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Registered Name:
             Sir James of Galloway

Call Name: Jimmy
Hickory's Dash O'Splash Whelped: March 9, 2006
Gender: Male
Color: Tri-color: White, Black,Tan and ticked
Height: 22 inches at shoulder
Weight: 55 pounds
FDSB #: 1626449

  Nickname:  "Jimmy Jam"

Bloodline: Dashing Bondhu


Photos (click to enlarge)

James2037.jpg James2040.jpg James6085.jpg JimmyPointing.jpg
James2008.jpg James2029.jpg James2025.jpg  




Parentage - DNA

Result = VIP


Jimmy has been DNA tested to prove parentage. His certification displays the Blue and Gold seal signifying "VIP" (Verifiable Identified Parentage) confirming both the sire and dam of the dog to be as stated in the pedigree and that he is 100% Llewellin Setter.





Hips - OFA


OFA #: ES-8441E60M-VPI


Jimmy has been certified free of hip dysplasia (HD). Based upon the radiograph submitted to the OFA, the consensus was that no evidence of hip dysplasia was recognized and was given the highest rating for hip joint conformation of EXCELLENT.  
Only dogs that are certified free of HD are given an OFA number.





Eyes - CERF

Result = E1 (Breeder Option)
(punctate posterior cortex, significance unknown)

CERF #: LS-381474

Exam Date:  09/26/13


Jimmy has been certified free of heritable eye diseases by a member of the American College of Veterinary Opthamologists (ACVO).


photo coming soon


Color - DNA


Coat Color:  Black

Nose Color: Black

Hidden Colors: Tricolor, Chestnut

Genotype: Ky/ky , E/E, B/b




Temperament and Character


Jimmy is a pure joy to be around and can best be described as a "gentleman". He loves to "hug" new people and will gently put his feet on your chest, but not in an obnoxious way.  He is a very quiet boy and does not bark unless it's a special occasion to do so.



Jimmy is a real character. He has a quirky way about licking the air and will bring you many types of joys you never imagined.  Jimmy's favorite game is to retrieve a tennis ball.  He loves to squish it in his mouth.  The farther you throw it the happier he is.





Jimmy has great style on point with a beautiful 10:00 tail and an uplifted from foot.  He comes from Dashing Bondhu bloodlines.


Size: average sized for a male at around 55 pounds.

Color: white and lightly ticked in black and tan with some body patches present.

Head:  beautifully proportioned with parallel lines (top of head, top of muzzle, and bottom of lower jaw). He displays a long muzzle with masculine jowls.

Eyes: amber; nearly round and proportionally spaced; soft and kind

Ears: set back on the head and at the level lower than the eye; carried close to the head when relaxed and pulled high when alert.

Coat: soft, silky and wavy; feathering is present on ears, chest, back of all legs and long on the tail.

Movement: very streamlined; seemingly effortless and very graceful;




Jimmy is a beautiful tri-color Llewellin with a full hood and a few body patches.  He's mostly white with light ticking and tan points on cheeks, above the eyes and some tan ticking on his legs.




Ancestry / Bloodlines


no photo currently available

Dashing Iron Mike - Sire owned by Straight Creek Kennels in West Liberty, KY is Jimmy's paternal great-great-grandsire. Mike was the winner of the first official Llewellin Setter Field Trials competition held in December 1994.


Awbonnie's Bull - click to enlarge

Awbonnie's Bull - Sire owned by Eric Jacobs of Kentucky is Jimmy's paternal great-grandsire. Bull was an outstanding Grouse dog and he lived from 05/1988 to 01/2000.

Photo courtesy of Eric Jacobs






 Breeder: David W. Richards



Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

Sir James of Galloway


Hickory's Dash O'Splash

Mickey Ace's Flush


Eastfork's County Toby


Awbonnie's Bull


Assrah Wily


Bondhu Tiny


Chappy's Little Ginger


Chappy's Buster Bondhu

Chappy's Susie Bondhu


Wind'em Grouse Lady


Dashing Wind'em Sam


Dashing Iron Ike


Wind'em Babe


Chappy's Little Peg


Dashing Iron Mike


Bob's Dashing Maggie


Precious Little Ann


Bud Deuce Bondhu


Dashing Ringold Bondhu

Dashing Will Bondhu


Dashing Babette Bondhu


Dashing Bluelyn Wind'em


Ozark Chunker Bondhu


Dashing Tonette Bondhu


Rachael's Pepper Lyles


Straight Creek Spot


Jack's Highstyle Bondhu


Straight Creek Cricket


Bob's Dashing Maggie


Count John OfAvon


Straight Creek Dottie



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