time just flown by.

5 weeks

Day 38 - 02/25/08

These days it's total chaos in the Puppy Nursery when the pups are let out of the playpen for dinner time. We've been fishing for puppies with the wing on a string a lot lately, seeing who will be the first to bite! Darby and Daisy are definitely the most interested, with Dixie and Deuce just behind them. Doc was very curious about it today and so was Denali. We think they will catch on soon enough. We've posted a few more miscellaneous photos and a video clip for your viewing pleasure. (view photos) (view clip)


Day 36 - 02/23/08

WOW, Puppy Selection went lickety-split this year! Thanks to all of you who kept in touch over the past week and formed your opinions and lined up your choices ahead of time. I believe the puppy picks went well and for the most part everyone actually ended up with the pup they wanted, regardless of their rank in the selection order. We love it when it works out so well for everyone! YIPPEE!


Week #5 portraits have been posted as well as a few more miscellaneos photos.


Puppy Selection starts this week! The pups are becoming much more active these days and play for longer periods of time before crashing for a nap. They are eating dry food and drinking water from the automatic waterer really well. This is the stage that I begin lovingly referring to the pups as "my little monsters"! They are into everything, are usually under my feet, and chew on everything, including your fingers and toes, OUCH!


4 weeks

Day 32 - 02/19/08

Around 5 pm this evening, I was curious to see how the pups would react to a pheasant wing. I was not at all surprised that Darby was the first to notice it, sniff it and follow it around. The faster it moved, the faster she moved, and she's quick! The second to notice it was Daisy, she was VERY curious about it and was sniffing it, but what really surprised me about Daisy was that she actually stopped and pointed it, tail up, head low and everything. When I circled it around her she just moved her head to follow it but stayed on point! I was just thrilled to see this behavior out of such a young pup. Dixie was the last pup to really care about the wing, sniffing and following it. None of the other pups could've cared less, but they could've been distracted with their romping and playing as it was chaos in the playpen during that time.


Day 31 - 02/18/08

This morning as we are completely snowed in due to the drifts across our country roads, the pups are all snuggled into their warm bed in the play pen. They are very smart about leaving the bed to go potty, but then go right back in to snuggle. Doc did his business then proceeded to wipe his feet in the cedar (it was too funny to see the little guy doing that).


The pups are now starting to interact more with inanimate objects, such as their rubber balls and bones, during play. Up until this point, they have only been initiating play with us or their litter mates, but are rapidly becoming aware of stuff they can chew on (my toes) or tug on (a blanket or my coat sleeve) or pull the stuffing out of (their momma's bed).


Day 30 - 02/17/08

I've got lots of fun updates for you today! Puppy Personality Profiles have been posted (read now). The puppy stats section of this page has just been updated with current weight measurements, our predictions about how much ticking the pups will have as adult dogs as well as the reservation status in preparation for next week's selections (view now). I have also changed up the miscellaneous photos section in order to make the photos easier to view and have added a new video clip of "Bristol the Nanny" (view clip). ENJOY!


Day 28 - 02/15/08

Today was the last day that the puppies will be in the whelping box as it is now time for them to be transferred to their 9' x 4.5' play pen. The pups are all weighing over 5 pounds now, except for little Doc, he's still lagging behind in the weight department, but not in the personality department! Puppy portraits, personality profiles, weight measurements and ticking predictions should be ready sometime tomorrow.


Third worming


We are now to the point where momma is taking care of the pups less and less and I am taking care of them more and more! This week is a major milestone for the puppies because they will be transferred to the new nursery and puppy play pen which will make this process much easier on me! This week I will be posting puppy personality profiles in preparation for selection week starting next weekend.


3 weeks

Day 26 - 02/13/08

The weaning process is going very well. The puppies like the Eukanuba weaning cereal and cleaning up afterwards has been a breeze compared to when we used Esbilac 2nd Stage cereal because it was sticky. The Eukanuba cereal is not sticky at all and therefore we don't have remains of breakfast on the pups all day long!


Deuce was the first one to discover the water bowl and sit down for a long drink, next was Denali and Daisy. These pups are all pretty smart!  


More miscellaneous photos taken during this week have been posted (view).  


Day 24 - 02/11/08

Well, we are starting the weaning process at least 3 days ahead of schedule as compared to Litter C, but these pups are definitely ready. When presented with their dinner in the new format, most pups took to it right away. Check out the video of their first meal of the Eukanuba weaning cereal.  (view clip)


Day 23 - 02/10/08

The puppies teeth are almost all in now. The front teeth including the canines are in and the lower molars are now in, but the upper molars are just starting to cut the gums. Their beautiful baby blue eyes are starting to turn the deep amber that they will be as adults. The color change starts at the pupil and spreads outward.


When the puppies were out of the box for a play session, a couple of them wandered by Duchess' breakfast (which she hadn't eaten yet) and the next thing I knew they were diving into it and mowing down!! I couldn't believe it, especially since the kibble was so large. That's when I decided to go make some breakfast for them with the Nutri Source small puppy sized kibble soaked in hot water. They went at that with total enthusiasm; and they haven't even been introduced to cereal yet! At three weeks I would've thought it was a bit early to start the weaning process, but these pups are ready. This evening I am going to prepare them a meal of Eukanuba weaning cereal because I think that will be easier for them to eat than the chunkier kibble since their molars aren't completely in yet and it would be hard for them to chew.


Just posted 3 week puppy portraits! (click to view)


Day 21 - 02/08/08

This is the time that we like to start taking the puppies out of the whelping box for socialization sessions, usually two or three pups at a time. They get to go to a different room in the house to explore, meet the "big dogs", and are handled by people, both adults and children (namely my nieces). When exploring, most pups are not afraid to venture away from the security of their littermates or us and usually have their noses to the ground, taking in all the new scents.


Second Worming


This is my absolute FAVORITE time during puppy rearing when the puppies are at this age. They are sweet and tender and give soft kisses; their teeth are not fully developed, so when they chew on you it doesn't hurt yet, they are curious and like to explore their surroundings for the first time and they are still slow enough to catch when they wander too far!


Now that the pups are three weeks old they are becoming very attentive and you can actually capture their attention. They are also initiating play with their litter mates. They paw at each other and chew on each other, as well as bark and growl. They have definitely found their little voices. They will also lunge forward during play and spin in circles, sometimes losing their balance and topping over. They are just hilarious to watch and are such characters.


During this week we will begin socializing the pups to new and different surroundings as well as all kinds of noises. This practice will help to make the pups more easily adjust to change in the future.


2 weeks

Day 20 - 02/07/08

We've had an escape!! This evening, little Denali decided that he wanted to explore what was on the other side of the box... and so he did!  We had been observing that the pups were getting stronger and more inquisitive and had anticipated that an escape would happen soon.  


Therefore, we added the half-door panel to the box so that the "exit wall" would be much taller and hold them in for another few days. Probably before they turn 4 weeks, we will have to have the full door on the box because the half-door won't contain them any longer either.  Right after that happens, we will be taking them out to the new facility to romp and play in the big play pen.


Day 19 - 02/06/08

The pups are now starting to display their playful natures. They are pawing at and chewing on each other as well as vocalizing with play growls and barks.


Day 18 - 02/05/08

When the pups are born, both their eyes and their ears are closed.  Their eyes usually open at 1 1/2 weeks, but now their ear canals are deepening and soon they will be open.  The pups are hearing better every day and even the slightest noise can sometimes stir them from their slumber. Darby, Doc and Dixie's teeth cut through the gums today.


Our German Shepherd, Quincy, just loves the puppies and believe it or not, of all our dogs, he is the one Duchess trusts with her pups. We call him our pupsitter because he is so patient and gentle with them. It is great socialization for the pups to spend time with "the big dog" and they all love the Quin man. (view clip)


Just posted are more miscellaneous photos during this week (click to view)


Day 17 - 02/04/08

The puppies (Denali, Daisy and Deuce) are starting to cut teeth now. They have been forming under the gums for several days now, but now the teeth are beginning to cut through, starting with the canines.


We are also starting to notice that Deuce is quite the little character. He is a very vocal pup and barks if he's got something to tell you, especially if momma comes into the box to check everyone and then doesn't sit down for a nursing session. He seems to let his frustrations known that he wanted a little dinner! This isn't always funny, especially at 4 o'clock in the morning...


Day 16 - 02/03/08

Today was the final day of our Super Dog program and the pup's personalities are starting to emerge. It's amazing how much difference just a few days makes and the possibility that the program has advanced the pups to this point so early. Here are a few of our observations:

    Darby and Doc were visibly the most responsive of all the pups early on. The third was Dixie. These pups were the first to come to the edge of the box to greet you and enjoy being petted. We find Darby and Doc laying next to each other a lot and are like peas in a pod.


    Darby and Deuce were the first to wag their tails in response to our voices.

We have seen the first evidence of playful nature. Darby and Deuce both tried to initiate play with a fellow littermate. I happened to catch Deuce in a few photos (click to view).


All of the puppies are now up on their feet and walking around. They look like little drunken sailors as they wobble around, sometimes losing their balance and falling over. View a video clip of the puppies being very active (view clip).


Day 15 - 02/02/08

The puppies had their two week portraits taken today. They are simply precious and I love being able to see their gorgeous eyes and the sweet innocence in their faces.


Photos just posted:

     Portraits - 2 weeks old (click to view)

     Miscellaneous photos during this week (click to view)

     Snapshot from the LIVE Puppy Cam (view snapshot).


First Worming


Now that the pups are two weeks old and their eyes are open, they are coming over to the side of the box to greet you. They are still quite wobbly when they walk and sometimes still scoot around on their bellies, but are starting to get around much better now. They like to snuggle up close to your neck when you cuddle them and sometimes they lick your face and give you tender kisses.


1 week

Day 13 - 01/31/08

Here comes the POOP!  Up until a few days ago, the puppies could not urinate and defecate on their own, they had to be stimulated by Duchess licking them. Now they are definitely doing the pooping on their own. God has just put the odor in the poopoo too! P-U.


The puppies are also growling and barking now. Earlier today I was scratching Daisy on her back and she was growling this little rolling growl at me all the while. I got a kick out of that.  Now that they have their eyes open they are starting to notice you when you are sitting next to the box and some will come over to investigate.


Day 12 - 01/30/08

Doc's eyes are opening today and now ALL the puppies (including Doc) are getting up on all fours and are walking around. Pretty soon they will be romping and playing with each other.  


I had to put the warming lamp back on the box as the room was getting too cold during the day since the thermostat is set lower on weekdays. I didn't want the puppies getting chilled.  You can always tell when they are cold because they will all snuggle up together in one big ball, but when they are comfortable, they will be all spread out.


Day 11 - 01/29/08

Today was another exciting day at Hickory Hollow! Denali and Daisy's eyes are opening now.  Both Dixie and Deuce took their first steps today - bellies off the ground and everything!


I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch Deuce on film, but I was lucky enough to catch Dixie! She's still very wobbly and you just sit and watch, all the while holding your breath and hoping she makes it to where she's going without falling over. Like I said yesterday, don't blink. (view clip)


Day 10 - 01/28/08

Today was a very exciting day in Puppyland! Doc did hit the 2 pound mark today as expected.  Dixie's eyes are beginning to open and Darby and Deuce's eyes are already over half open. It won't be long now until all the pups have them open. Once they are finally open, it will take a couple days for them to be able to focus on things. It gets really fun when they start to recognize you when you come into the room and run over to meet you at the edge of the box.


Another exciting change is that the pups are getting so strong that they are actually sitting up for short periods of time and some are even trying to walk on all fours without scooting on their bellies.  Wow do these little guys change quickly. If you blink, you might miss something!


Day 9 - 01/27/08

At this stage the puppies are changing so quickly. They are all over 2 pounds now except for Doc, but I'm sure he will reach that milemarker tomorrow. At this point, they are all gaining at least 2 ounces a day and some pups are gaining almost 3.


Current weights:



2 lbs, 0.5 oz

Darby 2 lbs, 1.0 oz
  Doc 1 lb, 14.0 oz Dixie 2 lbs, 3.5 oz
  Deuce 2 lbs, 3.5 oz Daisy 2 lbs, 1.0 oz


Darby and Duece's eyes have begun to open. It begins at the corner of the eyes by the tear ducts and works its way across. On these two pups, the crease has just started to open and you can see the eye glistening underneath.


Day 8 - 01/26/08

The crease which separates the pups' upper and lower eyelids is slowly getting deeper and will eventually separate allowing us to get the first glimpses of those  beautiful sparkling eyes.  They are cute now, but they just gain so much personality in their little faces once you can look into their eyes.


We removed the heat lamp and warming tray from the whelping box as the pups are now better able to regulate their own body temperature and don't get chilled as easily. I'm sure Duchess will be very appreciative of that since she seemed to be roasting underneath it.


The pups got their first nail trims today.


Photos just posted:

     More Miscellaneous photos (click to view).  


Day 7 - 01/25/08

Today the pups are one week old already! Most pups are already weighing over 1 1/2 pounds and are rapidly approaching 2 pounds. I have just updated their weights in the puppy stats section.


Photos just posted:

     Portraits - 1 week old (click to view)

     Miscellaneous photos during the first week (click to view)

     Snapshot from the LIVE Puppy Cam (view snapshot).

The puppies are so healthy and strong and getting around quite well and somewhat quickly these days.  Some of the pups are even starting to get their bellies up off the ground, although their balance is not good and they wobble a lot.  The  pup's eyes will be opening this week, we guestimate around next Tuesday (Jan 29th) or so.


Day 5 - 01/23/08

We hope that you all have had a chance to view the puppies through the LIVE Puppy Cam by now. We're sorry that our server crashed so much the first few days, but it seems the LIVE feed web page has been quite popular. On the day the pups were being born, we had over 1,300 hits on our site within a few hours and with that kind of load, it's no wonder the camera server crashed. Now that the traffic has slowed down a bit, it may be easier to get your chance at viewing the LIVE Puppy Cam, so if you haven't seen it yet, go try it again. It's really fun!


In case you still can't get connected, I've just posted a snapshot from the LIVE Puppy Cam (view snapshot).


Also posted new video clip of Duchess giving the pups a bath (click to view)


Day 3 - 01/21/08

Today we began our Super Dog Program. We believe this program aids in the development of the puppy's central nervous system to greatly improve their performance as adults (read more).  The Super Dog Program will run from day 3 to 16 of the pup's life.

Day 2 - 01/20/08

The puppies freckles are already starting to develop on their skin, mainly on their little noses.  Eventually the freckled skin all over their bodies will grow colored hair called ticking.


A second set of portraits of the pups has been posted (click to view).

Also posted a video from today of the puppies nursing (view clip).


Day 1 - 01/19/08

The umbilical cords have shriveled up and are now falling off.  Duchess is such a wonderful mother, tending to them almost 24 hours without let-up. The only time she wants to leave them is to go outside three or four times a day for just a few minutes each time. She's feeding them so well that all the pups have gained almost one ounce or more already.


The first portraits of the pups were posted this afternoon (click to view).  


Dew claws were removed today.


Day 0 - 01/18/08 Pups are born (3 males / 3 females).  Both Duchess and pups are doing well.  

For several hours after birth, the puppies noses are a bright pink as the oxygen from their first breaths circulates throughout their little bodies. At this stage all they do is eat and sleep and are never completely still. They tend to twitch, jerk and stretch even while sleeping. They also have amazing instinctive reflexes to crawl, seek warmth and nurse.

Web Log (Litter D):  (from most recent at top)


Friday, January 18th, 2008   (65 days post-preeding)
  Puppies  are coming!
  4:00 am

Heavy panting starts

  4:35 am

First Stage Labor begins - noticable labor contractions

  5:17 am

2nd Stage Labor begins - the whelping


1st pup


White/Black/Tan 13.0 oz
  5:56 am

2nd pup


White/Black 13.1 oz
  7:30 am 3rd pup female White/Chestnut/Tan 14.3 oz
  7:47 am 4th pup female White/Black/Tan 14.0 oz
  10:48 am

5th pup


White/Black/Tan 12.4 oz
  12:41 pm

6th pup



15.2 oz
  5:00 pm

No more pups after over 4 hours and no more contractions, so we assume she's done. I'm totally exhausted after being up all night, so heading to bed. I will post photos this weekend.

Further blog entries will be found under the pups' Developmental Progress section.

Thursday, January 17th, 2008   (64 days post-preeding)
  9:15 pm

I think we're finally rolling! I have confirmed that Duchess' temp has fallen below the red-line (< 98.4) and is staying there.

7:00  pm reading was 98.2 degrees.
9:00  pm reading was 98.1 degrees.
10:30 pm reading was 97.7 degrees.  (It's dropping like a ROCK!)

Well folks, by this time tomorrow evening Litter D should have arrived!

  5:30 pm

Duchess is really displaying a lot of nesting behavior this afternoon. Temp reading at this point is 98.9 degrees. Duchess' temp is finally falling. I'll take another reading in a few hours to confirm.


7:30 am

This morning's temp reading was 99.6, still above the red-line. When the temp falls to induce labor, it will stay down, thus there is not a chance that we just "missed" taking the low reading during all the fluctuations.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008   (63 days post-preeding)
  10:00 pm
There have been some slight changes in Duchess' status since the 4:30 log.  At about 7:30 pm her temperature spiked to 100.6, which is a significant jump of over one whole degree since the 4:30 pm reading and is higher than any other reading taken so far this entire week. At 9:30 pm, her temp was back down to 99.2 degrees. This quick spike can be one of the indicators that her temp will begin the descent to induce labor. These temp fluctuations are caused by hormonal changes that happen when the body is readying itself for the birth of the pups. This is why monitoring the temperature can tell us a pretty accurate story about when to expect the litter. Now let's hope Mother Nature doesn't throw us for a loop!

4:30 pm

Duchess' temperature still has not dropped and is currently running about 99.2 degrees. Obviously there will be no puppies today and as it looks right now, they may not even come tomorrow unless her temp drops within the next few hours. I'll post another log yet tonight on Duchess' status.


7:30 am

Today is D-Day however no puppies yet! Duchess' temperature this morning was still above the red-line, however it has dropped slightly to 99.2 (the red-line is 98.4). I will be keeping an eye on her all day today and once her temp has dropped to below 98.4, then we should expect pups in around 24 hours.

Duchess refused both breakfast and dinner yesterday and didn't eat breakfast again today so that is one of the first signs of impending delivery! I will keep this blog posted as we know more.

Sunday, January 13th, 2008   (60 days post-preeding)

Today we readied the puppy nursery where the pups will be born by gathering essential supplies, organizing, and washing puppy towels and sheets for the birthing. The 4' x 4' whelping box was also set up which is where momma and pups will stay until the pups are between 3 and 4 weeks old at which time they will be taken to the new puppy facility and spend the rest of their days at Hickory Hollow in the puppy play pen.


We took some photos to share with you.
(Just click to super size them).

Waist: 30 1/4 inches
Weight: can't lift her (haha)

The countdown to whelping is ~3 days.

Setting up the whelping box Duchess observes as she rests.

   Setting up the box

   Duchess just rests

Thursday, January 10th, 2008   (57 days post-preeding)

Tonight the puppies are moving around more than ever (view video clip). Poor Duchess... I both love and hate this time in her pregnancy. It's exciting thinking that the whelping will be soon and we will finally get to meet those precious little wigglers, but at the same time I don't like seeing Duch so miserable. She is just HUGE! You would think her poor little body couldn't expand any more. Check out her measurements! (Good thing she doesn't understand about human stuff, otherwise she might be offended at me posting her waist measurement - haha!).

Waist: 29 3/4 inches
Weight: 62 pounds

The countdown to whelping is ~6 days. YIPPEE!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008   (56 days post-preeding)

Today I've begun taking Duchess' temperature twice daily (morning and evening) to create a baseline so that we can tell when it drops drastically signifying that whelping will happen within 24 hours.  Her temp is running around 99 degrees (normal for a dog is around 101.5 degrees). In dog's, the normal temp will usually drop around 1 degree during the last week of pregnancy, but then right before whelping it will drop even more.  The "red line" as I call it, is 98.4 degrees. Once it drops below that, I know that the time is very near and keep an even closer eye on Duchess for the tell-tale signs of First Stage Labor.

The countdown to whelping is ~7 days.

Saturday, January 5th, 2008   (52 days post-preeding)

We would like to thank all of you who have sent us suggestions for "D" names.  We've been really excited to get them and it's been fun to have your participation. You all have been very creative and there are many names that we will plan to use.

Well, last night (at about 4 am) Duchess began her nesting ritual that comes along with every impending delivery.  She made quite the raucous, bumping the sides of her kennel as she turned circles, scratching and pawing at her bedding. We leave the kennel door open so she can go in and out as she pleases. She doesn't usually lay in there, but lately she's been going in there more often because it's cozy and I believe her nesting instinct draws her there.

The countdown to whelping is ~11 days.

Friday, January 4th, 2008   (51 days post-preeding)

Tonight during Duchess' daily rub, I laid my hand on her belly and really felt the puppies moving around alot. I had been testing for movement for several days and today was the first day that I could really feel anything much more than a slight flutter. From here on out they will be very active, rolling over and stretching their legs, but right now you can only tell they are moving by feeling them move under your hand. In another week, you will be able to actually see the puppies moving because Duchess' skin will swirl. I plan to get some videos of this and will post them to this page because it's absolutely facinating to watch.

For comparison to last year, I have also started measuring her girth and her weight.  
Today's measurements are:

Waist: 27 3/4 inches
Weight: 60 pounds

This seems to be very close to last year's measurements according to the days of gestation. Also same as last year, Duchess is starting to lactate at this point. I noticed this at day 49.

The countdown to whelping is ~12 days.

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008   (48 days post-preeding)

We finally put a stop to Duchess' orneryness these days by simply putting the trash cans that she had been getting into, up and out of her reach. Ha Ha FOILED!

Next week we will begin preparing the nursery room where the puppies will be born. I will be gathering all the necessary whelping supplies, clean towels and the puppy weigh scale and will also set up the whelping box.

Duchess is becoming increasingly uncomfortable due to her expanding belly and so I have been spending extra special time with her in the evenings. At bedtime, she lays down on her bed and snuggles up next to me and I give her a 15 minute body massage. She just LOVES it and grunts and groans with pleasure as I run my hands down her back and stroke her head. If I quit, she puts her paw on my arm as if to say "Don't stop Mom". Duchess is now getting full sized morning and evening meals and is also loving that!

The countdown to whelping is ~15 days.

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007   (38 days post-preeding)

Duchess is really showing her pregnancy now with her ever expanding belly sticking out there. We've started feeding her the special nightly meals and also a half-meal in the morning to appease her appetite. We're slowly mixing in the Nutri Source puppy kibble along with her normal Science Diet kibble to add some much needed nutrients to her diet.

Along with her pregnancy also comes orneryness, surely due to the hormonal changes. Duchess does not normally get into things, but lately the trash cans in the bathrooms has been her focus. We'll come in to find it strung out all over the place. We'll certainly be glad when this behavior disappears and she returns to normal.

This afternoon, I had my hand on Duchess' belly and I actually felt one of the pups move today for the first time. It was just a slight flutter, but it heightens the anticipation even more when you can imagine those precious pups growing inside.

The countdown to whelping is ~25 days.

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007   (35 days post-preeding)

Due to the fact that the Bristol/Splash litter is not going to happen in January 2008 (read the blog), we have renamed Duchess/Hank 2008 to Litter D to keep the litters in chronological and alphabetical order.  We are sorry for the confusion this may cause our viewers.

Duchess is definitely showing her pregnancy now. Her belly is distended and growing due to the puppies inside her.  At 35 days post-breeding, we are already over half way through her pregnancy. Being 5 weeks along in a dog is like 5 months in a human.  Only 4 weeks to go!

Saturday, December 15th, 2007  (31 days post-breeding)

We think Duchess is pregnant!! Last Wednesday was 28-days post-breeding and on that date we could feel at least three different chicken egg sized lumps in Duchess's belly. Since then I've checked a couple more times to make sure I wasn't imagining them, and have successfully palpated several lumps repeatedly. This is great news!

Duchess' appetite is definitely increasing, so in another week, we will be feeding her special nightly meals of consisting of Nutri Source Puppy kibble to supplement her diet. It's rich in protein that the growing puppies need for nourishment.

Nutri Source? Yep, that's right. In the past we've fed strictly Science Diet kibble to our dogs, however this time we are going to experiment with Litter D and try them on Nutri Source. This way we will have a comparison as to what we know Science Diet can do. Don't get me wrong, Science Diet is an EXCELLENT food, however the reason for this change is that Science Diet does not offer a good kibble formula during weaning time when the pups are going from cereal to dry food. The Science Diet kibble in the "puppy small bites" formula is extremely hard and crunchy and does not chop up very well in a food processor, or soften easily in water, making it hard for the young puppies to chew. This causes them to swallow it whole and possibly choke on it. I've voiced my concerns to the Science Diet company that they need a better weaning/transition food, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. On the other hand, Nutri Source offers a softer puppy kibble that seems like it would make weaning a whole lot easier, so we are going to try it this time.

Monday, December 10th, 2007   (26 days post-breeding)

Duchess is already showing many of the tell-tale signs of pregnancy.  She is extremely affectionate, her mammary tissue is beginning to swell, she has an increased appetite and she gets goobery eyes due to the hormonal changes.  I seem to have to clean out her eyes twice daily with a tissue and a warm wash cloth starting about this time during each of her pregnancies.  In about two more days at 28 days post-breeding, we should be able to palpate the fetuses if she is carrying pups.

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

We had another breeding this morning before heading back to Iowa. Now we must wait for what will seem like a very long time, but is actually only about 4 weeks before we can tell if the breeding took and if Duchess is pregnant. There won't be much to report during this time, so blog entries will be sparse for a while.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Today was our last full day in Big Rapids and we are heading home tomorrow. We have had three breedings over the past three days and are hoping for one more tomorrow morning before we get back on the road headed home.  

Here are a few photos we've taken while visiting Hank Jr. (click to supersize)

Hank Jr with Dave Sillman Laura with Duch and Hank Duchess in Dave's fields Laura, Duchess, Hank, and Dave Laura with Duchess

Dave Sillman
with Hank.

Laura with
Duch and Hank.

Duchess hunting
in Dave's field

Duchess, Laura,
Hank. and Dave

Laura with Duchess
at Hemlock Park


Monday, November 12th, 2007

Today we took the 475 mile road trip to Michigan so Duchess could have her romantic date with Hank. Like last year, it took them no time at all to get reacquainted and we had a breeding within a very short time.

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Duchess came into heat on Sunday, November 4th, so we are planning to travel to Michigan next week to breed her to Sillman's Hank Boy. We have updated our projected breeding, whelping and delivery dates at the top of this page.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Duchess has been showing behavioral signs of coming into heat for the past two weeks now. We judge that she should come into season as expected in the first couple weeks of November. We will start keeping this page up-to-date with any new news.


  Litter "D" Pedigree - Duchess of Adena x Sillman's Hank Boy


Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Sillman's Hank Boy


Hank Jr on point

*** Hank ***


"Hunting with Hank"


Henry PrinceOf Pause


Irishking Bondhu Ashly


Machad Ambassador


Cloncurragh Connie, 1150982

Blink Bondhu, 1009066

Bickers Bondhu Ann


Dashing Barry Bondhu, 1049177

Bondhu Alder Mist,  1074514

Dashing Janette Bondhu


Dashing Ringo Bondhu


Dashing Jesshue Bondhu, 0846406

Dashing Swon Bondhu, 0800027

Dashing Setette Bondhu


Dashing Count Bondhu, 0655217

Dashing Kay Bondhu, 0861663

Chris Blue Babe


King's Bomber III


King's Bomber II


King's Bomber, 1289426

King's Bomber Penny, 1289507

King's Gladstone Dinky


King's Gladstone Tony, 1289427

King's Bomber Blazes, 1289506

King's Gladstone Moll


King's Tony O


King's Hightone Tony, 1268676

King's Lady Tonyo, 1130434

King's Royal Alicelle


King's Royacelle, 1129653

King's Royal Candy, 1237298

Duchess of Adena


Duchess of Adena

Eastfork's Count Toby


Awbonnie's Bull


Assrah Wily


Glenowlen Bracken


Bondhu Tiny


Dashing O'Neal Bondhu

Dashing Dimette Bondhu

Chappy's Little Ginger


Chappy's Buster Bondhu


Highland Bandit Bondhu, 1248219

Chappy's Sugar Babe, 1259252

Chappy's Susie Bondhu


Spiers Prince Bondhu, 0296348

Sugar Doll Bondhu, 0225679

Wind'em Grouse Lady


Dashing Wind'em Sam


Dashing Iron Ike


Dashing Iron Mike, 1386582

Lady Amy Bondhu, 1423163

Wind'em Babe


Count Toby, 1381337

Straight Creek Babe, 1298363

Chappy's Little Peg


Dashing Iron Mike


Highland Bandit Bondhu, 1248219

Chappy's Sugar Babe, 1259252

Bob's Dashing Maggie


Count John OfAvon, 1344347

Straight Creek Dottie, 1298364



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