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Puppy Purchase / Adoption Application




Thank you for your interest in a Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setter. We greatly appreciate your willingness to provide us with some information about yourself. This application is tailored toward a puppy purchase, but actually serves two purposes. We will use this data in our selection of potential new families for our rescue dogs as well as our puppies and to help to match you with a puppy that also meets your qualifications.


Once received, we will acknowledge all adoption applications in a timely manner. In the event that we feel your application meets our standards, you will be placed on our "adoption approved" list and will be allowed to choose a puppy from any current or upcoming litter of your choice and will also be eligible as adoptive parents for any of our rescue dogs.


We look forward to hearing from you!


**All the information submitted will be held strictly confidential and is for our business use only. We will not share your information with anyone without obtaining your permission first.



 Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)



General Information:

How did you hear about us?
Why did you choose us as your breeder?


I am interested in:
(check all that apply)

Purchasing a puppy

Adopting a rescue dog

Fostering a rescue dog




Personal Information:   (fields marked with * are required)


Name: (you)


Name: (spouse/other)


Street Address:






        * Zip:  


Phone (home):


Phone (mobile):








Children at home?

Yes   No      Age(s):


Please take this opportunity to tell us more about you and your family.



Please provide two personal references and their contact info:






Property Details:   (fields marked with * are required)


In what type of area is your home located?

City  Suburbs  Country


What type of home do you live in?

If other, explain:


Do you rent or own
your home?



    If you rent, what would you do with your dog if you had to move?



What is the size of your property?

Additional description:



Do you have a fenced area in your yard?

If yes, please describe:




Ownership: (fields marked with * are required)


Have you previously owned dogs?


  Veterinarian Info
(Please provide name/contact #)

Vaccinated for...


What brand of food did you feed?


  How often did you feed?



Do you currently have any pets at home? 


If so, what species? (If dogs, please specify the breed).



Are you planning to spay or neuter this dog?


If no or undecided, please explain why:



Will this dog live primarily inside or outside?


    If outside only or both indoors and outdoors or other, please describe outside/other living conditions.

Please describe:



Where will the dog be when you are NOT home?


Where will the dog be when you are at home?


Do you plan to train this dog?


What types of training will you do?

(Please check all that apply)


Field Trials





Do you have any dog training experience?

If yes, please explain:





Breed Related:


Would this dog be your first Llewellin Setter?


What qualities are you looking for
in a dog?



What are the reasons you have chosen a Llewellin Setter?

(Please check all that apply)

Family Companion


Field Trials


Show Ring




Hunting Background:


Are you an upland hunter?

  If yes, please answer the following, otherwise skip to the next section.

What upland birds do you hunt?











  About how many times per year do you hunt?


Are you a member of any hunt club / bird preserve or training facility?  


    If yes, please describe:



What other breeds have you hunted with?




Puppy Preferences: (this section is only required if purchasing a puppy)

If you want to reserve a pup from one of our current or future litters, please tell us your preferences.

  Litter ID:


Any color, No preference

(Select from below if you have specific color preferences)


White / Black and ticked

White / Orange and ticked

White / Chestnut and ticked

Tri-color (White / Black / Tan)

Chestnut Tri-color (White/Chestnut/Tan)


Blue Belton

Orange Belton

Chestnut Belton


Chestnut Tri-Belton



If you have indicated a specific Litter ID or have no preference for parentage, you may leave this blank.




Delivery Method:

See Methods

If Air Shipment, Personal Delivery, or Other, please indicate where the delivery will be made, specifically airport information when applicable.



Additional Puppy Preferences:

(list any specifics or deal-breakers here)




Puppy Extras:   (this section is only required if purchasing a puppy)


Do you want to register your puppy with the Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB)?


See FDSB Registration

If you want us to submit your FDSB registration, do you also want to order an "official" pedigree at the same time? If so, make your selection at the right.

See Pedigree fees...

Are you interested in having your puppy microchipped?  

See microchipping...




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