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January 2007 Litter Information:  



Duchess / Hank

Duchess seemingly grins at the camera and is proud of her brood!

 Litter ID:


 FDSB Litter #:



 January 14th, 2007

 Litter Count:

 8 total
 (6 males / 2 females)

 Ready by:  March 4th, 2007



Duchess of Adena          X          Hank Jr on point
                                                                                 (photo courtesy of Dave Sillman)

Dam: Duchess of Adena - "Duchess"

Whelped: March 20, 2002

Coloring: Tri-color

Bloodlines: Bondhu

FDSB #: 1537270

Hips: OFA Certified against HD

OFA #: ES-7185F52F-PI

Owner:  Hickory Hollow Llewellins

Sire:  Sillman's Hank Boy - "Hank Jr."

Whelped: June 17, 2000

Coloring: Chestnut Belton

Bloodlines:  Bondhu

FDSB #: 1519425

Hips: PennHIP Rating: 0.46 (Rating is Excellent and is within 95 percentile for Llewellin Setters)

Owner: Dave Sillman

Breeding:  This is an outstanding pairing of Bondhu dogs with bloodlines including "Dashing Iron Mike" - winner of the first ever Llewellin Setter Field Trial Competition - and the sire being the son of Hank, also known as "Henry PrinceOf Pause", from the show "Hunting with Hank" which has aired on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).

Hank Jr. looks stunningly like his famous father and performs superiorly in the field as well. Duchess of Adena is a proven hunter and a finished dog. Her pups have always had a strong natural instinct and vigor to hunt.

We are so proud to be able to offer pups from such excellent bloodlines and from such a well known hunting dog as Hank. Check out this litter's PEDIGREE.

Hank Jr - 8 weeks old Sillman's Hank Boy Sillman's Hank Boy Sillman's Hank Boy Sillman's Hank Boy

Photos of Hank are courtesy of Dave Sillman




Reservation Status:  




  • Colby - Taylor
  • Cisco - Polenz
  • Copper - Corbett
  • Coon - Mayrose
  • Calvin - Theisen
  • Caruso - Rowley



  • Carly - Grimmett
  • Chloe - Steadman




The Pups:

Males:  (first three)

Puppy #:
(according to birth order)




Call Name:

Hickory's "Cisco"

Hickory's "Coon"

Hickory's "Colby"






White and Chestnut

TRI - White/Chestnut/Tan

White and Black


Amt of Ticking: Light to Moderate Very Light Light to Moderate

Weight: (03/04/07)

9 lbs, 15.5 oz

10 lbs, 11.5 oz

lbs,  oz

Personality Observations: The largest of the pups, and solidly built, but also the biggest sweetheart! He's a very well-rounded pup, self-assured and has lots of affection to give. Very snuggly, explorative and interested in the wing. More independent than most of the pups. Will seek your attention when he wants it and is content to lay in your arms like a baby. Vigorous interest in the bird wing and readily explores his suroundings. This one will be a great hunter!   

Very affectionate, craves attention and to be with you. Likes to snuggle on your chest and give lots of tender kisses on your chin. Playful with litter mates, but also very interested in humans and will stop playing when you come into the room because he'd rather be with you.  Eager to explore his surroundings and very interested in the bird wing.

(click to supersize)

Cisco - at birth

Coon - at birth

Colby - at birth

Cisco - at birth

Coon - at birth

Colby - at birth

1 week:
(click to supersize)

Cisco - 1 week

Coon - 1 week

Colby - 1 week

Cisco - 1 week

Coon - 1 week

Colby - 1 week

2 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Cisco - 2 weeks

Coon - 2 weeks


Cisco - 2 weeks

Coon - 2 weeks


3 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Cisco - 3 weeks

Coon - 3 weeks

Colby - 3 weeks

Cisco - 3 weeks

Coon - 3 weeks

Colby - 3 weeks

4 weeks:
(click to supersize)







5 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Cisco - 5 weeks

Coon - 5 weeks

Colby - 5 weeks

6 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Cisco - 6 weeks

Coon - 6 weeks

Colby - 6 weeks

7 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Cisco with Marla and Allan
Went to live in Oregon
with Marla and Allan
(new name is Paco)

Coon with Jeremy and Amy
Went to live in Nebraska
with Amy and Jeremy
(new name is Chile)

Tiffany with Colby
Went to live in Wyoming
with Mike and Tiffany
(new name is Jack)


Males: (last three)

Puppy #:
(according to birth order)




Call Name:

Hickory's "Calvin"

Hickory's "Caruso"

Hickory's "Copper"






TRI - White/Black/Tan

White and Chestnut

White and Chestnut


Amt of Ticking: Moderate Light to Moderate Moderate

Weight: (03/03/07)

10 lbs, 10.5 oz

lbs, oz

9 lbs, 15.5 oz

Personality Observations:

Very outgoing and friendly, seeks affection, also very aggressive in play with littermates. Could possibly be alpha-type, but only time will tell. Seems to be a well-adjusted pup, not much bothers him and doesn't seem to be whiney. Quickly adjusts to new surroundings. Very interested in the wing and was eager to play with it.

Gentle/mild natured, soft/sweet personality. He sits back and watches things from a distance, but will join in if you encourage him. He wants your affection and attention but begs for it with his eyes. Not overly obnoxious and loves to play with Bristol and had fun beckoning for her to return his playful advances. Good amount of interest in the wing. Affectionate and soft natured. Seeks your attention and readily stays by your side. Cautious when exploring surroundings, but warms up after a little bit of time. Confidence comes with familiarity. He prances when he plays by picking up his front feet higher than a normal walk. Shows good interest in the wing.  

(click to supersize)

Calvin - at birth

Caruso - at birth

Copper - at birth

Calvin - at birth

Caruso - at birth

Copper - at birth

1 week:
(click to supersize)

Calvin - 1 week

Caruso - 1 week

Copper - 1 week

Calvin - 1 week

Caruso - 1 week

Copper - 1 week

2 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Calvin - 2 weeks

Caruso - 2 weeks

Copper - 2 weeks

Calvin - 2 weeks

Caruso - 2 weeks

Copper - 2 weeks

3 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Calvin - 3 weeks

Caruso - 3 weeks

Copper - 3 weeks

Calvin - 3 weeks

Caruso - 3 weeks

Copper - 3 weeks

4 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Calvin - 4 weeks

Caruso - 4 weeks

Copper - 4 weeks

Calvin - 4 weeks

Caruso - 4 weeks

Copper - 4 weeks

5 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Calvin - 5 weeks

Caruso - 5 weeks

Copper - 5 weeks

6 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Calvin - 6 weeks

Caruso - 6 weeks

Copper - 6 weeks

7 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Calvin with the Theisen Family

Calvin stayed in Iowa
with the Theisen Family

Caruso with David and Barb
Went to live in Illinois
with David and Barb
(new name is Bacon)

Copper with Jim
Went to live in Missouri
with Jim
(new name is Doc)



Puppy #:
(according to birth order)



Call Name:

Hickory's "Chloe"

Hickory's "Carly"





White and Chestnut

White and Black


Amt of Ticking: Light Moderate to Heavy

Weight: (02/25/07)

7 lbs, 11.5 oz

7 lbs, 15.0 oz

Personality Observations: This little gal is more meek and mild. At this age, she is very cautious about her surroundings, but warms up to it and will explore if given the time. She is very gentle natured, snuggly and loves to play. She also shows much interest when presented with the wing. A real sweetheart and a little go-getter. She's not afraid of anything and is very interested in the wing. She is interested in her surroundings and readily explores everything. She is also very affectionate and loves to play. A very solid pup and a total spitfire!

(click to supersize)

Chloe - at birth

Carly - at birth

Chloe - at birth

Carly - at birth

1 week:
(click to supersize)

Chloe - 1 week

Carly - 1 week

Chloe - 1 week

Carly - 1 week

2 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Chloe - 2 weeks

Carly - 2 weeks

Chloe - 2 weeks

Carly - 2 weeks

3 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Chloe - 3 weeks

Carly - 3 weeks

Chloe - 3 weeks

Carly - 3 weeks

4 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Chloe - 4 weeks

Carly - 4 weeks

Chloe - 4 weeks

Carly - 4 weeks

5 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Chloe - 5 weeks

Carly - 5 weeks

6 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Chloe - 6 weeks

Carly - 6 weeks

7 weeks:
(click to supersize)

Chloe with Cassandra
Went to live in Wisconsin
with Cassandra
(new name is Honey)

Carly with the Grimmett Family
Carly went to live in Tennessee
with Andy, Wendy,
Will and Ama-Sloan


Miscellaneous Photos:  (Click on the thumbnails to super size in a pop-up window)
LitterC_BDay LitterC_BDay LitterC_BDay LitterC_BDay LitterC_1wk LitterC_1wk
LitterC_1wk LitterC_2wks LitterC_2wks LitterC_2wks LitterC_2wks LitterC_2wks - Bob loves the puppies!
LitterC_4wks LitterC_4wks LitterC_4wks LitterC_4wks    


Video Clips:  (Click on the thumbnail to view the video clip in a pop-up window)


Pups Nursing (1 week old)click here to view video


Pups with momma (2 weeks old)

click here to view video


Pups playing (3 weeks old)

click here to view video



First intro to cereal (4 weeks)

click here to view video


Pups in their new play pen

click here to view video




Developmental Progress:

< 1 week

Newborns are so tiny and delicate.  All EIGHT puppies are healthy and doing great! For a few hours after birth, the puppies noses are a bright pink as the oxygen from their first breaths circulates throughout their little bodies. At this stage all they do is eat and sleep and are never completely still. They tend to twitch, jerk and stretch even while sleeping. They also have instinctive reflexes to crawl, seek warmth and nurse. These puppies are especially strong and mobile.

Day 0 - 01/14/07 Dew claws were removed today.
Day 1 - 01/15/07

The umbilical cords have shriveled up and are now falling off.  Duchess is such a wonderful mother, tending to them almost 24 hours without let-up. The only time she wants to leave them is to go outside three or four times a day for just a few minutes each time. She's feeding them so well that all the pups have gained almost one ounce or more already.

Day 3 - 01/17/07

The puppies are starting to get little freckles on their skin.  Eventually the freckled skin will grow colored hair which we call ticking.

Today marked Day #1 of our Super Dog program - read about it!

Day 5 - 01/19/07

The puppies are all very strong and healthy.  They are moving around the whelping box by scooting around on their bellies. They have lots of energy.

1 week

At this age the pups still don't have their eyes open yet, but that should happen during this week.  They are getting around a lot better now and are almost lifting themselves up off the floor at this point.  They will be walking instead of scooting very soon!

Day 7 - 01/21/07

Pups had their one week photos taken today.  They are posted below for your enjoyment. They have also gained a lot of weight over the past week, and usually gain at least one to two ounces or more each day.

Day 8 - 01/22/07 Took video of puppies nursing (view video clip)
Day 9 - 01/23/07

Pups had their first nail trims today.  Their little toenails were sharp and hooked on the end which if not trimmed would start catching in the carpeted floor of their whelping box.

Their eye lids are starting to separate which is the first sign that the pups will open their eyes very soon. The ear canals are also beginning to open. They are getting deeper, and eventually the pups will be able to hear without the sounds being muffled.

Day 12 - 01/26/07

The pups are growing so fast and the majority of them are over 2 pounds now and the rest are just barely under.

Colby, Caruso and Carly opened their eyes today!

Day 13 - 01/27/07

Cisco, Chloe and Copper opened their eyes today!
2 weeks

At this stage the puppies are all getting much stronger and are starting to actually carry their own weight on their little legs and walk around now. Very soon they will be running around!  Most of the pups have their eyes open now.

Day 14 - 01/28/07

First worming.

Coon and Calvin opened their eyes today!

Day 15 - 01/29/07

Today we have completed the last day of our Super Dog program.

Now that the puppies can see, they will start to focus in on where they want to go when they are up and walking.  Before, they seemed to scoot around aimlessly, but now they have a definite intent on which direction they want to go! Pretty soon I will have to put the half-door on the whelping box otherwise they will be crawling out!

Day 16 - 01/30/07

Took video of puppies with momma (view video clip)

Day 18 - 02/01/07

Nail trim

Puppies are starting to play with each other.

Day 19 - 02/02/07

Today we had to put the 1/2 door in the whelping box as the puppies were getting out! Now momma has to jump over it to get into the box to nurse and clean her pups.

Their ear canals are almost open now.

Day 20 - 02/03/07

The puppies teeth are erupting.

3 weeks

At this stage the puppies are up off the floor and are getting around very well. They are really starting to play with each other by chewing each other's ears, play bowing and wagging their tails. They have also definitely found their vocal cords and are barking and howling up a storm when they are hungry, pleading with momma to come feed them. Duchess is wanting to spend less and less time in the nursery now and seemingly wants to get back to her "normal" life, thus I will be starting the puppies on cereal to help supplement her nursing. It may be partially because the puppies teeth are coming in and it is more painful to nurse, but the puppies are still steadily gaining weight.

Day 21 - 02/04/07

Second worming.

Day 23 - 02/06/07

Took video of puppies playing (view video clip)

Day 26 - 02/09/07

At this point, we can really start to see the dark freckles on the skin underlying the pups' white coats which will someday produce the dark hairs that we call "ticking" on an adult. Based on our observations, we have added predictions for each pup in their stats below as to how heavily they will be ticked as an adult.

Day 27 - 02/10/07

First introduction to 2nd stage weaning cereal.  (view video clip)

4 weeks

Puppies are really barking and growling now as they play. They are starting to get much rougher with each other during play.  Pretty soon we will be moving the puppies from their whelping box to our new facility and to a 9' x 4.5' puppy play pen.  We hope to get the live puppy cam set up for viewing in that area but will be determined by the distance from our wireless router and whether it can transmit that far. Keep your fingers crossed!


Puppy selection will begin in one week... Deposit holders, please be thinking about your pick and prioritizing your choices so that you will be ready to make your selection when the time comes.  


If you are coming to pick out your puppy in person, please call us to schedule your appointment. We will be posting puppy personality profiles very soon. Call us if you have specific questions. Thanks!

Day 28 - 02/11/07

Third worming.

Day 31 - 02/14/07

First introduction to solid food.  Today we added some solid canned food to their morning cereal and mixed it in really well so it was mushy.  The pups just lapped it up!  We are also now keeping a bowl of water in the box with them at all times.

Day 32 - 02/15/07

Today we moved the puppies to our new facility and their fabulous new play pen! They have about 40.5 square feet of room to romp and play. The area is lined with cedar chips which help to keep the puppies coats clean and free of excrement and the area smelling great.


Took video of puppies in their new playpen (view video clip)

Day 33 - 02/16/07

Puppies are eating solid canned food now without mixing it with water to turn it to mush.  They have finally found their water bowl and most pups are drinking it now. Momma is still nursing about 3 times per day.

5 weeks

The puppies are becoming more active and sleeping less and less each day. They are drinking water really well now and are fascinated by their automatic waterer. We added a platform for them to get up on so that they could reach the waterer and they spend a lot of time hanging out on and around it.

Day 35 - 02/18/07

Today was the first day that we added about 10% dry kibble to their canned rations. All pups are eating well and have big round pot bellies!

First Parvo vaccinations.

Day 36 - 02/19/07

Momma is nursing only once per day now. The puppies are being fed three meals per day with dry kibble mixed with canned food. Therefore with our three meals and the one nursing, they are fed four times per day.

Day 38 - 02/21/07

Puppies are being well socialized to the noises of a kitchen, namely running water, can openers and the food processor.  All pups seem to be oblivious to those noises and tolerate them well.  They are also getting regular contact with our adult dogs and simply have a ball playing with them, biting their legs and tugging on their tails.

Day 39 - 02/22/07

We presented the litter with a pheasant wing again today. They were all very interested in it and followed it readily.  Most sniffed it and others held their ears high in attention while staring at it.  Every pup in this litter is going to have great field potential!

Day 40 - 02/23/07

Today is the last day that momma will be nursing the pups.  They are eating 80% dry kibble mixed with about 20% canned food. Each day we have been decreasing the canned food until they are completely on dry kibble. This should take place over the next 2 to 3 days.

6 weeks

WOW!! These pups are growing like weeds and so strong and healthy! All pups are now completely on dry kibble and eating it well.  We have switched from Science Diet Puppy Small Bites to Puppy Original because the kibble size is larger and they are less likely to choke on it. Seven pups are going home this coming weekend already.  Time sure flies when you're having fun!

Day 42 - 02/25/06

Fourth worming.


Puppies were microchipped today for those who wanted them. We weighed all the pups and posted their weights in the stats below.

7 weeks

Puppies are ready to go to their new homes this weekend!  Boy will they be excited to finally do something different than spend time in that playpen area.  They are just busting at the seams to get out and explore new surroundings.

Day 48 - 03/03/07

7-way vaccination.


Cisco, Carly, Calvin, and Copper went home today.

Day 49 - 03/04/07

Caruso, Coon and Chloe went home today. Poor Colby is all by himself now, but we will be sure to bring him into our home for some playtime with the big dogs!


Web Log of Events:  (most recent logs are at the bottom - click on photos to "super size" them)


We arrived at Sillman's place and Hank Jr greeted us at the window. Duchess was introduced to Hank Jr and they hit it off. 

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

Hank greeting us

Laura, Duchess, Hank Jr. and Dave

Duchess and Hank

Duchess and Hank - getting aquainted



Bob and I were offered the wonderful opportunity to get to go hunting with Hank Jr.

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

Going hunting with Hank Jr.

Bob with Hank Jr. in the field.

Hank Jr. on point

Now we wait to see when Duchess starts showing signs of pregnancy. The gestation period for dogs is 9 weeks (63 days) which equates to one week for every one month in humans.



28 days:  Today at exactly 4 weeks post breeding, we started feeding Duchess her "special" meals. Now she can't wait until dinner because she knows she's getting treated like royalty!



31 days: It has been about 4-1/2 weeks since Duchess was bred and her belly is definitely growing. They say about now is when you can actually feel the puppies when the momma's belly is palpated.  Today I tried this technique and was delighted to feel little "chicken egg" sized lumps. I am now 99.9% sure that Duchess is carrying pups. At this point, she is about half way through the gestation period.

Based on the breeding date, puppies are due on January 11th, 2007.



39 days:  Duchess' belly is expanding seemingly almost daily now. She's got a ravenous appetite and is rapidly losing her girly figure and is becoming much more plump around the middle. She no longer sits like a lady, she spreads her legs wide out to her sides due to her increasing size. If you quietly sit with your hand on her tummy for a while, you can sometimes feel the faint little flutter of a puppy moving around in there. We are very excited to meet those precious little ones in about 3-1/2 weeks!



40 days: Due to Duchess' ravenous appetite, we have started feeding her twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. She eats a regular sized meal at each sitting and you can tell that after eating she is becoming quite uncomfortable.

Just for fun, I've decided to start trying to measure Duchess' weight and her waist size so that we can tell how much she is actually gaining and expanding with this litter. I measured starting at the navel, and going all the way around her belly. Then I put her on the weigh scale.

Waist: 26 1/4 inches
Weight: 55 pounds

We'll see where she is in a few days!

Just for comparison, Duchess weighed 60 pounds the day before she delivered eleven pups with her last litter. She's still got three weeks and two days (23 days) to go! Her normal, non pregnancy weight is between 45 and 47 pounds. Any guesses to what her final weight will be the day before she delivers her pups?? e-mail us with your guess!



43 days: Tonight I took a photo of Duchess while she was eating her evening meal so that you all can see how big her belly is getting.  

click to super size  

Duchess' measurements today are:

Waist:   26 3/4 inches
Weight: 56 1/2 pounds

Duchess at 6 weeks gestation



We are currently working on getting an internet camera set up so that all our future puppy parents (and anyone else who's interested), can watch their babies LIVE from any location in the country! This will be an exciting addition to the Hickory Hollow network, so please stay tuned!



49 days: Last night, I noticed Duchess' teats are starting to lactate.

Waist:    27 inches
Weight:  58 1/2 pounds

14 days to go, and counting...



53 days: Today we set up the nursery in preparation for babies! We prepared the whelping box, set up the infrared heat lamp and gathered the whelping kit and any supplies that will be needed including a fresh stack of hand towels!  
Down to 10 days and counting...

Nursery_1.JPG Nursery_3.JPG Nursery_2.JPG

Whelping Box

Puppy Supplies

Duchess at 7 1/2 weeks gestation


54 days: Today's measurements were:

Waist:    28.5 inches
Weight:  62 pounds



55 days: As of today we started taking Duchess' temperature twice daily to monitor her whelping status.  Her temperature has already fallen the 1 degree or so that it normally does the week before whelping will occur.  

Today her temp was right around 100 degrees.  
Normal temp for a dog is around 101.5 degrees.

What we are waiting for is for her temp to drop to 98.4 or lower and stay there. Once that happens she will whelp within 24 hours.  

8 days and counting...



56 days: Tonight was really cool!  If you place your hand on Duchess' belly now, you can really feel the puppies moving around in there, whereas just a couple days ago you couldn't feel much. One little guy was really feisty tonight and seemed to really want outta there! He was kicking and squirming around so much you could see him moving around without even laying your hand on Duchess.  I will try to take some movies and put them on this page so you all can see this. It's too cool!

Waist measurement: 29 inches

7 more days and counting...



60 days: Duchess has started nesting... she was restless and was digging around in her dog bed.  She is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with her tummy full of puppies.   Just check out her measurements below.  

Waist:  31.5 inches
Weight: 63.5 pounds

3 days and counting...



64 days (post breeding): ...and no puppies yet.  Duchess should be getting very close... Her temp is still hovering just under 100 degrees (normal is 101.5), but this morning she refused her breakfast, which is an indication that she is not feeling well due to the impending delivery. Up to this point, she's had a really impressive appetite.

After some re-evaluation of the breeding date and timing (she was bred on day 8, and the target date is day 10), we could logically add two days to the original estimated whelping date, which would put us at January 13th.  I really think that her temperature will drop tonight and she will whelp the puppies tomorrow.  (This is just my prediction).



65 days (post breeding): At noon today, I have confirmed that Duchess's temperature has indeed dropped.  Her 8 am, 10 am and 12 noon temps were all 98.2 degrees which is below the red line of 98.4.  It is now predicted that she will whelp within the next 24 to 48 hours. In the meantime, we are keeping a close watch on her.

Duchess is taking her own sweet time... temp is staying consistent at 98.2 degrees.
Temp doesn't fall again until 2:00 am to 97.5 degrees.



Puppies are here!!

4:25 am Labor Begins

5:00 am

1st pup



13 oz

5:23 am

2nd pup



13.9 oz

5:35 am

3rd pup



13.2 oz

6:08 am

4th pup



13 oz

6:22 am

5th pup



11.4 oz

6:35 am

6th pup



11.5 oz

7:25 am

7th pup



12.4 oz

8:35 am

8th pup



10.3 oz

After 3.5 hours and no more pups, we assume Duchess has finished whelping.

Final count:  8 total (6 males / 2 females)

NOTE:  Due to the lower than anticipated number of females in this litter, Hickory Hollow has decided to relinquish our breeder's right to first pick of this litter in order reduce the disappointment of our first two female deposit holders.  At Hickory Hollow, our first priority will always be to satisfy our clients.



 Litter "C" Pedigree - Duchess of Adena x Sillman's Hank Boy


Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Sillman's Hank Boy


Hank Jr on point

    *** Hank **

Henry PrinceOf Pause


Irishking Bondhu Ashly


Machad Ambassador


Cloncurragh Connie, 1150982

Blink Bondhu, 1009066

Bickers Bondhu Ann


Dashing Barry Bondhu, 1049177

Bondhu Alder Mist,  1074514

Dashing Janette Bondhu


Dashing Ringo Bondhu


Dashing Jesshue Bondhu, 0846406

Dashing Swon Bondhu, 0800027

Dashing Setette Bondhu


Dashing Count Bondhu, 0655217

Dashing Kay Bondhu, 0861663

Chris Blue Babe


King's Bomber III


King's Bomber II


King's Bomber, 1289426

King's Bomber Penny, 1289507

King's Gladstone Dinky


King's Gladstone Tony, 1289427

King's Bomber Blazes, 1289506

King's Gladstone Moll


King's Tony O


King's Hightone Tony, 1268676

King's Lady Tonyo, 1130434

King's Royal Alicelle


King's Royacelle, 1129653

King's Royal Candy, 1237298

Duchess of Adena


Duchess of Adena

Eastfork's Count Toby


Awbonnie's Bull


Assrah Wily


Glenowlen Bracken


Bondhu Tiny


Dashing O'Neal Bondhu

Dashing Dimette Bondhu

Chappy's Little Ginger


Chappy's Buster Bondhu


Highland Bandit Bondhu, 1248219

Chappy's Sugar Babe, 1259252

Chappy's Susie Bondhu


Spiers Prince Bondhu, 0296348

Sugar Doll Bondhu, 0225679

Wind'em Grouse Lady


Dashing Wind'em Sam


Dashing Iron Ike


Dashing Iron Mike, 1386582

Lady Amy Bondhu, 1423163

Wind'em Babe


Count Toby, 1381337

Straight Creek Babe, 1298363

Chappy's Little Peg


Dashing Iron Mike


Highland Bandit Bondhu, 1248219

Chappy's Sugar Babe, 1259252

Bob's Dashing Maggie


Count John OfAvon, 1344347

Straight Creek Dottie, 1298364



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