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Registered Name:
Hickory's Advie Bristol

Call Name: Bristol

Hickory's Advie Bristol

Whelped: January 2nd, 2005
Gender: Female
Color: White, Orange and ticked
Height: 22 inches at shoulder
Weight: 46 pounds
FDSB #: 1572876

  Nickname:  "Bristol the Pistol"

Bloodline: Advie/Gladstone/Royacelle


Photos (click to enlarge)

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     For additional pictures of Bristol, please see our Photo Albums and Gun Dog Training pages.




Parentage - DNA

Bristol has been DNA tested to prove parentage. Her certification displays the Blue and Gold seal signifying "VIP" (Verifiable Identified Parentage) confirming both the sire and dam of the dog to be as stated in the pedigree and that she is 100% Llewellin Setter.


Certificate_DNA - Bristol.jpg


Color - DNA

Bristol has been DNA tested for coat and nose color.

Coat Color:  Orange

Nose Color: Black

Hidden Colors: Black, Tricolor, Chestnut

Genotype: Ky/ky , e/e, B/b




Hips - OFA

Rating = n/a


Due to a hip injury that Bristol had as a puppy, she is unable to get an OFA rating based on her x-rays. Her left hip appears to be excellent, but her right hip shows some incongruency in the joint due to the injury.  Please rest assured, at 6 years old, she has been hunted for a solid 6 months during the preserve season, up to 3 and 4 times per week and shows absolutely NO signs of hip dysplasia.  A dog that is hunted this hard would be showing signs by now, based on her age and how hard she hunts.  We are confident that her inablity to be rated is not due to this congenital condition.


no rating




Look for Bristol to compete in the midwest Bird Dog Challenge competitions during 2010.





Hunting Style


Bristol can best be described in two words, "hunting machine". She is eager to get at it and once she is, she's all business and just LIVES to hunt!  She is very exciting to watch.


Tactics: She has proven to be a "natural" from approximately 12 weeks old. Her instincts about where to find the birds are fantastic and she uses her outstanding nose to pin point their exact location. She is full of enthusiasm and just springs through the fields with the greatest of ease, quartering instinctively and with lots of tail action when she works. She can be easily redirected with two short whistle blows and when she finds a bird and is staunch on point, you know she's serious and can bet there's really a bird there! She's also a natural at honoring another dog's points.


Style on point: She holds a high headset when using the wind ("winding") or while on a backing point, and a low headset with a tendency to lean into it when sight pointing as during her training on the wing or when she spots the rooster up ahead. She holds her tail straight and at 10:00 high with the typical front paw off the ground. As she's narrowing in on a bird and starts to stalk, an occasional back foot will be held off the ground before she goes staunch on point.


Range: Bristol will range at whatever distance you want her.  If she gets too far away, two short whistle blows will bring her back in closer. Bob likes to keep her ranging at about 20 to 40 yards.


Retrieving: Bristol will fetch and retrieve to hand in response to short intermittent whistle blows. She has proven to be very soft mouthed and has brought several birds back alive.


Testimonial from her trainer...


I had the privilege of meeting Laura & Bob Whitlock and Bristol...their 18 month old Llewellin Setter.  She was enrolled for fall training session of 2006 at Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennel.


I was impressed with Bristol from the onset...she was a bold, intelligent dog with alot of drive in the field but very biddable.  She had an excellent nose...very staunch on her points and became a wonderful retriever after the completion of the trained retrieve.


I would have to rate her as one of the "Top Five" that has completed our training program. I feel that her offspring will be excellent gun dogs as well as companions.  I would gladly put her in my kennels as my own personal gun dog.


Phil & Jane Fortner


Pea Ridge Llewellin Kennels, Trenton, TN



Temperament and Character


Bristol's favorite game at home is stalking the pheasant wing on the fishing line and will point for as long as you let her. Only her eyes will move and she will look up to you as if to say, "There's the birdie... it's right there!" During the summer months when there are no pheasant to point, she continues to practice on the songbirds at our feeders and on those pesky houseflies.



Bristol has a very expressive personality and she can be very vocal when communicating with squeals of joy, play growls and humming. She also has a very playful demeanor and will bring her toys to share with you. She will often bring you her favorite chew bone or toy as an offering and when you talk to her about it, she wags her tail and her entire back end waggles back and forth and she "talks" back to you with play growls.



Bristol can be a total character and tends to keep us in stitches most of the time. One of the things she's been doing lately that really cracks us up is that she plays in her water bowl by putting her muzzle down in the water and blowing bubbles out her nose.  We'll be sitting in the living room watching TV and we'll hear "blub...blub...blub..." and we know she's at it again! :0)~



In the house, she is generally well behaved. She can become somewhat excitable especially when visitors come calling, but she settles down quickly. She's a real snuggler, and she wants to be a lap dog if only you would let her!  She tends to be a chewer so we have to be careful what items are left in her company, otherwise that item may become a thing of the past!





Bristol's look is classic of the white and orange Advie lines; the epitome of the traditional "Advie" gun dog mixed with American blood. She displays many of the recognizable characteristics of these lines and is truly a beautiful girl.



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Size: average sized for a female at 46 pounds.

Color: deep golden orange colored patches; heavy orange ticking intermingled with white gives a roan appearance.

Head:  beautifully proportioned with parallel lines (top of head, top of muzzle, and bottom of lower jaw). She displays a square muzzle whereas the Advie imports from Scotland had a slightly more pointed muzzle.

Eyes: dark amber ringed in deep brown

Ears: set back on the head and at the level of the eye

Tail: Extremely long feathering. Tail is held at about a 10:00 position when on solid point.

Coat: soft, thick and wavy; feathering is present on ears, chest, back of all legs and long on the tail.

Movement: when on trot, proud head carriage and lively tail action; when on run, lower head set with long forward reach and strong rear drive.




Bristol is very beautifully marked. She has several body patches of golden orange and her heavy orange ticking makes her coat appear equal in the amounts of orange and white giving her overall color a roan appearance.


She has a full-hood which means her head and ears are mostly orange and she has a heart shaped white patch on her forehead. Her tail and feathering are white.



Ancestry / Bloodlines

Advie Tuck 1.jpg

Advie Tuck - Bristol's Sire. 
Owned by Bob and Kris Bartz of Will's Prairie Kennels in West Point, Iowa. This dog is a direct descendant to Advie High Beam out of Scotland, UK.

Photo owned by Will's Prairie Kennels.


Tan's Sadie

Tan's Sadie - Bristol's Dam.
Owned by Bob and Kris Bartz of Will's Prairie Kennels in West Point, Iowa. This dog was bred by Joe Noe of Shoeleather Kennels.

Photo owned by Will's Prairie Kennels.

Advie High Beam


Advie High Beam (aka Lady) - Bristol's paternal Great-Granddam.
Owned by Lloyd Jones of Louisville, Kentucky. "Lady" was a direct import from Scotland. Several dogs from the Advie bloodlines were imported into the United States.

Photo owned by Randy Herman of R&J's Rooster Ranch.



Count Gladstone Windem DHurlain Pre.jpg

Gladstone Wind'em (aka Count) - Bristol's paternal Great-Grandsire.
Owned by Lynnhill Llewellin Setters of Saegertown, Pennsylvania.

Photo owned by Lynnhill Llewellin Setters.


Count was born in Belgium and came from the kennels of Mlle. Marie Therese a Goes. The kennel name D'Hurlain Pre means "The Meadows of Hurlain" and was the name of the area near her home where she trained her dogs. Only two or three dogs from her kennel ever came to America and Count is the most prominent today. He represents the Llewellin Setter male at it's best and has sired over 200 pups with a reputation for outstanding bird dog capabilities.

-- Quote provided by Keith Smith of Lynnhill Llewellin Setters



Count can be traced to Count Wind'em, sire of Count Noble which was noted as the "Cornerstone of the American Llewellin Dynasty" and is on display at the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN.






  Breeder: Bob Bartz - Will's Prairie Kennels



Grand Parents

3rd Generation

4th Generation

Hickory's Advie Bristol


Hickory's Advie Bristol

Advie Tuck


Advie Tuck

Photo by Bob Bartz

Advie Lynnhill Scott


Gladstone Wind'em


L'Count Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre


N'Coccinelle Wind'em D'Hurlain


Advie High Beam


Advie Scholar


Advie Charisma


Blue Water Dusty


Adam's Spur


King's Royacelle III


Lady Gladstonyo King


Missy's Star


Blizzard's Lance


Tiskilwa Missy


Tan's Sadie


Tan's Sadie

Photo by Bob Bartz

Adam's Spur


King's Royacelle III


King's Royacelle II


King's Royal Alicelle


Lady Gladstonyo King


King's Black Gladstonyo


King's Gladstone Dinky


Tiskilwa Missy


King's Royacelle III


King's Royacelle II


King's Royal Alicelle


Tiskilwa Sissy


Spit Whistle Sam


Dashing Bondhu Skeeter


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