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August 2005 Litter Information:   



Duchess / Gizmo

Litter A - 7 weeks

 Litter ID:


 FDSB Litter #:



 August 2nd, 2005

 # in Litter

 6  (4 males, 2 females)


   Duchess of Adena               X               Houdini's Hughes Gizmo
                                                                               (photo courtesy of Houdini Llewellin Setters)

Dam: Duchess of Adena
Whelped: March 20, 2002
Coloring: Tri-color (Black, White and Tan with black and tan ticking on legs)
Owner: Owned by us and is here on site

Sire:  Houdini's Hughes Gizmo
Whelped: March 28, 2002
Coloring: Tri-color
Hips:  OFA Good
Owner: Houdini Llewellin Setters

Breeding: There is some great breeding in this litter with bloodlines including "Dashing Iron Mike" - winner of the first ever Llewellin Setter Field Trial Competition and "Houdini's D'Hurlain Pre"- son of Belgium import "Count Gladstone Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre".Check out the PEDIGREE.

Delivery Date:  Puppies ready to go around September 20th, 2005 at 7 weeks of age.



Puppy Stats:


 Hickory's Amos

 Color: TRI - White / Black / Tan and ticked


 Personality: Seems to be the alpha type. Is the largest of the males and really throws  his weight around. He is also very curious of his surroundings and readily scounts things  out.  This one will be an awesome hunter.

Amos - 2 weeks

Amos - 2 weeks

Amos - 3 weeks

Amos - 3 weeks

Amos - 4 weeks

Amos - 4 weeks

Amos - 5 weeks

Amos - 5 weeks

Amos - 6 weeks

Amos - 7 weeks

Amos & Richard

Went to a new home in Ohio with Richard

 Hickory's Aiko

 Color: Blanketed TRI Chestnut - Chestnut / White / Tan and ticked (rare coloring)


 Personality: This pup is a genuine cutie-patootie! He's a total character and is quite the  hoot to watch. He's creative in his play with siblings and especially with toys. He is also  a real lover and loves to get in your face and give you kisses on your chin. This one will  be a great family oriented dog.

Aiko - 2 weeks

Aiko - 2 weeks

Aiko - 3 weeks

Aiko - 3 weeks

Aiko - 4 weeks

Aiko - 4 weeks

Aiko - 5 weeks

Aiko - 5 weeks

Aiko - 6 weeks

Aiko - 7 weeks

Pagnotta Family.JPG

went to a new home in Maryland with Alex, Amy and family

 Hickory's Apollo

 Color: TRI Chestnut - White / Chestnut / Tan and ticked


 Personality: Independent and aloof, curious to explore his surroundings. He is scouting  and sniffing his way around. This one is sure to be a good hunter but is also content to  sleep on your lap!

Apollo - 2 weeks

Apollo - 2 weeks

Apollo - 3 weeks

Apollo - 3 weeks

Apollo - 4 weeks

Apollo - 4 weeks

Apollo - 5 weeks

Apollo - 5 weeks

Apollo - 6 weeks

Apollo - 7 weeks

Apollo & Tim

went to a new home in Wisconsin with Tim

 Hickory's Aspen

 Color: Blanketed TRI Chestnut - Chestnut / White / Tan and ticked (rare coloring)


 Personality: Gentle, sweet, very quiet and laid back, cuddly and loving. Gives tons of  kisses and loves your attention. Non-aggressive, a real sweetheart. Would be great with  kids. Wonderful conformation, low-set ears, rounded head, heavy set build and very  muscular.

Aspen - 2 weeks

Aspen - 2 weeks

Aspen - 3 weeks

Aspen - 3 weeks

Aspen - 4 weeks

Aspen - 4 weeks

Aspen - 5 weeks

Aspen - 5 weeks

Aspen - 6 weeks

Aspen - 7 weeks

Aspen with Kelly&Megan

Went to a new home in Minnesota with Kelly and Megan

 Hickory's Adella

 Color: Blanketed TRI Chestnut - Chestnut / White / Tan and ticked (rare coloring)


 Personality: A little spit-fire with lots of energy and FAST! For a petite little gal, she can  really get around quickly and hold her own in fights with her brothers. She's curious to  explore her surroundings and is somewhat mischevious. This one is sure to be a  fantastic hunter.

Adella - 2 weeks

Adella - 2 weeks

Adella - 3 weeks

Adella - 3 weeks

Adella - 4 weeks

Adella - 4 weeks

Adella - 5 weeks

Adella - 5 weeks

Adella - 6 weeks

Adella - 7 weeks

Went to a new home in Utah
with Mike and Elaine

 Hickory's Adena

 Color: Blanketed TRI  - Black / White / Tan and ticked (rare coloring)


 Personality: Gentle and sweet natured, craves your attention, wants to be cuddled, gives  plenty of kisses and always has lots of tail action. She has TONS of  character and will be your little shadow! 

Adena - 2 weeks

Adena - 2 weeks

Adena - 3 weeks

Adena - 3 weeks

Adena - 4 weeks

Adena - 4 weeks

Adena - 5 weeks

Adena - 5 weeks

Adena - 6 weeks

Adena - 7 weeks

Adena & Charlie

got a new home in Wisconsin with Charlie, Jan and Sam



Web Log of Events:

< 1 week

Newborn puppies are so cute! They are relatively never still, even when sleeping, they twitch, jerk and stretch.  They also have instinctive reflexes to crawl, seek warmth and nurse.


Pups should have had their dew claws removed, but due to mitigating circumstances, they were not done.  These pups will have their front dew claws and for this we apologize.


The umbilical cords have shriveled up and are falling off.

1 week

At this age, the pups still don't have their eyes open yet and mostly suckle and sleep. They're eyes should open sometime during this week.


Eyes are open now.

2 weeks

At this age all they do is sleep, eat and poop ALOT! They are starting to crawl around pretty good, but can't walk too great yet without wobbling and falling over.

This week we acquired Duchess and her six pups from a gentleman in Ohio.


Ear canals are beginning to open.

3 weeks

At this age, they just had their first wormings. They are starting to become very active and can walk fairly well without stumbling around. Their little personalities are also starting to show, with the growling, play barking, licking your face and noticing that you are there and even wagging their tails.


First worming.


First introduction to ESBILAC 2nd Step cereal.


First toenail trim
Puppies teeth are starting to erupt, the canine teeth are the first to break the gum.
Puppies are weighing in at the 2 pound range now with the males being slightly heavier and getting closer to the 3 pound mark.


Ear canals are completely open now. Puppies can hear better than just muffled sounds.

4 weeks

These pups are definitely more active at this stage. They love to bound around, jump and play. They love to crawl all over you when you are sitting on the floor with them and they have now discovered shoe laces!  They are really interacting with each other a lot by biting and roughhousing. Individual personalities are becoming apparent.

At this point they are still nursing on momma, but are also eating their ESBILAC cereal with great enthusiasm. They have also found momma's water bowl and are readily lapping up the water when they are thirsty.


All puppy teeth have erupted and now it hurts when they chew on you!


Puppies are weighing as follows: females are still around 3 pounds, males are 4 to 4 1/2 pounds.


First introduction to solid food. They are currently on a Puppy Chow kibble which has been soaked in warm water. We have found that Science Diet (our prime choice of feed) is not prone to soaking up water in order to soften so the pups can't eat it very well yet. It won't be too long before they will be crunching on the dry kibble though and will get them switched to Science Diet as soon as possible.


Second worming.
Second toenail trim.


First play session outside in the front yard. They loved romping in the grass and seemed to get an extraordinary burst of energy from this experience.

5 weeks


First vaccinations - Parvo virus


Puppies are weighing in as follows: females still in the 3 pound range but creeping up on 4 pounds. Males are well into the 5 pound range.


Third worming.
Third toenail trim.
Puppies are eating the soft kibble mixed with canned puppy food very well. It won't be long before they are fully weaned.

6 weeks


Today was the first day the puppies didn't nurse and ate dry kibble very well.


Fourth worming

7 weeks


Puppies are now eating Science Diet Puppy (Small Bites)


Second vaccinations - Distemper / Parvo Virus / Adenovirus / Parainfluenze / Corona


Puppies are ready for their new homes!

8 weeks


Fifth worming




  Litter "A" Pedigree - Duchess of Adena x Houdini's Hughes Gizmo


Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

Houdini's Hughes Gizmo


Houdini's D'Hurlain Pre


Count Gladstone Wind'em

(from Belgium)


L'Count Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre


N'Coccinelle Wind'em D'Hurlain


Advie High Beam


Advie Scholar


Advie Charisma


Casey Hughes


Straight Creek Speck


Count Toby


Straight Creek Babe


Steven Advie Dottie


Advie Mat


Advie High Beam


Duchess of Adena


Eastfork's Count Toby


Awbonnie's Bull


Assrah Wily


Bondhu Tiny


Chappy's Little Ginger


Chappy's Buster Bondhu


Chappy's Susie Bondhu


Wind'em Grouse Lady


Dashing Wind'em Sam


Dashing Iron Ike


Wind'em Babe


Chappy's Little Peg


Dashing Iron Mike


Bob's Dashing Maggie



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